Body Found in February Identified as Missing Person, Hana Hammer

Hana HammerPress release from the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office:

The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office has identified the body recovered in the Mattole Beach area as that of missing person Hana Hammer.

A hiker located Hammer’s body in the Mattole Beach area on Feb. 21, 2018.

Hammer was last seen in the Petrolia area on Jan. 25, and was reported missing on Feb. 2.

Hammer’s official cause and manner of death are undetermined at this time.

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  • Bright eyes and a beautiful smile, what a shame.

  • Just when I thought the stars of the universe were aligning perfectly and showing a promising future a hiker finds a dead body on the day of my birthday I guess the wigi board spun a different direction all of the sudden it’s very unfortunate this vibrant person lost there life her family must be deveastated with this tragic loss.

  • Very sorry for her family.

  • Community member.

    All communities have members that think and act outside our box. Just because they are harmless, doesn’t mean they don’t need compassion and good advise sometimes. Let’s all look out for each other. Hope she delighted in that last night swim. I’m very sorry she’s gone.

  • I knew her. I know her family. This is so very heartbreaking. But at least the agony of mystery is over.

    • The local fire departments need to start posting the river conditions outside the local stations on chalk boards and online. Water temperature, and currents info for swimmers paddle boarders fisherpersons hikers swimmers and have an educational section about Cold Shock see wikipedia this is what lifeguards do, lifeguards work via FD

    • I also knew her and her family and so saddened to hear the news 🙁

  • Beverley Sherman

    What a beautiful spirit shining in those eyes! I’m so very sorry the family has lost her!

  • Things that make you go hmm

    Miss Kym, the last Link “Body Discovered Near Mattole Beach” does not work. It takes you back to this same page… Thank you for your help and I appreciate you and all that you do ❣️

  • Asset Forfeiture

    Hope the police can stop the pot war long enough to move resources to focus on all of Humboldt and Mendo County missing persons cases and homicide cases… How long will our community suffer from lack of assigning detectives and investigations into these cases. Instead all the resources of the Sheriff Departments are continually focused on eradicating cannabis for the assets forfeiture dollars…..

    • The local fire depaertments along the rivers and beaches need to act like lifeguards and put chalkboards at the stations informing the public about river conditions! Water temp swiftness if flow safe or unsafe and any other advisories for swimmers, fishermen, kayakers, hikers etc

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