[UPDATE 4:02 p.m.:101 Reopened] Fatal Accident Near Salmon Creek on 101; Avoid by Exiting at Miranda or Myers Flat

Traffic Accident DayAt approximately 11:44 a.m., a serious accident occurred south north of the Salmon Creek Road onramp to Hwy 101 between Myers Flat and Miranda.  According to the CHP Traffic Information Page, a silver sedan did a U-turn in the roadway and a white van hit them.

According to readers, the silver sedan is “split in half” and northbound 101 is closed.

Miranda Volunteer Fire, Myers Flat Volunteer Fire, Redway Volunteer Fire, and Redcrest Salmon Creek Volunteer Fire and State Parks as well as the California Highway Patrol are at the scene.

UPDATE 12:30 p.m.: Caltrans reports, “US 101 near Salmon Creek Br, in southern Humboldt Co. is closed due to a fatal collision. Traffic is being detoured onto RT 254. ETO unknown.”

The van went off the freeway and onto Maple Hills Road.

The white van went off the freeway and onto the frontage road

The white van went off the freeway and onto the frontage road. [Photo by a reader]

UPDATE 1 p.m.: 101 northbound is closed for a quite awhile, according to Salmon Creek Assistant Fire Chief Thomas Norris. He said there is quite a bit of debris on the roadway.

UPDATE 1:06 p.m.: Another photo–this one is from Hwy 101.

Accident near Salmon Creek

Accident near Salmon Creek [Photo provided by a reader]

UPDATE 4:02 p.m.: Caltrans reports, “US 101 near Salmon Creek Br, in southern Humboldt Co. has been reopened in both directions.”

UPDATE: Two Women in Killed When Their Car Crossed Into Oncoming Traffic and Were Struck By a Van



  • It’s so bad! Freeway shut down going North!

  • Sadly LoCO is reporting (Unconfirmed so far) 2 fatalities in this incident!!! :C

  • Veteran's Friend

    Very fateful that it was 11:44…code for deceased person.

  • Any details on make of car?

  • Nonono no u-turn on hwy!! Plz go to the next exit!

  • A silver Honda is what was reported to the CHP by a 9-1-1 caller, and was said to have been driving recklessly before the collision

  • Prayers to the family.

  • On LCOP it looks to have a Honda emblem on the back. Looks like an extremely small car!!

    • You might only be looking at half of the car. You need to stitch what’s left on the roadway to what’s in the tree.
      Looks terrible, prayers for everyone involved.

  • I am a native Californian who moved to Nevada as a child and learned to drive there.
    I have observed here and in cali many many people who perform illegal u-turns on busy roads while being oblivious to others around them. Of course in nevada the common thing with those drivers is the cali plates. Other common issues with cali drivers is stopping in the road for no legit reason, failing to stop for traffic devices, and not using turn signals. These do account for a large portion of accidents that can be avoided.
    Funny thing is nevada is ranked first in nation by California tourists for rude drivers. Don’t you thing there might be a good reason?

    Also I offer my condolences to the lives lost on the road recently in hum and mend. As a parent I hope just 1 person reads this and thinks about my observations when driving.

  • More K-rail please

    • ?? The car attempted a U turn on the freeway. Right in front of oncoming traffic.

      • Try making a U turn when K-rail is a center divide.

        • Are you paying for the k-rail?

          When did people stop needing to take responsibility into their own hands? Why does the government need more safety measures when people should be mature enough to know not to make u-turns on the freeway. The world won’t be any safer with more k-rail…

    • “Recalculating” make a u-turn at your first safest opportunity…

  • It was a silver Honda Accord

  • Life is good OG

    It’s completely overwhelming the amount of vehicular deaths the last couple of weeks. So damn sad. Blessings to those involved in this accident and the victims and their families. Makes no sense.

  • Darwinism in action. Unfortunately the ignorant action of one person results in others death. Stupid f*****g humans.

  • Agreed about car crashes lately and cars going off the road, something is up!

    Someone advised me to drive like a deer is about to run across the road, if u drive 101 often you know which turns are most blind.
    U-turns on the hwy are never a good idea, awful for all involved! Am really feeling for the older lady in the van!!

    And to neverwrong, if im reading it right it sounds like the sedan made the u-turn and got both driver and passenger killed. Am assuming the van had no time to avoid it.

  • I was forced to make a u turn in same area after being deliberately rammed three time,i was fish tailing all over the road,in order to not be killed by them I had to think fast and make a squealing u turn,that probably saved my life. My friend was also persued and she had to keep changing lanes,it was very apparent to her that they were needling her in the extreme. I am so so sorry for these people that lost their lives ,and for their families pain.

  • Blessings to the families of the girls and their families. And to the first responders, as well as the driver of the Van. So sad, Heartbreaking.

  • So Incredibly sad! R.I.P to the victims of this terrible crash! I will say though the pics confuse me. The skid marks look like they cross over the yellow line and the car looks like it was hit while all the way across the four lanes? Was it the fear that they were gonna hit that caused the van to lose control and cross over? Was the sedan still on its own side of the highway when hit? The skid marks etc don’t seem to quite match the story

  • How many people killed in this awful accident? What was the cause other than someone doing something stupid. Too many car accidents in Humboldt Co.!

  • Sad all the way round prayers and worm thoughts to the family and a damb good job keeping the van on all fours

  • FYI: In other horrible road news, the Press Democrat is carrying a story relating to the Hart family.

    Jennifer was intoxicated, children sedated:


  • Hopefully the occupants of the van are OK. Doesn’t sound like it was their fault at all.

  • if they were in a mercedes they would still be alive.own personal experiance.

  • U turns on 101 and the Avenue cause accidents over and over again.

  • I am in a Pleasure Way rv /van group.
    The van is a Pleasure Way Rv/van.
    Please update me on the lady in this rv.
    We are very concern since several of our single ladies are traveling in the area.
    It hits home for me not only having the same year rv but l am a born/ raised in Mendocino and raised my kids in Loleta.
    I am aching for all the accidents happening in the area.
    Thanks for any help you can give.

  • The sedan wasn’t making a uturn. They were driving wrecklessly, my husband pulled the lady out of the van. The girls were already gone 😔. The sedan was heading south on 101 when, our vehicle in the slow lane and theirs in the passing lane. It seemed like they were dancing around in there trying to get hyper or something, there was another vehicle just ahead in their lane blocking them from passing, they tried cutting us off, swerving into us, my husband swerved onto the shoulder narrowly avoiding them, they swerved back into there lane because there was no passing room, it looked like she over corrected and possibly her brakes locked up though I don’t think I saw tire marks. She then veered sharply into the northbound lane, I thought they led possibly clear the road but their was no way for the van to avoid them, it happened so quickly and was the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen.😩😔 prayers to the families of everyone involved. And thank god for sparing our lives today.

    • My heart just aches. It looks like there was a bunch of clothing all over the road. I have been clenching my jaw all day, and hoping that these girls weren’t on their way home from college for the weekend with a bunch of laundry for Mom to do.

    • I am so sorry you witnessed that. I saw a drunk slam into a minivan years back; the van was decimated and a young mother lost her life. It was horrifying and gut-wrenching and stayed with me far longer than I would have thought. I hope you and your husband are able to rest and process; sometimes there’s no making sense of an event like this but I pray for peace and closure for you both. Much love to you – so glad you guys made it home safely.

    • Hey my name is Yesenia this my family my contact me when possible this is my cell7073435565

    • Terrible thing to see transpire right in front of you. I’m very sorry.

  • Sohummaa, I thank you and your dear husband for your help at the scene. May you both have abundant rest tonight. Please when you can, write out for yourselves what you witnessed and endured. The CHP will most likely interview you, as will the insurance investigators. Thankfully you were able to get out of the way of the sedan.

  • Thank you sohummama!!!
    What an awful thing to witness. Tho, like the other tragedy, its good you were there to see what happened and so many thanks to your husband for helping the older woman, im sure that was traumatizing for both of you. Seek counseling, it can really help and sometimes there are programs to help pay for it, ask the chp.
    Now I really feel for the van occupants!

    Ive seen people doing crazy things trying to pass on the highway and its super scary. & honestly super idiotic. People will get out of the way when it can be done safely but when there’s a car next to you&you cant move into slow lane, having someone tailgate and swerve around behind you is awful.
    Please people stop driving like its a racetrack. If you need to drive that fast and crazy go live where you local hwy is the 5.

    Is there a direct number to chp to report such drivers or is it still call 911&get transferred?

  • Yes they were coming from college to spend time with her parents specially one of them who I knew since she was a little girl she lived in Vacaville Ca. One of the young girls who lost her life in this accident, her sister Yesenia asked any witnesses to call her in another comment before, please give her a call to her phone number if no one has given her a call, her phone number is: 7073435565

  • You will always be missed Michelle

  • Please if you can help by donating or sharing for Michelle. She was a wonderful, sweet and hard working young lady. she started working at age 16 and going to school. She was the passenger 😩
    Friends and family love you and miss you Michelle. RIP 🌹


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