Muddy Conditions Force Limited Access to the Elk River Trail

Elk River trail

Elk River Trail in the Headwaters. [Photo from BLM website]

Press release from BLM:

Public access will be temporarily limited to the first three miles of the Little South Fork Elk River Trail in the Headwaters Forest Reserve due to muddy conditions beyond the three-mile point.  Access restrictions began Monday, April 9.

Hikers, bicyclists, and dog walkers can still enjoy trail outings on the lower three-mile section that includes a mile of paved trail designed for those with limited mobility. The first mile of this trail contains a variety of interpretive signs about the area’s forest resources and rich cultural history.

“When conditions are muddy, we have to temporarily close access to the upper sections of the trail to protect public health and safety and to prevent trail damage,” said Field Manager Molly Brown, BLM Arcata Field Office. “We will reopen this section as soon as conditions dry out.”

The BLM is committed to keeping public landscapes healthy and productive. More information on the Headwaters Forest Reserve is available by telephoning the BLM Arcata Field Office, 707-825-2300.


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