Thief Takes Students’ Lunch and More from Zenia School; Kids Had to Be Sent Home Early

The suspect stealing gas.

The suspect stealing gas. [Photo provided by Peggy Canole]

Yesterday, students at Hoaglin-Zenia Elementary School were sent home early because the remote school in western Trinity County was burglarized for the second time this week, said Peggy Canale, Superintendent at Southern Trinity Joint Unified School District. “[T]hey took most of the food and our router box for the internet,” she explained.

The first burglary took place Sunday night or early Monday morning. “What we have discovered missing so far is a Chrome book and an iPad,” she said. “We do have serial numbers so if someone found them we could definitely match them.”

Canale said that after the earlier break-in, “Our maintenance man had put a metal plate over the door but they just ripped it off and broke in.”

Today, she said was an already scheduled minimum day. After the food was stolen and the school went through by the thieves, she explained, “They sent the students home before lunch…The teacher sent the kids home early because they rifled through things. Made a mess.”

Though this week was the first time the school building was broken into, Canale said that someone has been stealing gas from the school. “It has been for several months,” she explained. “Maybe it has been going on for much longer than we even realized. The thieves are just getting very bold.”

She said that a surveillance camera earlier this year captured a suspect taking fuel.  “We do have that person on camera.” (See photo above and below.)

Canale said that the theft “is very violating to not only the adults but the children as well.” She asks if anyone has information about the thefts to please contact either the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department or the school district at (707) 599-6386.

Enlarged version of the suspect's face.

Enlarged version of the suspect’s face.




  • Time for a live in care taker. Even if this guy is caught, little to nothing will be done about it.

    • We, as citizens are being ripped off. The counties take in millions of tax dollars every 6 mos. And we have to spend more of our money to hire more security? How about the sheriff do their job and get these creatures? And what about spending some of the tax dollar to build rehab centers, getting them off the street, and teaching them right from wrong? Oh, that’s right, liberal democrats run the state, and golly, we can’t interfere with the criminals rights. What about our rights? What about the taxpayer getting ripped off everyday? Democrats run the county and the state, look how they have ruined our schools, roads, and peoples lives by taxing us to death. Why should we, as private taxpayers, be subject to inefficient and corrupt law enforcement?
      And if we take action, go get the methers, destroy their nests, then we would be subject to arrest for violating their rights. Do we allow them rights? Should we live subject to their thefts, the beatings they give their spouses, living in fear of losing our irreplaceable things, so these creatures can sell our stuff to drugs thugs to then shoot it up their arms? At this point, the death penalty sounds good.

      • You can take a horse to water but you can’t force it to drink. The same goes for rehab. If the person doesn’t want to be rehabilitated, you can’t force them. It has nothing to do with political parties. [edit]

  • looks like Chad Allender.I Believe He is on Trinity’s Most wanted.its also rumard he was involved with Casterlin school robbery.

  • They might want to update their time stamp.

  • Looks like they didn’t have a filler lock on the tank ?

    No catchment bins/roofs on the tanks ? Hmmm…

  • I’m not familiar with Zenia, but why does a school require fuel tanks on site?

  • Redneckcountry707

    That is Chad Allender

  • Tiny school in middle of nowhere has a camera system that’s better then most gas station or cameras 🤦‍♂️

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    It’s amazing that in a county so backwards but yet filled up with desperate and dastardly characters, that someone operating a school would keep valuable and easily stolen items in a building that is not particularly secure and in a remote location.

    How many thefts from schools have occurred? Wasn’t one school hit for the WATER in their tank?

    Get a clue. Hire a night guard. Preferably an armed guard. Until then, take the valuables home.

    • Emerald triangle. The green ghetto.

    • Who’s gonna pay a guard?
      What are they supposed to do with things of value, pack them up every nite?

      I’m sorry but its backwards thought to me; blaming the school rather than the jackass doing these things! I hope to be in a world where stealing from schools and children is just taboo. It didnt used to happen that often.

      Small schools like these in particular have very little funding. If you’d like to pay a guards salary please do!

    • Yo groba way to blame the victim! I believe the rules read “if it’s not yours, then taking it Is a crime”. Not “it’s yours if someone didn’t lock it well enough.”

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Plugging that router box in somewhere can surely get this person captured, same with those Chromebooks.

    Schools really need to become dug out bunkers with layered defensive barriers around them, it’s sad what Neo America has become.

    If the hippies were properly dealt with in the 60’s we would not be living in a world of crime, drugs, and disease. Worst thing in history was letting that plane carrying The Beatles land, when it should have been turned back by the USAF.

    The answer is forced conscription into the military for four years at age 18 or 16 if they drop out of school. Teach some values, Honor, and ethics so we can move past four generations full of go nowhere, weak, long hair, sleep ’till four, losers Neo America is so full of now.

  • The whole town of Bridgeville a few years back , during the drought still, had their entire water supply ripped off!!! Someone backed a water truck up to the tank & drained it dry!!!! Anything not nailed down or even if they can get a pry bar under or behind it obviously, since the maintenance guy put a metal plate over it that was torn off!!!

  • Chad Allender. Surprised he’s not smoking a cigarette while siphoning it. Hire a night guard? Some of these schools don’t have money for pencils. Keep the tweeker thieves in jail instead of OR ing problem solved.

  • It’s chad no doubt

  • Looks like these people are trying to get their moneys worth from the public educational system.
    Time for bear traps or room traps for these wonderful, productive citizens. Then set up some good old fashion stocks at public places like post offices so we can get to know them—up close and personal like. The so called justice system offers nothing to deter these poor, underprivileged citizens so the time may be ripe for some good old fashion blanket parties and public humiliation.
    Oh ya, that may violate their rights….

  • The picture is dated 1/29/2006?

    • Another commenter already noticed that & suggested updating it, hopefully they will to avoid any further “confustication”!!!

  • you are not required to have containment under 1000 gallons.And the schools do not have money for a night guard.

    • The schools in Cali are struggling to have enough money to even educate students effectively!!! Let alone “Luxuries” such as a live in caretaker or even roofs etc over the tanks!!!

      • But we got enough money to build a goddamn bullet train to nowhere! fucking California…

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Nowhere? Isn’t the train going L.A. To S.F.? Hardly nowhere. Our national infrastructure is crumbling.

          The theft situation is reaching the breaking point. If the police can’t handle it, I am afraid of vigilante action. I assume the constabulary has been informed of the chief suspect(s)? It’s very sad to see the schools and businesses and homes preyed upon by human filth.

          • The bullet train is a prime example of how California’s environmental laws are so stupid that they can’t even complete a public works project with public funds. And yes it is a train to nowhere (especially since it’ll probably never be completed)

        • You’re being played by the energy companies dude. A bullet train through the central valley is not ‘ to nowhere’. People were suspicious of Bart before it ran. It’s now integral to the Bay area transportation system. The energy companies want you to fight things that will save you money and keep us hooked on their junk.

          • Not being played by energy companies, being blantantly lied to buy the politicians. If they did this in the private sector it would be fraud pure And simple. I would simply prefer they use road funds to actually fix a road, any road pick one they all need it

            • Yes you are being lied to, and you appear to prefer the lies to the truth. Regarding the money: I prefer they use our money on technology that reduces our reliance on fossil fuels. Trains are far more efficient than cars.

              • Hint: don’t argue w trumpers.. it’s like talking to your grandpa…goddamn California ..Arcata .. spending my taxes… (shaking fist in the air)

                • Oh well, one thing is sure. You apparently can’t continue to be a liberal without seeing yourself as a victim. Someone has to be assigned the role of villain in order to keep repeating the same attractive but incompetent ideas, trying to make them work as touted.

              • I dispise trump, and I also dispise far lefters aka Arcata, typically all extremist are bad, I also hate nazis. As most of America does. But keep on polarizing the issue so that no forward progress is ever made.

                • Hey Emily, for people that pay attention what’s a assault weapon again?

                • Trump is not likeable. Never has been. But I still get surprised, even shocked, that he apparently thinks keeping his campaign promises is important. Imagine that. If politicians all were expected to do that, the voters might have to be a lot more particular about who they elected. No more scraping responsibility off by saying the all lie all the time.

      • The idea of allowing somebody respectable to park an rv or trailer on site rent free could work wonderfully for everybody. Local bureaucrats would have to do their job and make it work legally, rather than play the easy role of problem finding red stampers.

        • Maybe if they set up a non profit for the school and got the volunteer that way? That’s how they do it at the visitor center in the state park. Folks volunteer to work in the visitor center for free site hook ups for their trailers. Seems to work out well.

  • Also the photo is listed as a ‘CUDDEBACK’ camera. Maybe a borrowed camera??? Get this guy and put him away for a long time!!


    Everyday I feel worse for any kids being raised around here,seems like few people actually care about the youth,or even their own kids. Or themselves,so no wonder.

  • Only the tweekers don’t care.The rest of our community does .

  • I’d say it’s time for a bit of frontier justice. The way I heard it, many people know what’s what regarding this, and several other incidents. I’m just sayin….

    • yeah the way you heard it! Been to the knitting group at the local store socializing, updating on the newest gossip. I am sure the click knows all. You all take the cake. Upstanding drunk ass jerks that have others take care of your grows so you can all gossip about everyone else…. what a joke. Too damn skeered to do anything on your own. cowards… just talk

  • Wow Chad you’re an awesome person. Stealing from your children’s school? A whole new low!

  • Takes a real piece of work to steal from children.

  • Anybody call the sheriff to ID this scum?

  • That definitely chad.They need to fix the date on the camera.

  • He was stealing food? He must of got tired of buying food for Zach.

  • These are game cameras donated by a concerned citizen that loves the children ! Not school cameras! Local Sheriff don’t care so wouldn’t come up.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Local deputy was too busy!?! Not that old chestnut. Again? I thought those days were over.

  • Let me paraphrase: “I call that bold talk for one-eyed fat men.”

    Get out and do something. Armchair sheriffs. Laughable.

  • Yes that is chad Allender POS always has been. Probably with zack some one up there knows where he is. Or where they are.

  • Heard Chad Allender is in Alderpoint at the Rez right now. That is defiantly him in the picture. Come on Trinity County take a lesson from Humboldt Co sheriffs they have been kicking TWEEKER ass for a couple of weeks. Go get the thieving POS. And the dirt bags that harbor them.

  • Just curious Kim………..I made a normal, nice comment here at 11:16 this morning, and it’s still awaiting moderation; while other comments made 7 hours later are posted. What’s the need to moderate my comment and obviously not others? Just wondering why???

    • I hosted a large Easter party today. I’ve been trying to moderate the comments since about 5:30 6ish but haven’t managed to get many done. (The way my software works it is easier to moderate from most recent to longest ago.) But barring a story coming in, I should be able to finish all of them in the next half four.

  • Happy Easter Kym spend time with the one’s
    u love good hunting hope you get a golden egg.

  • he goes back and forth on Zenia bluff road everyday to get his meth .What is he driving ?He has crossed the line .[edit] his family coddles him poor tweeker boy steals from the same community they live in. [edit] you are on notice .you are responsible for this bullshit and you will way or another .what a blight on our community .[edit] we all know were it comes from only his mother loves him.teach your children well or we are all screwed.
    you ripped off our community and our schools and our kids so you can get your dope ,you will pay.

    time for change Local law will be enforced !!!

  • To chads mother your child is going to prision or death are you proud of that.Stop enabling him .His life Depends on it . time for an intervention. Happy Easter hope the law dosent show up.
    im gonna suggest to law enforcement they should raid your house for abiding a fugitive and dope.and illegal cannibis cultivation.hope they find your hidden eggs #yourfucked

  • Chadd just got out of trinity county jail back on most wanted list within a month wow what a winner mom should be proud.

  • you can’t hide and get dope . the community is watching .

  • Date on the picture is 12 years old. Probably a mistake?

  • Chad’s mother and step-father are complicit in facilitating his continuous crime spree, and have been for years. The only reason why people in the community are reluctant to get rid of them and their kin, is due to only one good and decent member of their family. R & T, as well as their kids (except for one), and ever growing population of grandchildren benefit from and continually abuse the compassion of this community, as they breed and burden more crime on the community they have zero respect for, but they have no respect for me, you or anyone in this community, obviously. Their hypocrisy is disgraceful, shameless, and greedy, for if anyone dared to violate them as they and their kin have for years on the surrounding communities they would be out for blood. Why CPS still allows them to raise any kids is criminal in of itself. R & T, Todd talk a big game of injustice, but it’s all for show as they harbor Chad or his step-brother who, big surprise is in jail as they inflict numerous crimes, again and again on our community they continually disrespect and take advantage of. Action is all that matters. Everything else is just empty, meaningless lies. People talk of the parents being complicit and coddling Chad’s deplorable behavior, while the community is complicit and coddles their deplorable behavior. The clock is ticking neighbors, and justice with continued phone calls will eventually end their despicable actions, or non-actions and abuse of our good neighbors, who work hard for what they have, and volunteer to make this world, their community a better place. Why we are still having this issue or conversation is ridiculous? Chad will probably narc his way out of jail once again. Hide at his parent’s or his brother’s place where he has been for the last week and a half. What a complete disgusting disgrace. Time for talk is long overdue. My compassion for that entire family is gone. It’s us or them.

  • Chad is nothing but bad a pos just like the rest of his family all of them even his brothers blood brothers and step brother I’m sure they are helping him and zack. That is the kind of people they are.

  • Gimme a break you are so right.

  • Wow its funny how people think they judge the whole herd by one lost cow. Is it your parents fault you choose to get in your car today or that you choose to have ice cream for breakfast? Probably not, huh? What horrible things to read. Many ovbiously dont care to even ask questions. What parent doesnt love their child, what parent doesnt want to try to help them, what parent doesnt feel the pain when dealing with this kind of thing? But really even then whom are you to judge? And can you please let me know by what standards you are using. Ive read things here about people none or you have broke bread with or even stopped to introduce yourself? You know nothing about some of these people you talk about and that is sad. Right is right and wrong is wrong! Two wrongs dont make a right. It is not correct or fair to blame every single person that ever met or was involed with this person. Because then it wouldnt be just his parent whom you point your “God Fearing” or other fingers at nor would you place blame on a brother whom hasnt even been around the area except for the last 4months. And maybe just maybe you should put yourself in their shoes for a minute. Because even uglier then the words you slander your neighbor with, is you heart. Instead of saying such verbal diarrhea go to those and sit down and break bread with them. No one- is completely free of some guilt. So how can you judge any way? No disrespect ment to my elder may the Best of them Rest in Piece❤

  • So many of you have something to say Stop by, my ears are open in person. You obviously know where i am.

  • Nameless should come an talk to me in person or ask the peolpe that know me who i am what kind of man i am this bothers me that some man or women have this to say but has not the balls to post there name

    • And would you confirm their statements by violence? In which case, you already know why no one would approach you. If not, you could post something more reasoned than the vague macho posturing about balls.

    • I think it’s funny that you also only challenge their statements about your character but don’t address the other allegations here, 1. Is this your step son stealing from the elementary school? 2. Are you harboring him even though he’s on the most wanted list? 3. Does he know the whereabouts of the man wanted for murder out of Alderpoint? Seems those issues should be more concerning than what some anonymous person thinks of your character.

  • Sometimes when it comes to family you don’t want to see the truth people are sick of this shit and when the family helps or defends them it’s like you think what they do is ok. Most people do know the hole family and there is no upstanding people in that family at all and most people see that just afraid to say so some of them do nothing but make threats

  • Poison camp you say things I don’t believe you know nothing about I don’t think you know those people growing up with them you know them and there’s not just one bad cow in that bunch they’re all bad cows.

  • If he takes less than $1,500.00 each time it’s no more illegal than running a stop sign, infact it’s the same-give you a notice to appear unless you have Felony Warrants!!!

    How funny that it was called Safe Cities, Safe Schools, Lol!!!

  • Im not defending no one is my picture here on this site no it isnt. Im ok with whats being said like i said stop in an talk we are not all bad cows if im such a bad man please let me know what ive done to wrong not my brother im me todd allender big difference get your facts strait…..not like im going to freak out becouse some one would like to talk to me out of my community…..ask the elders around this mountain what they think of me

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