[UPDATE Monday] Weather Forces Air Ambulances to Decline Response to Serious Accident on 101 South of Leggett

Traffic Accident NightAt approximately 6:47 p.m., a solo vehicle, a Toyota Tacoma, hit a guardrail and overturned south of Leggett in the southbound lane of Hwy 101, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. Two people were injured. One was reportedly unconscious.

Dispatch requested air ambulances but all declined due to the dangerous conditions created by the weather.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE Monday: The victims in the accident had been searching for the missing Thottapilly family. See here for more information: Searchers on the Thottapilly Crash Scene in Major Injury Accident



  • This is Trump’s fault!
    We need to spend wisely in California and build Governor Brown’s high speed train.

  • Any information on the occupants?? Female? Male? I haven’t heard from my daughter and her bf and I’m starting to freak out all the way out here in Ohio!!

  • I hope they’ll be okay.

  • O.M.G.!! Haven’t there been enough tragedies lately? Come on people pay attention on these screwed up roads in this screwed up weather. Tired of hearing of families losing their loved ones. Please slow down and drive safely. Prayers for the victims. Please be ok.

  • 7:45 am – Snowing HEAVILY here: 2800′, south and east of Pillsbury.

  • So sick of hearing rescue company’s deny doing their job due to weather.
    B.S. this is their job! Are they not trained for bad weather!?!? Ridiculous!!
    We need better pilots and crews if these people are to concerned for their own safety rather than doing their job. Maybe they should get a diffrent job and open the spaces for people who will actually work in bad weather! Geting really fed up hearing life fight and other resources not show up due to weather. B.S. also sick of hearing they need stay safe too. Their job is to rescue people not wait a week till its safe to!! Complete b.s.

    • Are you a pilot? Sometimes the conditions exceed the capabilities of the aircraft.

      Icing at elevation being one, then there is limited visibility. You cannot fly a helicopter blindly
      in low visibility. It is like having a sheet pulled over the cockpit windows. Most domestic radar
      is practically useless in low visibility.

      Icing on the helo blades will knock it out of the sky.

      Maybe you should try suiting up and walk a mile in first Responder’s shoes. It is easy to sit in the warmth of your hovel, criticize and condemn something you have NO experience in.

      • I don’t remember where, but a thoughtful first responder commented that (I paraphrase) in order to return home to their OWN LIVES and loved ones every night they stay calm /safe by reminding themselves “this is someone else’s bad day” …
        Made an impression on me.

        These guys were EMT /search guys themselves , consider that..

      • We need a gofundme & other fundraisers for better aircraft and for pilot training courses in the Articas or Alaska. Californian is too mild for severe weather training and machinery, until the weather turns severe, then it’s too late. It’s not their fault, it’s our fault for not pitching in to assure they are fully equipped.

        This reminds me. Did everyone catch the SW airlines pilot dispatch audio? Amazing, wait let’s make that, incredibly amazing pilot and dispatch.

    • Veteran's friend

      Why don’t YOU do this dangerous and (obviously) thankless job. Volunteer or get pilot training. Bitching about rescuers is unbecoming.

    • Boy you're dumb.

      Do you honestly expect a flight crew to jeopardize their own lives trying to fly in unsafe and life-threatening conditions? Guess we know why you’re not a pilot. I really resent your comment because our men and women volunteers are doing the very best they can to save the lives of people (who for whatever reason but obviously none smart) couldn’t manage to keep it on 4 wheels. How about YOU getting away from your warm cozy fire and freezing your tail off to help. Mind you they have day after day been searching a cold, wet river for the victims of another accident… And none of these people have they ever even met. Try doing this and not making so much as a dollar for it. Better yet, just shut the hell up.

    • Are you fucking serious??🤔😡I have to agree with Dean Pauls, Triggered, Veteran’s friend & Boy your’e dumb. Anon you are soooo ignorant!!🤬

  • You can’t rescue anyone, if you’re the one being rescued.

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