Fern Canyon Access Restored

Fern Canyon [Photo by Redwood National and State Parks]

Fern Canyon [Photo by Redwood National and State Parks]

One of our local treasures is Fern Canyon in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park near Orick. In early March, a landslide closed the road to the parking lot. Of course, visitors could still access the Canyon through the Prairie Creek Visitor Center but that is considerably longer. Now the road has reopened.

According to the Redwoods National and State Parks Twitter feed,

Road access to Fern Canyon parking lot has been restored. There is still a log-jam 1/4 mile up the trail, and no summer footbridges have been installed. Happy (wet) hiking!



  • The best spot on earth.

  • It feels like the canyon is getting more and more open as the walls erode. Im surprised how much difference I see every decade.

  • They should have left the road closed, bear Harbor has gotten so much nicer now that there’s not so many people going there. I won’t even take my kids to usal anymore cuz it’s so nasty.

  • I had the chance to visit Fern canyon last September and it was beautiful.The road to get there was horrible.Wished they would fix it.

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