[UPDATE 8:28 p.m.] Law Enforcement Pursued Homicide Suspect on 101 out to Wilder Ridge Road at Speeds in Excess of 100 MPH; Three Detained

Vehicle PursuitMultiple law enforcement agencies pursued a possible homicide suspect from out of the area at speeds of up to 100 mph this afternoon. According to Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, “Fortuna Police requested that we assist them in serving a felony warrant on a homicide suspect.”

She said the suspect fled at speeds in excess of 100 mph on 101 south. The California Highway Patrol took over the pursuit, she explained. “They deployed a spike strip near the Redcrest exit…The spike strip failed.”

The suspects continued at speeds of over 100 mph. “They exited at Bull Creek,” Karges said.

The driver eventually turned onto Wilder Ridge Road. The CHP conducted a felony traffic stop and held the suspect and other occupants at gunpoint. As of 5 p.m., all three are in custody but Wilder Ridge Road is currently closed.

UPDATE 6:01 p.m.: According to the North Coast News, there were two men and one woman in the vehicle. The homicide suspect is out of Tennessee.

UPDATE 6:56 p.m.: KMUD News has some photos taken at the scene. They state, “The pursuit vehicle was stopped after community members blocked the Honeydew Bridge.” Click here to see the photos by Teresa Davey.

UPDATE 8:10 p.m.:

Law enforcement at the Honeydew bridge where the suspect was stopped.

Law enforcement at the Honeydew bridge where the suspect was stopped. [Photo from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department]

UPDATE 8:28 p.m.:

Law enforcement processes the suspects.

Law enforcement processes the suspects. [Photo by a reader]



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