Sun Grown Cannabis Event

This event is open to all cannabis farmers. It has a $40 suggested donation but that is optional.

Click the poster to be taken to the signup link.

Press release from the International Cannabis Farmers Association:AB2810 Sun Grown Cannabis Ag commission



  • Another lame event where they chage you money to listen to people talk about weed. This is a rip off all these lectures of sort about weed. Its just a acam to make you spend money to feel loke your making progress with your weed company.

    • To be fair, you don’t have to pay anything.

    • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

      Progress has been made. It’s leagal. Back in the day that’s the only thing anyone could ever hope for. I can grow 6 trees on my property and not lose a minute of sleep. I could plant 100 and worry I may get a visit and a citation. Things have really come a long long way. Growing for profit now doesn’t really pan out as there is no competitive advantage.

  • One day these events will be packed with tourists visiting the farms meeting the growers and enjoying the fruits of the planets best. Until then it might hurt a bit.

    • Local as they get

      Lol, have you ever been to a weed farm? You wouldn’t want to go to 90% of them. Oh I can see it now!

      “Shitters out back bud, sorry no toilet paper.”

      “Hope ya brought bottled water bud, waters not drinkable.”

      “The trash? Ya animals probably got in it, ya can’t stop them.”

      “Garden? Sorry bud there was no room for veggies, the 30 100 footers take up most of it.”

      “Hey you got any money bud, need to buy some noots, I got a deal lined up pay you back tonight.”

      • Fkarcatatransients

        You must be dealing with the outsider rush to humboldt. Fuck non locals go fucking home already

    • Yeah right,

  • Covelo or busted

    Imagine growing weed in the sun? Just visualize it… horses manure, soil , water……Little bone meal?..Oh my , i wonder if i an patent it?

    • From what I'm hearing

      More may be grown indoors than ever before. Permitting and the accompanying specter of code enforcement have some (many?) nervous about growing in the sunshine. Indoor scenes of all sizes are being brought out of mothballs or newly established. Outdoor and mixed light scenes are being mothballed or dismantled. Is anyone else hearing the same?

    • Nonono, dream on. To grow ten pounds of quality marijuana, you need at leat $50,000 cash, months of time to travel to and from permit department to permit department, friends who are established politicians, expensive high tech equipment, and a solid Plan B when wholesale prices plummet. Grow marijuana outside with just healthy soil and clean water? You’re nuts.

  • More paper pushers inviting you to help regulate yourself so they can have more organizing jobs! This is for those people who have a need to feel legitimate by having rules to follow. Ha Ha Ha How backwards to why most of us came here…

  • Politics aside, somebody needs to show the world what’s up and open a recreational dispensary that only sells organic sungrown Humboldt buds. No extracts, no edibles, just cut, dried and manicured flowers. It needs to be cheaper than what’s on the shelves now, there’s no excuse for it to be expensive. Legal weed is a ripoff on all fronts. The public at large cares about price first, quality second, source etc third. It’s somebody’s fortune waiting to happen.

    • It is a new industry (legal-wise) and governments and players are all greedy right now. That will settle down in time.

    • Yes, this is what I would like to have and look for. Maybe I’m too old-school and just an old-aged hippie wanting my old and familiar culture. But I’m down with it. Don’t like the weirded-out all-chemical and gazillion-wattage force-the-hell-out-of-the-plant growing thing. It makes for a high-dosage, noxious chemical, schizophrenic and paranoiac buzz. Not like the old days of pleasant mellowness and ‘pass the joint around the group’ casual and low-key high sort of thing.

      Funny thing, in Portland I asked for sungrown and organic at a local dispensary. They were dumbfounded. “We don’t have any. But, you know, why is it that we don’t? We don’t know why that is.” They wrote down my request for the owner to see. And I thought it would have been the most basic thing.

  • Although I despise all things related to weed events and legalization … I do think that sun grown organic top shelf product is the only thing we can be unique and good at here, our ‘niche’.. it’s what we are uniquely suited to do the best. Small scale, unique strains, we have the experienced people… it would fit in with the other branding work the county does as well, for other small business’.
    These guys are on the right track at least!
    That’s my 2cents

    • Yeah but this is Humboldt, everyone is trying to be a millionaire and drive around 80k trucks and grow 1000 pounds. This is Humboldt where “mom and pop” is 3 properties and 15k square feet on each parcel.

      • You basically have to grow 1000 pounds to make a living.. at the margins these days.

        • yeah half a mil a year minus some low operating costs ( if you arent a complete fool ) is just hardly making a living ( eye roll)

          • You don’t know the numbers obviously.. or the risk involved. So go back to what you do, and leave the conversation to people who know.

            • [edit] There is no “niche”. Despite your small minded view of cannabis in your Humboldt bubble, you know nothing what the market demands. Top shelf indoor sells, no pesticides, no mold, no fungus, no dandelions. Your sun grown outdoor is called biomass now by southern californian concentrate companies. Nobody buys biomass in dispensaries. Come back in 20 years and you might start to grab marketshare, until then, me and my boys will be making major dough in socal while you whither away on some shit property in Alderpoint, touting “sun grown love cannabis”.

              You never knew the numbers, thats why you claim to need to grow 1000lbs. Keep selling for 300, [edit]

            • Yea that’s ridiculous
              To make a living? You sound like the problem.

    • I’m with Emily! All the Vape equipment,when Heat is applied, creates toxins from the metals in the cartridges and pens. It doesn’t matter how pure the oils are to start with, the heated metals make the vapors a brain damager. Science. Yay for plain old Top Shelf buds and glass pipes with NO metal at all . Viva Humboldt!

    • Sorry but the market wants super potent indoor and cbd pen tops . Keep dreaming with that full sun dusty wind blown weed

      • Hey broseph.. there is amazing outdoor out there. Def not from the cove. There’s a good market for top shelf outs.

        Think about this: no pg&e or diesel, no pesticides (if you don’t use clones-seed only), clean spring water, cured and packaged with care- that’s our niche.
        And, low overhead with these techniques. That’s what our good local farmers are best at.
        You can have your pens and chemical indoor from anywhere.
        And fuck light dep.

        • dude , nobody cares about your ” niche ” . keep dreaming, the market and billionaire investors are going to crush you like cockroaches , its all going to fall apart . this is just the beginning

          • Buzz off you don’t get what I’m saying… go back to so cal


              SoCal? where there is actual sunshine to grow with…

            • I’m from Shelter Cove

              • Let me be more exact.. there is a market for your mass produced og dep weed.. a bigger market. But there is a market that fits us better, because we live in a far away place, with little good ag land, and that is what I’m talking about. If u want your McDonald’s og weed, it can come from anywhere.

          • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

            The investors are going to drop weed in Kalifornia like a bad investment within 3 years. People are growing and giving away for free top shelf. The market hasn’t seen bottom yet but it’s going to go even lower to the point that’s it’s not financially responsible to invest in the market.

          • What she is saying is correct. There’s barely any overhead growing good clean outdoor sun bud. It will always have value because of the millions of smokers that have appreciated the flower for decades. And we will always survive because of that, and the fact that we’ve been through shit that guys like you couldn’t handle. The Feds couldn’t bring us down, but we should be worried about twits like you with your dabs and pens? You on the other hand, are a good bet die young from a stroke for participating in the modern day weed rat-race that you’re helping to create. Good luck with that. Not really.

      • What’s funny is good outdoor has higher potency then indoor, good light dep does too. Try it yourself. Indoor is getting pushed out of the market, with all the technology of mixed light, indoor will get pushed out of the market, the price of power is too high. What’s also funny is you talk tough, but how much indoor Will actually pass the pesticide test? Those dirty clone stories are actually true.

  • Has anyone here even heard of this ‘International ‘ growers organization? And what other countries have members in it? Just curious, these new organizations keep popping up…

  • By the way it cost$40 not that I would waste my time😉

  • We need to sepperate ourselves and form our own sungrowers commission. This one has the interests of the large so cal growers at heart. Quality sun grown cannabis is our thing. Do not let a bunch of mid grade commercial farms lump themselves into the same catergory as us. They want us to pay by the pound to meet their lower standards. Nope.. our market is, and should always be the higher standard in cannabis Do not let them vote this in. Humboldt does not need them they need us to help their brand and image. Research, educate, vote

    • Yes, yes. Guy

    • You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. There is not one so cal grower involved in their organization. This association is a very true to heart organization advocating for the sun grown way. The A.G.2810 bill they are promoting, you actually might find truth in your view and beliefs in the industry you are saying is “our thing”. These people are Humboldt people not big farms from so cal. Look up the bill. They are advocating for you. For all sun grown cannabis growers. .. at least trying. And being involved, in not just the practice but going head to head with the law makers who don’t even grow weed or who have even see a weed plant. Take control and support people who are trying to advocate for you.

  • I am with the outdoor full sun camp. Do not want my food grown indoors; do not want my pot grown indoors. And, I can not see how the indoor pencils in. But, I do not know everything. I can see the Napa/Sonoma idea. If you build it (grow it), they will come….. with tents.

  • Can you even imagine if the wine industry grew only indoor or greenhouse grapes? People would crave the outdoor grown, natural organic stuff. There are already GMO cannabis clones that are supposedly resistant to spider mites ( in SoCal).

  • Thanks Kym for sharing the ICFA meeting invitation. You are absolutely correct, $40 is a suggested donation if you have it. These donations are primarily used to offset the cost of snacks at meetings, meeting venues, and printing of informational materials. If you don’t have the funds, come anyway. ICFA is eager to here your voice and to share the work we are doing. For anyone interested, check out for more info. You will see that the non-profit organization is lead by a badass volunteer group of women from Humboldt and Mendocino counties. The ICFA mission is to empower traditional cannabis farmers through education, research and advocacy. Basic membership is free and your opinion is wanted. Join us.

  • that’s the future

    gonna be interesting when the harmful product lawsuits start.


    It might be sunnier everywhere else,but it’s prettier here. Hope that helps with tourism. Easy to move weed,hard to move redwoods.

    • Eureka is not pretty . Trinidad on the other hand is

      • So Cove broseph are you a permitted grow? Do you even smoke your chemed out flower? Probably not. No respect for the plant. Go learn a trade and quit abusing the plant and planet for your own selfish agenda.

  • I have a trade and i don’t grow anymore but thanks for playing

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