‘Citing a Loss of Confidence in…Ability to Lead,’ Coast Guard Moves Officer-in-Charge at Noyo River to Humboldt Bay

Coast Guard Station Noyo River, Wednesday, Aug.1, 2012.

Coast Guard Station Noyo River, Wednesday, Aug.1, 2012. Station Noyo River is comprised of about 30 crewmembers, two 47-foot Motor Life Boats, and one 25-rapid response boat. [U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Pamela J. Boehland]

Press release from the Coast Guard:

Rear Adm. Todd Sokalzuk, Commander of the 11th Coast Guard District, temporarily relieved the officer-in-charge of Coast Guard Station Noyo River, located in Ft. Bragg, Calif., Wednesday, citing a loss of confidence in the member’s ability to lead.

The relief of an officer-in-charge by a district commander is a temporary administrative action followed by a formal review by Coast Guard headquarters.

“Command positions at a Coast Guard unit are the most important and challenging assignments in our service,” said Sokalzuk. “Standards for command positions are extremely high and we sometimes must take these types of actions to ensure those standards are met. The public can rest assured that the matters under review did not present a danger to mariners. Coast Guard operations at Station Noyo River continue uninterrupted.”

Senior Chief Boatswain’s Mate Ryan Sanford was temporarily reassigned to Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay, Station Noyo River’s parent command. Chief Warrant Officer Thomas Moore from Sector Humboldt Bay has been assigned as temporary officer-in-charge at Station Noyo River. Moore is the former officer-in-charge of Station Golden Gate and is a Coast Guard Surfman.

Station Noyo River is one of 13 search and rescue boat stations in the 11th Coast Guard District. The station has a crew of 29 men and women who carry out search and rescue and other Coast Guard missions. In 2017, unit personnel responded to 94 search-and-rescue cases saving or assisting 156 lives and over $4 million in property. The unit’s main area of responsibility extends 50 miles offshore and along approximately 100 miles of Northern California.

NOTE: The original photo with the story misidentified one of the people in it as Senior Chief Boatswain’s Mate Ryan Sanford. Once the Coast Guard informed us, we removed it.



  • unbridled philistine

    Not the kind of thing I like too hear as a seaman!

  • He must have screwed the pooch big time for them to relieve him of command & ship his ass up here!!! Unusual for an enlisted to be in command of a whole CG Station as opposed to a commissioned officer, at least from what I know from 4 years in the Navy!!!

  • I do not understand the Coast Guard publishing this article. It should of stayed within the CG. Now the nasty comments will spill out. Keep it internally. Oh well “cat’s out of the bag”. Shameless. It just baffles me.
    I know it is the Most Critical & saving lives for our fisherman and rescue operations in our Pacific.
    I hope he is welcome to Humbolt Bay. Other wise …….

  • Got to wonder just how the confidence was lost.

    • he’s not a trump supporter, that’s it. trump is rapidly losing support and the divide is getting personal within these public agencies. we literally have inferior’s climbing to the top using this method.

      • You do realize that Trump’s approval ratings are actually improving right? And according to most polls, it is higher than Obama’s was at the same time during his presidency…

          • Yeah and we all know how accurate Gallop was running up to the presidential election. Regardless of what pole you look at, they pretty much all show his approval rating is going up.
            It’s amazing to me how all the ABC news networks got so worked up over the Stormy Daniels thing, like anybody cares if he had a hooker 15 years ago. At least he wasn’t getting a bj in the Oval Office and then busting his nut on her dress after dipping his cigars you know where.

            • The polls were universally wrong with Trump during the 2016 election and that includes the ones by the same group he is now citing to show that his numbers have risen dramatically–Rasmussen. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/political_commentary/commentary_by_larry_j_sabato/our_final_2016_picks

              • Polls are only as good as their methodolgy and integrity. Frankly the “fly over zone” that voted for Trump was rudely dismissed by the Democrats, the poll takers they hired and 99% of the media. And few caught the oversight until the election pointed out the flaw in their thinking.

                It would be expected that would have been the surest wake up call that offending, bullying then ignoring a sizable proportion of the population was a rotten idea. But it seems not to be the case. The antiTrump forces can not and will not understand that those who support Trump do not love him personally. They hate the bullying, foolish and stupid forces that only Trump seems to be willing to out troll. That same forces of the population that seem to be determined to impose their wants that are indulgent to a few and corrosive to the many. Trump was preferable rather than admired but I swear, the more he seems willing to stand in the face of that, the more admirable he becomes.

                The vitriolic people who think that all they have to do is keep shouting insults to get their way will never learn that they are the problem. Not Trump.

        • he is losing so fast, by next month he will quit. he is a poor loser, very poor. the republicans, not the conservatives, that got him in office are done and embarrassed to be associated. did you notice what the Church decided to do yesterday about the whole Stormy thing? its games over and trump knows it. the damage will take years to fix, maybe even a decade. you should feel accountable for this mess or you are not a real patriot of this country.

  • What the fuck does Trump have to do with it

  • Sucks to know that Humboldt is to the Coast Guard what Siberia used to be for Russia…

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