Attempted Homicide Suspect Wanted in Tennessee Nabbed Near Honeydew

Law enforcement processes the suspects.

Law enforcement processes the suspects. The suspects were reportedly forced to stop when a local citizen placed a vehicle across the entrance to the bridge. [Photo by a reader]

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On the evening of April 4, 2018 the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Dept. was involved in a pursuit with a white Jeep Compass rental car which was reported to be occupied by a suspect of an attempted homicide which had occurred in Tennessee. At approximately 1558 hours, CHP officers took over as the primary units of the pursuit as it continued southbound on US-101, south of Stafford Rd. The pursuit continued southbound at speeds in excess of 100 MPH. Several attempts were made to deploy spike strips, but the suspect vehicle was able to avoid them each time by driving into the opposing lanes of traffic.

The suspect vehicle exited at Mattole Rd. and continued driving recklessly at varying speeds. The vehicle eventually came to a stop near the intersection with Wilder Ridge Rd. and a felony car stop was initiated. Two males and one female were taken into custody at the scene. The driver of the suspect vehicle has been positively identified as 27 year old Cortez Lamont Little of Arcata, CA.



The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, in Williamson County Tennessee, confirmed an outstanding arrest warrant for Little for Felony Criminal Attempted 1st Degree Murder. Little was booked in the Humboldt County Jail and is being held pending extradition to Tennessee. 

The female passenger was not charged and was released. The male passenger was identified as 26 year old Christopher Mallory.



Mallory was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County for resisting arrest and possession of marijuana for sales. 

The California Highway Patrol and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the public for their help in locating Cortez Little. Anyone having additional information regarding this case is encouraged to contact the Humboldt Area CHP office at 707-822-5981.

Earlier Chapter:Law Enforcement Pursued Homicide Suspect on 101 out to Wilder Ridge Road at Speeds in Excess of 100 MPH; Three Detained



  • black market drugs still bringing scumbags to Humboldt county . Thanks dope growers 😡

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Says he is of Arcata. But yeah smart one…. Probably growers fault you are incontinent as well!

      • Life is good OG

        Of arcata for maybe a week or two but from Tennessee cause he tried to kill someone. How ya feel now smart one! Glass houses and stones and all.

    • Uh Looks like some dope growers stopped this scumbag. Gettin sent home.

    • Yes cuz your racist white market is full of upstanding citizens that haven’t been blowing it up.for years. Get a clue

    • Yes, u can thank the dope growers for enabling Humboldts economy, remember the poverty in Humboldt in the 1970’s.. there would be no economy and few local So Hum businesses would survive without the dope growers. Dope growers spend money in iur stores, support our local businesses, next time you shop at a small store be grateful to dipe growers fir keeping the store open in Humboldts otherwise broke economy. Car dealers, restaurants, gas stations hardware stores all kept open by those same dope growers… Without the black market and dope growera crime would be way higher such as robberies, home invasions etc… 80 percen6 of Humboldts economy is from dope growers, god bless the dopegrowers!!!

  • unbridled philistine

    Why come this way? He sticks out like a sore thumb! Around these parts anyway…

    • What a racist comment

    • Your racism sticks out even more. Says he’s from Arcata. People can travel and commit crimes, requiring extradition.

      • unbridled philistine

        I am not racist! I hate everybody equally! You are correct he fits in Arcata..

      • Highlighting the obvious isn’t racism, but that said, in some playbooks everything is “racism”. By the way, the term is so overused nobody takes it seriously. May I refer you to the Little Boy who called Wolf tale for further insight? Have a lovely day.

        • That is the problem with people way too on the extreme. They way overdo it almost like they get off by throwing the accusation around left and right. By the end of it all their cause is so watered down they are actually doing a disservice to it. They make people like me say the things they hate, not because I am racist, but just to watch their whiny asses throw around their social justice badges and cry about political correctness.

        • Uncle Sam, that's who I am

          Boy in quotes that sounds racist too

    • Hard not to comment sometimes...

      I wonder if he ran from TN to the Sanctuary city of Arcata? Kind of a random choice of places
      if not

  • How much weed was in the car for the charge of “possession of marijuana for sales”

    • Yeah kym we want to know that as well ? Was problaly charged with sales because the laws had to Chase and do some leg work

  • Black Market is Good for our Economy

    Good thing for the Blavk Market or Humboldt would be the poorest county in California. Every year the black market brings a few scumbags, but the black marjet also brings money… Tens of millions of doallras every year, if Humboldt had no black market. Crime including robberies and home invasions would be worse… Be thankful the black market is in Humboldt and has taken care of Humboldt for over 4 decades. Thank you cannabis and cannabis farmers

  • The hero is the person who blocked the bridge with their vehicle. Our thanks go out to them.

    • Haha that was Sissy a cross-dresser that lives in honeydew, the cast of characters involved in this event is hilarious but good for them for taking the initiative and doing something simple. If you get a chance to see the whole video it’s hilarious

  • Hey Kym what’s up with the car I saw being pulled over yesterday at about 2:30 or 3, it happened on the road beside the Scotia Mill,there was 3 fish and game and 2 sheriff or task force, went back by there hour and half later they were still there. Just wondering.

  • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

    Who blocked the road? Please get a name of who blocked the road to capture these suspects for the cops. Great job and do they want to patrol in Garberville?

    • Well, could be that if they go tootin’ their own horn about catching a murderer (if he is one, and who knows, so…), maybe a murderer’s friend, or a murder himself, might come pay a visit. So I’d keep quiet, myself.

      Know what I mean, Jelly Bean? (Is it too close to Easter to be jelly beaning?)

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    What bridge did this happen at?

    Drugs are bad…..

  • Jeep compass 100+mph? Yeah right.

  • On “BOOKED”, it shows Mallory was released at 10:48 the same day. Obvious this guy is as bad as Little, but didn’t even spend 5 hours in jail.

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