Here’s Another Reminder About Tomorrow’s Opioid Town Hall

This is a press release from Senator Mike McGuire:

Eureka, CA – Senator Mike McGuire and Humboldt County Supervisor Virginia Bass are bringing together an impressive group of statewide experts, health professionals, local leaders and addiction specialists to hear about progress being made to combat the ongoing opioid crisis on the North Coast.

Last November, Senator Mike McGuire and Humboldt County Supervisor Virginia Bass brought the community together for a collaborative conversation about the opioid crisis at home and across the state to kick off the discussion that would advance potential solutions on the North Coast. Now, as promised, McGuire and Bass will bring the community together for an important update and progress report.

The State of California, County of Humboldt and the City of Eureka will discuss strategies being implemented at all levels of government to tackle the opioid epidemic, with progress reports from North Coast treatment providers including Open Door Community Health Center, Aegis Treatment and Waterfront Recovery Center. We will also hear about harm reduction efforts including needle exchange and syringe litter management programs being implemented at the county and city level as well as receiving a report from the California Department of AIDS on statewide efforts on harm reduction and disease control.

Panelists at the Town Hall include:

Progress Report from North Coast Treatment Providers:

·         Dr. Julie Ohnemus, Associate Corporate Medical Director, Open Door Community Health Centers

·         Alex Dodd, Chief Executive Officer, Aegis Treatment Centers

·         Dr. Ruby Bayan, Medical Director, Waterfront Recovery Center

Harm Reduction & Prevalence Reduction – Syringe and needle exchange and disposal

·         Dr. Karen Mark, Chief, Office of AIDS, Center for Infectious Disease, California Department of Public Health

·         Sarah Kerr, Chair & Founding Board Member, Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction

·         Chief Steve Watson, Eureka Police Department

·         Connie Beck, Department of Health and Human Services

Continuum of Care: Sober Living Environments

·         Pete Nielsen, Executive Director, California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals

Town Hall details:

WHAT: Town Hall on the Opioid Crisis on the North Coast: Coming back together for solutions

WHEN: This Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 6:30 pm

WHERE: Sequoia Conference Center, located at the Humboldt County Office of Education, 901 Myrtle Avenue

WATCH LIVE: The Town Hall will be livestreamed at



  • Good luck, people always seem to find an excuse why they need drugs.

  • I’m sure it’s tied to the Methadone clinic they want to bring in as was mentioned in the Op/Ed piece earlier!!!

    • Bring a methadone clinic. And a couple ibogaine detox centers. A dozen more rehabs and halfway homes. As many safe injection sites. Or keep doing the same thing and expecting.

  • Oops sorry my bad that was from the “competition” here’s the link to read what I’m going on about!!!

  • abusers just fuck it up for those in actual need,,, who now can’t even get relief for severe arthritis with out being labeled as a junkie. ANY and ALL requests for pain medication is instantly turned down and you are labeled as drug dependent. A junkie. None of the people mentioned above, the so called pro’s from Dover have ever been injured on any kind of massive scale,,life threatening,,,and survived or at the very least ,,,,have ever actually taken any of the drugs they are supposed to know so much about,,,,,fuck-em,,,with out knowing,,,they are literally the definition of Ignorant,,,,simply meaning,,,,un-informed,,,,,

    • …Truth! My mistake…telling the Dr. my meds make me feel like shit. Now I’m labled a “druggie” with no tools to combat chronic debilitating pain… Concentrated Cannabis only helps w/ the neuropathy, not my joint/bone pain… 😩

  • All Business As Usual

    From Ukiah to Eureka the Motels and Hotels as well as the bars are full of meth, coke, pain pill and Heroine dealers… the Humboldt and Mendocino Sheriff Departments do absolutely nothing about the dangerous drugs, their only care is eradicating cannabis and claiming the $$$ from the asset forfeiture seizures… Busting Hard Drug dealers is not as profitable as busting cannabis growers, seizing their properties and claiming their share of the forfeiture dollars for toys for their department. This is why asset forfeiture destroys our local law enforcement: law enforcement becomes more of a business for our broke counties, unfortunately the money is seized whether or not there is any proof. Business as usual in Mendo and Humboldt, not to mention the pills and drugs they take home to their wives and party favors for the deputies friends…..

  • Why did you delete my comment kym? It is true that part of the opioid and heavy drug abuse is due to the Sheriff in Humboldt and Mendo focuses more on cannabis and asset forfeiture than hard drugs because they want the $$$$ for the department….. why did you delete my comment kym?

  • I doubt they will focus their energy to figure this out, the Sheriff Department is too busy fighting the antiquated already lost war on Cannabis. All extra man power and most resources are used to eradicate cannabis and steal cannabis growers $$ through asset forfeiture. Mendocino County makes millions every year by eradicating cannabis, this is their real intent and real focus. They could care less about a kid getting murdered, they are after the $$$ and the weed. They rarely solve any burglaries, robberies, car thefts, murders or homicides. The only goal is asset forfeiture, everything else costs money but raiding pot farms makes money. And the Sheriff Department loves money

    • Like no robberies, murders, etc are related to pot. Pot seems empirically to attract crime whether legal or not. Pot growers want big bucks and there is much wrong with how they go about it yet complain that the government doing anything about it.

  • Instead of these people sitting in a nice warm, comfortable room talking and having snacks and drinks provided, they should all get out on the streets, encampments etc for a couple nights into the morning and see first hand what is going on. Take clip boards or tape recorders and talk to addicts, business owners and the public. Find out how many addicts are willing to accept help if it was provided, and other facts about the problems they want to address. It would probably scare the he_ _ out of most of them.

    • Not everyone on opiates is homeless. Many hard working loggers, fishermen, firefighters, etc. Injured themselves over years of hard work on the jobs. Some are on opiate pain meds, so they can be out of pain enough to go to the store, do chores, or enjoy playing with the kids. Most never abuse the meds and take them exactly as prescribed. But these are the folks most affected by these ‘opiate witch hunts’. The illegal users will find illegal opiates like heroin, the legal patients will get cut off, or told to use suboxone. ( which reduces cravings for opiates but is terrible at killing pain), or given advil, aspirin, etc. Undertreating legitimate chronic pain in patients should be a crime, dont the patients deserve to have a good day once in a while with reduced pain? Just because some addicted folks have overdosed or committed crimes, doesn’t mean the legitimate patients shouldn’t be considered here…

  • These are the “Pros” when it comes to those two most Loaded of terms: Drugs and Addiction??
    (Enjoy the pun)
    What I see at a glance: Owner of a methadone clinic(s), director of recovery center(s),
    an addiction program professional wtf that is?? (( I took the Addiction Studies courses at CR // How To Keep Killing People 101,102,103, etc )) a couple cops. All who have a happy career in the status quo. Some who are absolutely banking on it’s expanse//our expence.
    The status quo is an EPIC FAIL. Every paper I wrote for those classes was an A with “I appreciate your contrary opinion” attached. Hard to argue with logically ascertained assumptions. An entire chapter dedicated to cannabis addiction, ending with a couple dozen pharmaceuticals which can help with that.
    Ibogaine>> IBOGA>> the most interesting f’n thing re. Addiction by a landslide, got a paragraph. Don’t want needles all over the place? Safe Injection Sites. No, methadone is what we get. Cause all those in methadonia for 10 years are absolute shining stars. Whose pocketing that kickback?
    Same. Old. Shit.
    Follow the money = find the problem. We aren’t that unique. Our Trees are.


    The meeting should be in a Squires sty or under the bridge

  • unbridled phillistine

    natural selection! There will always be a fraction who look for altered reality. always some who commit suicide. Been going on for thousands of years. Give addicts what they want and let them go. Cheaper in the long run. Sorry to everybody who has family members or friends who are addicts not tryn to hurt your feelers.

    • Unfortunately one of the consequences of society and government these days is that they are making it easier and easier for the weak to survive and they tend to reproduce in larger numbers as compared to the more intelligent and educated folks. What you end up with is a watering down of the gene pool if you will. Our best, brightest, and strongest are not the ones pushing the continuation of the species. I totally agree with you about how there has and probably always will be suicide and addicts, although as fields like neuroscience advance I think we will move towards solving a lot of these things.

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