Bobcat Beauty

Bobcat by Jill Duffy

Bobcat [Photo by Jill Duffy]

Yesterday, former Supervisor Jill Duffy, was sipping some coffee with her husband when he saw the bobcat strolling through their yard. Duffy managed to capture it with her camera. She says she “was rewarded with a look, then a slow saunter as it moved down the hill.”

Who else has been lucky enough to capture one of our local wild felines? We always enjoy seeing the photos you share.



  • That’s a great photo. How lucky to have gotten a full eye contact photo.

  • I haven’t seen the cat yet but I know it’s there! These are about 3 1/2″ both length and width.

  • Great pic! What a beauty.

  • Thank you for the great photo

  • Bobcat and lynx both look so mystical, like its about to lay down some wisdom before disappearing into the woods.
    Great pic and awesome to see such a healthy looking critter 😀

  • Domesticatable .they can act like housecat.cara cara too.big bird eats rice and tomatoes.

  • Up by Maple Creek along the road.

  • So beautiful! And well fed. His rabbit hunting skills must be par to none.

  • My grandfather and uncle raised a pair of them they were great pets until they found out the neighbors had chickens a and got crossways with them. Don’t pet their belly unless you know the cat though.

  • My brother who was 11 and myself who was 14 at the time was offered $50 by this farmer to shoot this bobcat that was taking his chickens. That was quit a lot of money in the 50’s and also because we were dirt poor we said okay. Well we sat back to back with our rifles waiting for him to show up. After about two hours we saw his bright eyes and then we saw him. We were both mesmerized by his beauty to the point that there was no way we could shoot him. We both made a pinkie promise never to tell any one. We couldn’t say we shot at him and missed because everyone knew we were crack shots. To this day I will never forget him and how beautiful he looked. After that day my brother and I became fishermen instead of hunters.

    • Thank you for sharing!!!
      Great comment♡
      They do have a magical edge, and on the flipside I has major rabbit issues in my garden last year (they were booming population wise) & welcomed the bobcat as it took care of them. Bunnies are cute until you find an entire bed of kale and peas demolished overnite!

  • Outstanding photo

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