Sundberg Endorsed by Assemblymember Jim Wood

Press release from Ryan Sundberg’s for Humboldt County’s Fifth District Supervisor campaign:


Ryan Sundberg

Ryan Sundberg

Assemblymember Jim Wood, DDS (D-Healdsburg) has announced that he is endorsing Ryan Sundberg for re-election as Humboldt County’s Fifth District Supervisor. Wood was elected in 2014 and serves California’s 2nd Assembly District, which comprises all of Del Norte, Trinity, Humboldt, and Mendocino counties, plus northern and coastal Sonoma County, including the northern half of Santa Rosa.

“I am proud to endorse Fifth District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg for re-election in 2018. Supervisor Sundberg and I have worked hard to protect local revenue streams and address unfunded mandates that put an undue burden on local communities,” Wood said. “He is a dedicated professional with the unique ability to forge relationships with partners and stakeholders across party lines because he focuses on what is best for his district and the wider Humboldt County community. His re-election is critical to ensure that Humboldt County maintains a voice on the Coastal Commission and that the North Coast is represented in decisions that often have far reaching and lasting impacts.”

Assemblyperson Jim Woods

Assemblyperson Jim Woods

Sundberg was first elected to represent the Fifth District in 2010. He was re-elected in 2014 and is seeking a 3 term in office. He was appointed to the Coastal Commission by Governor Jerry Brown in 2017.“I have been thankful for the opportunity to work with Assemblymember Wood and appreciate his endorsement,” Sundberg said. “He is very responsive to issues that face the Fifth District, supporting our efforts to address the environmental damage caused by illegal cannabis grows, increase infrastructure improvements like road repair and more. I look forward to working with him on more positive initiatives for our District in the next four years.”



  • I’ve decided to throw my support behind Madrone instead. I feel like my concerns for my community in Trinidad/Westhaven/Big Lagoon, drugs & crime there, including a particular criminal, are not being met or taken seriously at all by Supervisor Sundberg, nor by his LE arm/influence, the Sheriff’s Dept. Not even when it concerns the Yuroks being targeted. And the woman in question is only going to do worse than mere assault with a deadly weapon next time. I mean, we’re really having a pre-homicide conversation at this point. And what egg that will be on Sundberg’s face all while being pre-warned of the danger right in his home town.

    So, until and unless things improve, Sundberg isn’t getting my vote for being a pretty face on a campaign picture who gets perks from special interests and does nothing of real value, even in the community he grew up in.

    Madrone I don’t believe is a native Trinidadian, but he’s been in Trinidad so long that he might as well be. I think since the 1970s, which looks to be older/longer than Sundberg himself. Madrone has done well, and ruffled some feathers over the years. But that’s just the thing. He isn’t kissing ass and playing footsie. He’s getting out there and ruffling feathers. I think he’d do more for the Yuroks than their own Sundberg. It sounds a bit harsh, but I think it’s the case. Of course a career politician would endorse Sundberg. Of course! (think about it…)

  • I quite agree!!! In fact I think ALL of the Board of Stupidvisors should be elected OUT!!! Estelle “Getty” cares nothing about the general populace & is concerned ONLY with things benefiting HUM CPR not to mention herself as well!!! The rest of the Stupidvisors are just as guilty after the attempt to foist an unqualified & incompetent “Ambulance Chaser” as our Public Defender not to mention authorizing a Cannabis Extraction Plant sitting right beside the Mad River where most of the County gets its drinking water from!!!! Remember in November, throw out ALL the Bums!!!

  • Robert Sutherland

    Wood is a member of the Bosco Crime Family. Remember Bosco? His more recent scene has been as the bottom feeder for the railroad.
    Sundberg is the guy whose take on the mj industry is gimme money. He has little concern for the welfare of the community or its economy. Fits right in with the Wood/Bosco style.

  • Yeah it’s a shame they all took bribes from mercer Frasier anyway.

  • Sounds like the Mercer Fraser thing is getting resolved, saw this on FB from Sundberg:

    “I have some good news! I have been working with Mercer-Fraser and we are finalizing the details to resolve the Glendale permit issue. I want to thank Mercer-Fraser and HBWMD for their cooperation and commitment to our community. Stay tuned as more details will be forthcoming soon.”

    • Michele Walford

      Read as: “We are waiting to be reelected before we do this horrible thing to Humboldt County. We aren’t that stupid.”

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