Accident in Henderson Center Blocks Two Streets

accident in eureka

[All photos by Bobby Kroeker]

As of 7:20 p.m. E Street and Henderson are both completely closed off after a traffic collision. An ambulance carried one person to the hospital.

Please avoid the area.

accident in eureka

accident in eureka
accident in Eureka



  • A couple of times i have seen people trying to turn east onto Henderson there, not realizing it’s one-way. So the white car makes sense, if it were making that mistake… but how did the silver one end up on the sidewalk, turned around the wrong way?

    • I’ll bet the silver car was going north on E and got t-boned by the white one while crossing Henderson. That would have knocked it off course and had it end up very much in the wrong ‘lane’ though still going more or less the same direction. Gives me the shivers as a pedestrian.

      • Gives me the shivers as a driver, too, Esme! I pretty much slow down (from a generally cautious speed anytime) at every intersection in Eureka, even when i have clear right-of-way, to be sure some unconscious driver isn’t blazing through.
        Your theory makes sense. The white car may have been one the silver car hit on its way to the sidewalk, or may have been the west-bound Henderson car, which would have spun around. I wonder.

        • i looks more like the grey car was hauling ass and went into the opposing lane during the the turn. considering the airbags are deployed on the passenger side, it likely they where going greater than 30mph.

          taking motion and distanced traveled after collision and the attempt to avoid each other, aso explains how the white car is heavily angled to the left and the silver car is up on the sidewalk.

  • Customization via Crunch Bro’s Body Shop!!! I DO NOT recommend their work!!! ;~<

  • People don’t notice when they go to turn in Henderson that oncoming traffic still comes at them. The issue could be fixed with better signal lights.

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