Narcotics and Firearms Found During Search, Says EPD

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

William Reynolds, William

On March 23, 2018, Eureka Police Department patrol officers with the assistance of the Problem Oriented Policing (POP) unit served a search warrant for 38 year old William Zane Reynolds, his vehicle, and residence on the 2200 block of G Street. The search warrant was obtained in response to an investigation into narcotics and firearms.

Reynolds was contacted in his vehicle near Sonoma and J Streets after a traffic stop for a headlamp violation. Reynolds was transported to his residence by officers. Officers contacted 44 year old Sirrena Lea Harvey inside of the residence. Reynolds and Harvey were detained and remained on scene during the search.

Harvey, Sirrena HarveyInside the residence, officers and detectives located 2 firearms, ammunition, evidence of weapons being manufactured, 2.3 ounces of heroin, and 5 grams of methamphetamine.

Reynolds and Harvey were arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for possession of controlled substances for sales, possession of controlled substances while armed, and maintaining a drug house. Reynolds was additionally booked for committing a felony while out on bail.



  • I’m wondering,why just about every time I see a post about someone being busted for meth or heroin the perps seem to be in white T shirts?

  • Both of these individuals look familiar to me, they must be “Frequent Fliers” to the “Humboldt Hilton”!!!

  • Life is good OG

    What happened Willie? Last time I saw you, you had a good job and said you were clean and sober. This wasn’t even a year ago. Come on dude. You aren’t getting any younger and you have kids. Pull your head out and think of them for a change.

  • Our public officials keep wondering how to address the problem of meth and heroin on the streets, yet that Patricia Keeler arrested on Monday at 11:00 am for 1 1/2 lbs of meth and distributing, was released 2 hours later. Keep releasing these people to do the same thing over and over and distribute this stuff, don’t expect anything to change. I’ve seen Harvey’s mug shot here before also. Our public officials keep saying they are addressing the problem, and that seems about all they are doing. It’s time to see something done about keeping these people, who are dealing, locked up. In many states, just the possession of a gram is a felony. Take down the ‘NO VACANCY’ sign at the jail, do a major addition to house the dealers and give them some severe consequences.

    • if not her another would instantly fill the gap to make money. its the demand that needs the focus. no demand = no supply, but more realistically, lower demand = less supply. those States like Ohio that lock you up and send you to drug court have bigger problems than here and it cost a fortune. all of the places in the US where this problem persists are areas where an education is lacking for most. the solution requires long term thinking.

  • The police get them and the court let’s them go. No room at the jail is part of the problem. We need to make prisoners work. There is plenty of things that need doing. I remember when people stayed out of trouble because they didn’t want to work for free. Consequences for wrong action. Just like training children.

    • Constance,
      that is way too much of a common sense approach to thing, It works better to give them a monthly payment so they have nothing better to do than sell drugs on the side to make more money… then we can give them free syringes and a safe place to do the drugs, this will definitely prevent people from using drugs. Oh and on top of that we should reduce sentencing for breaking and entering and possession charges, we can’t go around punishing people for stealing other people’s stuff. Also don’t forget we need to reduce the minimum sentencing for any crime involving firearms, cuz we can’t punish criminals with Firearms. Only law-abiding citizen should have their right for self-protection taken away.. yeah how’s that working out for us lol

      • Education, sustainable economy, etc...

        THC, I don’t see anything in the article about breaking and entering. Pretty sure both of them work or have been trying to work, because I’ve seen them at actual jobs in the community. Drugs are a tough problem to deal with. Those of us who have family members with similar issues (most of us) know this. Going all heartless, elimimate all social safety net, paint all drug users as thieves, lock ’em up and throw away the key, etc… is really just a shortsighted, selfish, [edit] pretend solution. Man up (or women up) and try and use whatever brain you have on solutions, not unfounded accusation and jail cells you don’t wanna pay for.

    • You are right. Police arrest them, courts release them because we have no jail space. And we are already paying way too much for jails. Perhaps death penalty for dealers will help? We are heading to that solution and it might make sense.

      • almost everyone that uses is also a dealer. right know we are heading in the wrong direction on almost every front. this will all be cleared up in November. the US is done with stupid if you haven’t noticed. the US government cooked and distributed crack in the hoods and admitted it publicly on the same day Monica went public about Bill in November 1998. which one made the news? which one harmed the people of the US of A?

        • I had almost forgotten about that. Thanks for the reminder.

        • So I’m guessing you’re then calling bs on the [edit] obsession by the news on Stormy Daniels and trump

          • With all the things going on in the world to focus on something so stupid as a wealthy man having an affair is indeed quite ridiculous. Yes I call bs on that entire story and file it under “who gives a flying fuck” How much can you blame the media and how much do you blame the people consuming the content, which ultimately drive what the news decides to cover?

          • bs? both were true and factual. the CIA just picked an opportune time to release their statement. it will be interesting when the video comes out.

  • Kym should hire all of the fuckups in Humboldt for editing comments & the censorship of this site.

  • Have no fear. The problem will soon go away if you believe “The Donald”. He is advocating for the death penalty for drug dealers.


    If they raided every crackhouseyou woupd be surprised how many junkues are here.
    People used to be worried if their neighbor was a communist,now it’s just another day on the block if you live next door to junkies.


    The junkies already won. If you can’t organize the neighbors to boot out the dealer house,and the cops know the houses but don’t step up…the junkies won.

    • Fkarcatatransients

      That’s why we need local militias to sweep our neighborhoods and remove the toxic sludge ourselves. It’s getting so bad here now. I’m ready for it.

      • Education, sustainable economy, etc...

        [edit] We have a constitution here that many have fought and died to defend, which says you can’t just round up other citizens and “remove” them, without due process. What you are suggesting is in fact criminal and far more serious than the crimes listed above. It is also an affront to American values [edit]. I’m glad you are still allowed to voice your dangerous opinions though, thanks to real Americans who understand, and believe in, their rights. [edit]

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