Congressman Huffman Endorses Ryan Sundberg for Re-election as 5th District Supervisor

Ryan SundbergPress release from Ryan Sundberg’s campaign:

Congressman Jared Huffman has announced that he is endorsing Ryan Sundberg for re-election as Humboldt County’s Fifth District Supervisor. Huffman (D-San Rafael) was elected to congress in 2012 to represent California’s second district, which encompasses six counties including Marin, Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity, Del Norte, and much of Sonoma County.

“Supervisor Ryan Sundberg works closely with me on many issues vital to the North Coast including Klamath Dam Removal, Trinity River restoration, and securing federal support for transportation projects, dredging, rural schools, tribal needs, and much more,” said Rep. Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael. “He is dedicated and knowledgeable, and I support his reelection.”

Sundberg was first elected to represent the Fifth District 2010. He was re-elected in 2014 and is seeking a 3rd term in office.

“I am very proud to receive Congressman Huffman’s endorsement,” Sundberg said. “He works hard to ensure our needs are represented at the Federal level and I look forward to accomplishing even more together in the next four years.”



  • Sorry, but I disagree, he as well as the rest of the Board of STUPIDvisors, tried to foist an unqualified,incompetent A$$hole on us as a Public Defender!!! Not to mention the Cannabis Extraction Plant right next to the river where most of the County’s drinking water comes from!!!! THROW ALL the BUMS OUT in November!!!!

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      I am fully with Dan on this:

      All incumbents in the Humboldt County Government deserve to be voted out! Anybody but this gang of narcissistic, self promoting incompetents please!

      I have never seen a county government more self-serving, self interested, self centered or more disingenuous.

      Jerod Huffman himself is so full of crap, and so self-promoting, that I would do the opposite of anything he might endorse!

      I hope the voters who take the time to give these people some sober assessment, will also take the time to promote voting out all incumbents, while working in the future, to elect a governing body that is more sensitive to the needs of the community, and the people who pay taxes to the County.

      If you don’t like the government, change it!

  • I usually agree with what Mr Huffman has to say but this is o over the top blatantly STUPID I cannot in good conscience agree with it or him on this matter!!! As I said Not Just NO!!!! But HELL F’ing NO!!!! I am planning on changing the gov’t in Nov at the Ballot Box!!!!

  • Veteren's friend

    As long as you continue to vote for the incumbent, little will change. The longer these people remain in office the more beholden they are to their big contributers and the less they heed those who vote for them.

  • Huffman sure as hell wasnt going to endorse sunome madrone. Madrone is known to be a hot head and vindictive bully , especially when anyone even hints at disagreeing with him. At least Sundberg knows how to work with people. Plus Huffman is not going to back a candidate who’s considered not electable.

    • This is the second time I have read those traits attributed to Madrone. Maybe it was you who wrote that before? Can you please give some researchable references of such behavior so we can attempt to verify what you accuse him of? Thank you.

  • Life is good OG

    Nope. Not gonna do it. All the supervisors need to go and get some fresh unbought blood in there. This county needs some big changes or else we will continue to squander and swim in the cesspool that Humboldt has become. I have hope but only if the Supervisors and Eureka city council are voted out.

  • Why does Huffman need to endorse anybody? Can’t he just stay out of it? Sundberg is dirty, dirty, dirty. Now I’m thinking that Huffman doesn’t care about any of those backroom cannabis deals. So it makes me think that maybe Huffman is dirty, dirty also. And yes, the environmentalists I usually embrace appear dirty dirty also when they embrace dirty dirty politicians. Have some backbone everybody, please! We have a shitshow that is running over every small family in the county but we don’t have to endorse it ferchrissake!!

  • [edit] Anyone endorsed by him needs to be DEFEATED asap.

  • Not a wise move on Huffman”s part. Is he really that clueless? Would his constituents in more economically stable environments tolerate the stressers we contend with? Would Mike Thompson agree with his endorsement? When Politicians ignore the basic issues they are elected for and endorse criminal supported elected officials you have to wonder if voting for them will only exacerbate this regions current economic crisis.

  • Who owns Sundberg and Huffman?
    And for that matter, who owns all the other sups?

  • What’s sad, is it is so hard to find a politician who isn’t influenced by power and money. So many say one thing to get elected, but do another once in office. I think some actually run on platforms they believe in that are good; but once in office, they become pawns of the big money corporations. I would like to see more things voted on by the people, like the recent fuel tax. That was railroaded through by our governor by paying off a few district reps in exchange for their vote. Everyone knows that many politicians are ‘bought and paid off’ by big corporations and special interest groups like the NRA, Exxon Mobile and others; yet they think the general public is ignorant and doesn’t know. We need people running our cities, counties, states and country who are not influenced by being Republican or Democrat, the NRA or big oil companies; but who are influenced by the wishes of the majority of the people. This is supposed to be a country ‘Of The People and By The People’; not of the NRA, Exxon Mobile and Chevron.

    • I agree with most of what you said, minus the NRA. The NRA is of the people, by the people, It was originally created to help the freed slaves defend themselves, not only with just the 2A, but the education of all the A’s. They became so popular, that citizens from all walks of life joined them for unity of defense with education. Those who hate the NRA, also hate the gays, blacks, irish, women, children, poor, rich, city slickers, country bumpkins, spanish, french, german, arab, indian, native american, straights, mixed, confused, first responders, last resort responders, and all in between. Hating the NRA, is hating the people.
      Here we are again, all indoctrinated with false teachings of our constitution. no longer freed, living the boiling frog syndrome life.
      All politicians take an oath to follow & obey the constitution of the US and the constitution of their state. All campaign points are just that.. points to get them elected, and points for them to promote. Above all, they must take their oath to office very seriously, or step down.

      With that said, his main donations are easy to find over at OpenSecrets. The highest donations are from the transportation union. This is where most people stop researching, they take it for granted that it must be whatever comes to mind for a simple categorized explanation. But, that’s a shame. This is where the digging really gets interesting.

      • I have guns and am not against the NRA. Although, I am against the general public owning any weaponized, vehicle or device that can cause mass killings; such as tanks, hand grenades and the AR 15’s etc used in all the school/Las Vegas shootings. I only mentioned the NRA because they are another huge monetary influence on a candidate/politician they choose to buy off. There are way too many to list, but my point was that politicians should only be influenced by the people and what the people want. They work for us and should not be swayed by money given to them from anybody or any business, corp, etc.; no matter what their views and opinions are. Money should not be allowed to buy power.

    • Well said, I quite agree!!!

  • Takea breath Huffman and STFU.

  • Regarding bhonest assessment of steve madrone…. many years of observing steve madrone at work shows him to be a dedicated community minded individual, who in fact, has tremendous interpersonal skills and abilities to listen, hear, and find common ground. Steve madrone also actually understands the earth and humans connectedness to the earth. He would certainly be a fine and dedicated supervisor…

  • Everyone has seen that all of the stupervisors are bought and paid for, Sundberg was bought by Emerald Scamily farms and they have done nothing but lie to the people of WILLOW CREEK. I will not vote for him or Huffman again.

  • Living down here in SoHum I don’t don’t know much about Sunberg. What has he done that has you guys pissed at him ? How would Madrone be an improvement?

  • These two guys seem like they would logically endorse each other. Two peas in a pod.

  • This guys district is way to big

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