Hoopa Tribe Endorses Sundberg for Fifth District Supervisor

Ryan SundbergPress release from the Ryan Sundberg Campaign:

The Hoopa Valley tribe voted unanimously to endorse Ryan Sundberg for re-election for the Fifth District Supervisor at their February meeting.

“Ryan has consistently supported the tribe in our efforts to more effectively address the negative impacts of drug and alcohol use in our community,” said Hoopa Tribal Chair Ryan Jackson. “He has also worked hard to increase mental health services to address suicide rates. In addition, Ryan was instrumental in securing continued Measure Z funding for our area—we have received almost $1 Million to ensure our residents have reliable ambulance service.”

Sundberg is a member of the Trinidad Rancheria Tribe and has represented the Fifth District since 2010.

“I am honored to receive this unanimous endorsement from the Hoopa Tribal Council,” said Supervisor Sundberg. “The tribal community’s health and safety are very important to me. I look forward to continuing to build the relationship between the County and the Tribe for the benefit of everyone. I am confident we can achieve even more moving forward,” said Supervisor Sundberg.



  • It costs a million dollars for an ambulance?!! I’m pretty sure we got one together in Laytonville for a whole lot less. (Yeah I suspect why they like him!)

  • Reasonable Response

    The ambulance service is for the entire area including Willow Creek and surrounding areas. I believe that you are talking about only a vehicle. Without this, an emergency ambulance would have to come from the coast, an hour away. A very good and responsible use of the funds.

  • Personally after what the Board of Stupidvisors has done to this county I don’t recommend reelection for ANY of them!!! There are some GIANT SIZE issues here that are unresolved such as the attempt to foist an unqualified incompetent MORON on to us as a Public Defender!!! Not to mention the Cannabis extraction Plant located right by where most of the County gets it’s water supply!!! These among ohter issues are why I do NOT recommend reelection for ANY of the Stupidvisors!!!

    • Thanks again Dan! NONE of the incumbents deserve to be elected, as their level of incompetence, dishonesty, and stupidity has been raised to a very high power indeed!

      Power, BTW, corrupts even supervisors in Humboldt County, and Supervisors who have sold out should not be trusted!

      Our County Government should be involved in serving the citizens and taxpayers. The County should fix the roads, dispense health and mental health services, and operate honestly, transparently, and with a mind to public well-being. The laws should be enforced, but we have a disparate and needy public that needs real and valuable services.

      People like Mr Sundberg are only eyeing careers in paid office, and the point of his service is to milk a living by kissing the asses of special interests, like the Hoopa Tribe, which is altogether another group of fat-cats, getting fatter by milking the government and stealing and wasting the proceeds!

      But that is another story…

    • Not to mention the money from emerald scamily farms for his campaign!

  • Life is good OG

    Let us not forget aegis now too.

    • I knew there was something I left out but couldn’t recall WTF it was Thanx for the update/clarification!!!

  • If Sundberg is so concerned about health and safety, why is he supporting more development to suck more water out of the watersheds? Why has he inceased our cost of living with more taxes and fees? It’s enough to make the poorest people, especially on the res, depressed and mentally unstable. As if a different supervisor wouldn’t support ambulance services etc?

  • Bluehaired Hillbetty

    Sundberg is a total sellout. I think he may have been the kid I chucked a rock at while he ran his jet boat thru my fishing hole way back when on the Klamath. Dear old Dad came by and says, “oh you are local, sorry”. That don’t cut it.
    He supports a hash lab on the Mad as well as the Trinity. Come on really what is in it for our community? Nothing just him getting richer.
    Oh yes and one more thing, there was a county road job on my stretch of right of way, who was the contractor? GW Sundberg. Sorry, but another thing, they asked me what kind of fence would you like us to replace the one we tore down with? I told them a solid board fence like all the pot growers around here have. You know so I could fit in, well they put up an ugly chain link. I have hated those all my life.
    Sorry to ramble but Sundberg can go to Canada. I don’t much like the other guy either. What to do?

  • I thought Hoopa had voted to endorse Steve Madrone. . . and then Sundberg complained and they agreed to endorse BOTH of them(?), and now, just S? Let’s go for Steve, he supports maintaining salmon NOT TO MENTION, SINGLE-PAYER HEALTHCARE for all of CA.

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