The Search: Investigators Comb Area for Clues on Missing Children From Fatal Crash off Hwy 1

The search for three juveniles missing since their adopted parents’ car plunged over the edge of a pullout near Juan Creek off Hwy 1 in Mendocino County has captured the Nation since March 26. Today, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office will focus search efforts from the Noyo Harbor to the MacKerricher State Park in an attempt to locate bodies of the three that might have been swept from the wreck by incoming waves.

Meanwhile, the CHP is attempting to trace the path of the family as they traveled through the area. They have located video of Jen Hart at the Safeway in Fort Bragg but are asking area residents to bring to their attention any other information about where the family might have stayed.

Still from video of Jen Hart at the Safeway

Still from video of Jen Hart at the Safeway.

Below is a PDF of the CHP’s press release. Please allow a minute for it to load.

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  • what is happening at winship?

  • Was information available on seat-belts used?

  • Which parent was primary on adoption papers? Let me guess Jennifer

    • unbridled philistine

      Looks like you nailed it the other day Ranger. You have intuition or something? Sometimes a duck is just a duck. How you know it was murder suicide? Expect the worst and hope for the best…..Sad

  • There is more to this story then meets the eye, look deeper!!
    Lets think about this…. The cliff where this accident happened is in a very remote part of Mendocino County, an area which is neglected by the state for road maintenance and guardrail maintenance; take a good hard look at the photo and you will see that portions of the embankment where this family drove off have recently slid into the ocean, see the red earth…. This area of Hwy 1 is also extremely foggy as it was on the morning the family drove off. The fact that there is zero ledge on this cliff and absolutely no indicator such as a pile of dirt or any guardrail leads me to believe that this very well could have been an accident, possibly an accident for which the State of California and Caltrans may be responsible for. Where is the safety barrier in this 100 foot dead drop cliff if the car had been going fast it would have launched, but photos clearly show that the car looks as if it rolled down the hill, could this family had pulled over in dense fog and then took off only to become disorientated and drive off the cliff, could the crash have happened at night or early morning hours? Could the State of California be covering up its failure to properly put safety guard rails in this area, take a drive North of Westport and you will see neglected roads, neglected maintenance and this cliff with absolutely no guard rail or any type of warning of the 100 plus foot cliff… Could the other children be staying in a cacation rental in the area? Why not go back through all the bank records and atm records, the woman is holding a bankcard buying bannanas in the Fort Bragg Safeway, mind you they were organic bannanas…. If she was gonna kill her family, why bother with organic bannanas, I think the missing children could still be alive somewhere. Maybe the Sheriff needs to take an unbiased look at this family without racism or other discriminations

    • Is organic bananas really the foundation of your argument? Hell if I knew I was going out I would treat myself to the expensive stuff too. Why not? Can’t take your money with you.

    • The ‘foggy’ reason could be easily proven, right? If it was foggy, then it open up other possibilities.

      • No. Travelling at a high rate of speed on a strange road in blinding fog, even if that could have happened, does not change culpability one iota. What a strange psychology it is that finds a need to create the most improbable scenarios for this case.

  • Service Coordinator L.H.C.

    Very valid points Look Deeper. The parents and other children could have been taking a day excursion and left the 3 adolescents back at a spot to chill. It seems it is challenging to keep perspective open when there may be issues of neglect or failed civic responsibility to take ownership of.
    Lets put our collective heads together and hope for the best 💔

    • Breakthesilence

      Collective empty heads! Hey, no offense , I understand. Being fooled by a sociopath is not your fault. They are cunning, charming and extremely good actors. They always manage to have some bright, caring, loving & loyal fans. That’s you right now.

      Because seriously,hope for the best? Clearly, delusional at best.

      Right now you are talented at tossing a word salad in the face of facts. Time to take off the rose-colored glasses.

      • Maybe we are stretching reasoning or belief. Why? I think people are striving for alternative reasons for this tragedy is because we find it hard to believe an adult would knowingly do this to innocent children.

        • Breakthesilence

          Narcissism, sociopathy, psychopathy, pick your disorder. They comprise 10% (or more?) of the population. Cunning, charming, and amazing in so many ways they present a real and ever present threat . #redflags -don’t ignore them .

          Look around you. Scour the web . There are multiple entire websites !! devoted to the hetero male that (often without warning) abandons and withdraws all support for their (formerly adored) spouse and their offspring . That is the discard and “mental murder” of the narc. You don’t exist now, because I say so. We have come to accept and shame in no way men walking away from their dependent offspring. 20 million children are living in USA without a father in the household . Many that have a father lack connection as those men are (self-absorbed) emotionally absent. Certainly not as dramatic as killing your whole family but a rampant crime against “innocent children” that unfortunately is now quite commonplace and no one says anything .

          And while male sociopaths and the domineering husband, and then resultant broken family unit due to overt abuse/abandonment are the more common manifestation of this scourge on society, female sociopaths are among us, and are equally beguiling and dangerous,– maybe more so, because women by nature are more trusted, less violent etc —

          It all boils down to control. And when these sorts of disordered people start losing control , when their perfect facade starts to crack , when the spouse tires of the lies and demands her needs be considered , or the children grow up to gain autonomy, they lose it! They can’t stand accountability.

          This scenario of murder suicide is on the far end of the abuse/control spectrum and yes, so, so hard to fathom. 🙁

          • Right, let’s deflect to white males. The hem on your agenda skirt is showing.

            • Breakthesilence

              A deflection? Haha no . Illumination . Making a correlation , an illustration of the everyday prevalence of narcissist behavior. It’s not my fault there are so many hetero males that are selfish child abandoning deadbeats. lolz … 20 million fatherless children does not deflect from the discussion of pathological behavior it further explains it. It’s a bummer for you that your defensiveness and dismissive narrative gets in the way of reality. 😉 Oh well.

              One can’t know until they know
              Roughly 6% of the population has narcissistic personality disorder. Research over the years has shown that it is also more prevalent in men than in women — 7.7% vs 4.8%….”


  • Get the dogs,those kids are probably not far from the launch site

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