Driver Hits School Bus and Leaves

Hit and run

Background photo by Oliver Cory

A driver struck a school bus on Community Road in Hoopa and left the scene at approximately 8:06 a.m.

Hoopa Tribal and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department were searching for the driver. However, the driver contacted law enforcement

“The driver is responding back to the scene,” said a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol at about 8:40 a.m. She said the driver said he had been late to drop off his kid at school.



  • I would NOT want to be in this driver’s shoes when the cops catch up with him!!! Hitting a school bus in the first place but then hauling ass after the fact makes it that much worse!!! Not a great situation at all for any involved!!!

    • Whatever dumbasses

      The driver went vback to the scene did you read the article or out you commenting on something you didn’t read haha

  • That’s always been my understanding = DO NOT HIT !! FLASHING LIGHTS ARE EVERYWHERE !! And then to run,, then to use child as an excuse,, interesting..

  • He had to empty the car out before coming back!

  • I seriously doubt that excuse will fly very far when it comes to issuing the citation for Hit & Run especially on a school bus!!!

  • My granddaughter was on the bus when it was hit 😡 The driver was a female who passed the bus on a very dangerous corner.

  • Even a minor “school bus accident” is a nightmare for a bus driver, even if a fender bump. Have to call CHP and keep the kids on the bus. A chart showing where kids were sitting and a whole, very detailed, report has to be done by CHP. Sounds like there were no kids injured…..great news on that part!

  • There was no child in the car. My daughters were on the bus. She was on her way to the drug house. Hit the bus continued to the dope house got her dope then went and did it while getting her husband to drive back to seen with her and say he was driving because she has no license…on top of it she ran the bus stop light 2 times last week. Why do you think it took her 30 min. From 8 04 to 840 we live in hoopa everywhere takes like 5min. And if your passing a school bus you aint late the bus has to get kids to school with 15 min to spare for breakfast. So come on police don’t be ignorant.


    A matter of time before she hurts her own kid,too.

  • Students on the bus said the man claimed to be driving. They did not see him in the driver’s seat but a woman. The buses on the main road through town pull over and put on flashers, but not the “stop” sign as they are picking students up from the side of the road they are pulled over on. The students have training every year on how to stay safe waiting for the bus and getting on the bus. I hope the driver who claims to be at fault gets some sort of penalty. Not sure how it can be proven the woman was at the wheel. The man sure must love his gal to take the fall for her. The cameras on the bus film inside the bus. I am not sure if they film behind or to the side of the them. With the dire straits the district is in over the boondoggle of the construction at all the school sites, we sure do not need any more huge bills over this incident. Teachers were made aware of the students being very late due to the accident. I wonder if the district made calls to their homes to inform their parents or guardians. Slow the heck down folks. Be aware of the rez dogs roaming and the poor drug addled folks walking the roads. And of course be aware that the speed limit does go down to forty by the high school and 35 through the main area of town. So very glad grandchildren and other students were not severely injured. This accident goes on the record of the bus driver! And can cause the district insurance rates to go up! Darn sad about this.

    • I don’t like that part about not using the stop sign in town. Use it every time. People drive like nuts out Here. Keep the kids safe would be my vote. I have never been upset stopping for a school bus

    • My granddaughter lives with me and was on the bus. She will be 18 in May. She contacted me at 8:01 am to say they were hit. She saw whole incident. Not hard to identify driver as she put her vehicle in ditch to pass the bus . After she made her pit stop around corner from accident she drove back by the bus which was still parked where accident happened. She NEVER stopped to check on them either time. Instead husband shows up to claim he was driving. Didn’t work officer on duty told him to go get his wife. Bus garage manager did call me yesterday early afternoon to follow up on how my granddaughter was doing

  • Damn it must of been “have your kids at school or be fined 100,000,000,000,000 day” bullshit she/he ran to hide something. Let your kid be a fuck up like you and miss school.

  • Who was the person to hit the bus

  • This young girl has no children, then her husband was going to take the blame. Was to many witnesses seeing her driving. She had to make the drug house in a certain time. Of course she did her drugs with out any care of children on the bus or driver.
    Hoping they nail her to the wall!!

  • If you hit a school bus you stop. There is nothing more important than that than dope sick.

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