Suspect Who Allegedly Stabbed Victim in the Neck, Captured by Hoopa Tribal Police

Hoopa Tribal Police featureTwo Tribal officers on foot patrol in Hoopa yesterday around 4 p.m. witnessed Kiai Lincoln stabbing another man, said Chief Dana Norton in an interview this morning.

He explained that the officers walked behind the gas station when they saw two males in a physical fight. They observed what they thought was a man punching another man twice. The suspect then fled as officers approached

Norton said the officers saw the victim was “covered in blood.” Then they realized that the victim “had a laceration on his neck.” Another witness told the officers that the suspect had had a knife. The officers began tending to the victim. “The victim was transported to the hospital,” Norton explained.

Meanwhile, Norton said, “The suspect came back on scene and we took him into custody. He refused to give any statements…He invoked his Miranda rights.”

However, Norton alleged, “We have on camera the suspect throwing the knife on top of a nearby building.”

Norton said that the victim’s injuries didn’t appear life-threatening.



  • So horrific to read of Kiai straying from his turning his life around to a better way. He needs to turn towards healing and wellness to be a strong father to his children, may the kids be in a safe place while he navigates the legal system and rehab.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Because the kids were in such a safe place while their dad was hanging out behind the gas station fighting and stabbing another man?

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