CalOrigin Help Desk and Email Support Will Be Closed Tomorrow for Cesar Chavez Day

This is a press release from CalOrigin:

CalOrigin Help Desk and Email Support will be unavailable Friday March 30th, 2018, as we will be closed for Cesar Chavez Day. We will resume normal operation on Monday April 2nd at 8am. Please email the support desk with questions at We will get back to you when we resume operation on Monday.

Thank you,

CalOrigin Training and Support Team



  • I wonder how Cesar Chavez wood feel about California’s push to ignore illegal immigrants and the fact that they are paid a lower wage to do harder jobs then legal citizen. That is one of the main arguments I hear for illegal immigration, the argument being who would do all the field work you know picking “grapes” and such, that prices for produce and food in America would go up without illegal immigrants working for sub para wages.

    Oh that’s right he was a legal US citizen, That was opposed to illegal immigration because it hurt the working wage of legal immigrants.

  • While I’m appreciative of honoring an honorable man, I find it quite ironic that BHO declared a day of locking the doors that are there to help honorable people.

    The check’s in the mail. Oh wait.
    Get your Visa apps here. Oh wait.

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