Snow in Them Thar Hills

Snow on Alderpoint Road

Snow about mile marker 12 on Alderpoint Road a little before 5 p.m.[Photo provided by Michelle Bushnell]

Snow plows have now begun pushing their way across several stretches of various County and State roadways in northwestern California.  According to Caltrans’ QuickMap, snow plows are working Hwy 299 by Berry Summitt, Hwy 3 by Coffee Creek. It only shows state roadways but, Michelle Bushnell, a Southern Humboldt resident sent us a photo of snow sticking about mile marker 12 on Alderpoint Road.

According to the National Weather Service, “Light snow will be possible at highway pass levels tonight. Heavier snowfall in excess of 4 inches will be possible for elevations above 4000 feet.”

Snow at Berry Summit about 5 p.m.

Snow at Berry Summit about 5 p.m.

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