City of Arcata Seeking Community Input to Help Plan Carlson Park Improvements

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

Arcata, CA, Friday, March 30, 2018 – The City of Arcata Parks and Recreation Committee and City Staff are hosting a meeting for the public to learn more about recent efforts by the community and the City in the Valley West area, and to help plan future improvements for Carlson Park.

Carlson Park consists of over 19-acres that currently provide trails for passive recreational access to view the Mad River and has the potential to include access to the Mad River for non-motorized water craft, fishing and general enjoyment. The property was dedicated to the City by Caltrans in 2017. While the majority of the property is managed for habitat protection, the development of non-motorized trails is allowed and 1.8 acres can be developed for other recreational uses.

The meeting is taking place on Wednesday, April 11 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Red Roof in located at 4975 Valley West Boulevard in Arcata. All community members are welcome.

For more information please contact the City of Arcata at (707) 822-8184 or email 3.11.2018 Carlson Park Map



  • Great. It’s the last place in this town to bring the dog where you won’t get run over by rules and rule-loving idiots. So of course they’ll develop it! Everything must be developed!! That is the purpose of city government and they will tax the heck out of you to develop and “improve” every single place “for your benefit” of course! How about a friggin’ dog park, Arcata?! Or are dogs not up to “progressive-minded” libtard standards these days?

  • Correct, but not politically correct

    I think they should put up statues of the current Arcata City council (except for Michael) so that future generations of “social justice” activists can have them torn down.

  • If you wanna make Valley West better, get rid of the cracked out druggies that frequent the area. You would think the cops and city would do something considering the many schools for young kids in the small area.

  • I’m excited for this park; please disregard the rude dog owners who commented before me.

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