Traffic Collision on Hwy 101 South of Orick

Traffic accident

[All photos by Jonathan Beck]

Two vehicles, a pickup truck and an SUV, crashed head on into each other at mile marker 119 on Hwy 101 south of Orick at approximately 1:37 p.m.

According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the SUV which was towing a trailer hit gravel, spun out and then smashed into the other vehicle.

In spite of how bad the accident looks, according to Jonathan Beck who took the photos included here, no one was seriously injured.

The roadway is open.Traffic accident



  • I’m guessing one or both was looking at the ocean…

    • Sleepy Alligator

      The one truck hitting gravel makes me think the truck pulling the trailer might have been using the shoulder to let a vehicle behind him pass on the straightaway and hit the gravel beyond the shoulder.

  • 🤔 Hit gravel and spun out? On that straight-away… ?
    Okay, Me….. I can see looking at the ocean, drifting off the road, then hitting gravel….. No judgements, only comments here.

  • Concerned Trinity County Resident

    Head-on? The pickup looks like the back end got hit.

  • Handicap plates on the SUV….just saying

    • So having handicap plates means you’re a shitty driver? [edit]

      • Take a look at how many “handicapped” people drive cars with those plates or placards. I have witnessed MOST of the drivers, when they park in blue zones, are not handicapped at all. In other words, they are a’holes that are milking the system, and probably are shitty drivers as well.

    • Handicapped includes sight challenged.

      Probably blind. And wasn’t injured. Perfect……………

  • Once the trailer starts fishtailing and you don’t have he skills, all is lost.

    • Veteran's Friend

      Yeah. The impulse is to slam on the brakes(disaster) or step on the gas(also disaster), Take your foot OFF the gas and steer straight ahead.

  • Traveling south, with cars passing in the north lane, I saw a pickup move out into my lane and over-corrected, sliding sideways across my lane toward me completely blocking it. If I had not turned to the shoulder, I would have hit him in the door and bed, @ 90 degrees, with the full front of my jeep, @ 50 mph, possibly killing us both. I know with hundreds of a second to respond, I made the right decision. I was not at fault, and not cited by CHP. And no, I”m not blind, as mentioned in other comments.

    Stupid Handicapped Person

    • Thank you ! We were on the back road to the Glen first we heard it then immediately it caught fire at that point no one could know what happened,I hate it when people judge and jump to conclusions it causes a hole lot of stories so again thank you for posting

  • Straight stretch of 55 MPH freshly paved and striped road with a 10 foot paved shoulder on each side. Nowhere is safe! By far the most dangerous aspect of driving in Humboldt are the other drivers.

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