Inmate Charged With Escape After Failing to Return From Court Ordered Pass

Kaleb SevereToday, Kaleb Severe, age 32, failed to return to the Humboldt County jail following a court-ordered pass. According to Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department, “Severe was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on 3/14/2018 by the Arcata Police Department on charges of resisting arrest, three misdemeanor counts of violation of probation, one felony count of violation of probation, and violating a restraining order.”

On Saturday, the 24th, he was released on a court-ordered pass. Karges said,

“He was ordered to be released at 8 a.m. and was scheduled to return to custody no later than 8 p.m.” Karges explained that as he did not return, “he is being charged with PC4532(e)–Wilful Failure to Return and PC1203.2–Probation Violation.

Karges explained that sometimes “the court will allow an inmate to leave the jail for things like a funeral, deathly ill relative, etc.”

If you have any knowledge of Severe’s whereabouts, the Sheriff’s Department would like you to contact them at (707) 445-7251.



  • Life is good OG

    Oh yea. I trust him to come back. Ridiculous.

  • Nodding out on 2nd st…

  • How could you NOT trust a sweet face like that????

  • He must have had a really shitty lawyer to do that much time in humboldt!

  • Out east it’s called a furlough only minimal security inmates get those.

    • Exactly! I’m from Jersey! you gotta earn that weekend pass!
      seems like they give em out like Pez in ole Humboldt co

  • You freaking people are just trolls ,haters,bored,or just lack a life all together but carry on i guess that’s the whole purpose of comments

    • No one said anything harsh or mean until your post. What you does it give you to post a
      hectoring humorless post about people posting in section designed for comments? Beside a headache over the conflict about commenting to complain about commenting.

    • How do you manage to stay up all night?

  • He must have given the judge that come-hither look, like in the first pic.

  • Kym – You could really help out the community with some follow-up on this one: Who let the guy out and why? Please give us some real information to use when voting on judges. Plus the person who had gotten the restraining order on this guy needs to know where to send the “thank you” note…

    I guess if you are a long time local you get whatever you want. everywhere else in the US the family would have to pay for transportation to and from and the guard. at this point the family should pay all expenses going forward on this case.

    • Look at the dad’s photo then the kids. So sad. He looks just like his dad if he were strung out on drugs. The kid is probably in a lot of pain right now drowning his sorrow in drugs & alcohol. Something has to change for our community. So much promise from the 1st generation & so much despair in the 2nd.

  • A person I know years ago, low risk, was released to go to his sons funeral. Of course he went back, which made me happy they let him go.

  • the funeral was on the 17th as indicated in the orbit. I wonder what the truth is? because this isn’t it. so now we have a thieving tweaker that enjoys fun stuff like raising hell in a trailer park with an assault rifle out and about.

  • A good old fashioned housecleaning is needed in Humboldt courts. A total of four counts of probation violation, one a felony and the idiotic judge released him?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Amazing. Remember the killer who mudered the lady in Hoopa or Willow Creek and then ran over the joggers and their dog? He was out on humanitarian release before his prison sentence was to start. Hey,man, be sure to be back in time for your trip to the slammer. Yeah, he took care of business.

    • horrible person

      Not to mention stealing a truck on a trailer from an automotive shop in mckinleyville , real nice for his dad to find out caleb stole from a longtime friend of his then have a heart attack the next day and die. He learned all that crap from his mom………being shady

  • Maybe he just forgot.

  • I’ve researched judges running for election before but that was when I knew their names. Anyone know who’s running in 2018? Or how to find out?

  • Big 'ol jar of pickles

    So ask the judge while HE allowed this. We knew this would happen…

  • He lost his Father

  • The guy lost his father, give him a break already, some of the conservative folks commenting on this blog are cold hearted and have no compassion or humanity. Many of you deserve to spend some time in a cell for just being the coldhearted people you and your families are

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