FBI Searching for Man With ‘Dork’ Tattooed on His Neck

This is a press release from the FBI. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Shawn Frederick WeatherheadThe FBI is asking for the public’s assistance in locating Shawn Frederick Weatherhead, a transient with ties to the Springfield/Eugene area in Oregon; to Eureka, California; and to Reno, Nevada,

Weatherhead has allegedly contacted the FBI’s Public Access Line (PAL) in Clarksburg, West Virginia or other FBI offices around the country, approximately 1,000 times since December 2015 from locations in California, Oregon, and Nevada.

On at least three occasions, between April 1-2, 2017, Weatherhead allegedly threatened to kill people during his calls. A federal judge from the Northern District of California issued an arrest warrant on October 24, 2017, after prosecutors charged him with interstate communication of a threat to injure the person of another.

Weatherhead is a white man with hazel eyes and brown hair. He stands 5’6” in height and weighs approximately 140 pounds. Additionally, he has multiple tattoos on his body, including on his forehead, chin, arm, wrist, hand, right leg, and back.

Among his many tattoos is the word “dork” tattooed along his throat.

Anyone with information about Weatherhead’s location should contact their local FBI office or submit a tip via https://tips.fbi.gov. In Oregon, call the FBI at (503) 224-4181. In California, call the FBI in San Francisco at (415) 553-7400. In Nevada, call the FBI in Reno at (775) 328-4000.



  • That’s someone who just totally gave up a long time ago.

  • Dork, tatted on his neck eh???!!! Truth in advertising???!!!

  • seems like a nice enough guy I’m sure Betty can help him .Or he can come to so hum for free lunch everyday. and sleep on our sidewalks giving us dirty looks.

  • Poor guy. Not much opportunity to do anything else.
    Every tat says, ‘I’m anti-social and unemployable, so forgetabouddit.’
    Nonetheless, I always hope for redemption. Somewhere, sometime. It could happen.

    • This can be a tough world to thrive in if you happen to be born with an antisocial brain. Seems like a cry for attention and or help. If he was really intentioned on killing people why not just do it? Why announce to a major law enforcement agency and decrease the odds you will he successful with your crime,,,

    • So you let people steal names Kim??

      • Rusty, just as there is more than one Rusty in real life so too there could be more than one person who uses it on here. I doubt it is an attempt to steal your name but rather it is a name that means something to the user. Try adding a second name, like Rusty Jones or Rusty Nail. If someone did use that combo, I would rule that going too far.

    • Poor guy? Really? His life choices are written all over his ugly mug. He chose this. Damn you bleeding heart, must be something of value here, softies. Thin the damn herd.

  • The food bank is now at the church on Sprowel Creek Road.

    The murderer of Stephanie Gawboy is said to have facial tattoos. Whatever happened to that investigation?

  • wow! dude has been on the downward spiral train and cant get off!
    meth is a vicious drug

  • Fresh caught,pupils still dialated.ready for release,after meal.

  • Come to the cove…I dare you!

  • Guess you can judge a book by its cover

  • Never find him, blends right in, well at least around here.

  • Not to worry The F.B.I. has been alerted.

    • Right?! So wait, he is constantly calling the fbi and threatening them? And they need the publics help in finding him? Not very confidence inspiring is it? I thought they were the ones that track phones, especially if your calling them?

  • He wants to be in jail. Let’s help him get there.

  • Mr & Mrs Norcal

    Well looks like eventually he’ll be getting a roof over his head, a meal and a bed.

  • They all wander around in hoodies. I might have passed him 3 times today.

  • A guy with tattoos on his neck and forehead would probably keep them covered up with a hoodie or bandannas.

  • Looks like those ears may be pretty unique as well.

  • The article sounds like he is wanted only for his 1,000 calls to the FBI ( and threats in those calls) and no other underlining crimes. If those are the facts, isn’t it pretty obvious that this is probably a person with a serious mental illness? People suffering from paranoia, like paranoid schizophrenia frequently call the government, especially the FBI. They actually frequently drive to the FBI to make complaints such as they believe they are being watched by the FBI. I’m pretty sure that over 1,000 calls is abnormal by anyone’s standards. Since they are not issuing any warnings it doesn’t appear that they think he is dangerous.

  • Bluehaired Hillbetty

    There is evil among us, here’s your sign.

  • Funniest headline I’ve ever seen !

    • Check The Lone Pine or Johnson motel! FYI, Paul Encimer has opened a feeding station @ the old church in Redway, across from Redway Feed. According to him he doesn’t need a business licence etc, as he is just having “pot lucks w/ friends”…

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Forget the tattoos. Everyone has tattoos these days ( okay maybe not two tribal penises on their forehead). But if you see a man with four ears please call the FBI immediately or just have him call because he obviously already knows their number.

  • A picture of the side of his face would be helpful.. Would like to get a better look at those ears 👂 not that he wouldn’t be recognised from the front, just curious is all

  • When I was a kid my imidiate response to bullies was F¥€k of dork !

  • Correct, but not politically correct

    Just another example of the fact that we are sum of our lifetime decisions, and this guy has clearly made a lot of bad ones. In his case some of them are written all over his face.

  • Them ears tho! Lol!

  • Wow, I must be feeling mellancholy… On a normal day I’d be responding all over that. Maybe I need some therapy..
    My own pensive state aside, that’s gotta be headline of year thus far..

    I’m so concerned about my own state of mind having not come up with at least a few sarcastic comments here, I went back and read it again. All I can think is what with weatherhead, dork neck tattoo, FBI public Access line and those ears… Wow, those ears.. it’s just too much of a target rich environment, and thus what would be my normal response poking fun at this poor sap or the story in general perhaps got jammed up, y’know like my brain thought up like 8 or 10 hilarious responses all at the same time and now none of them can come out and I’ll need to shake my head and maybe assist with a butter knife like with my piggy bank when I was a kid in order to get all the comments out…. Or it’s S.A.D. I don’t know… I just don’t know..

  • Long live Zorthian!!!!

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