$5 Million for Last Chance Grade’s Environmental Report Approved

The beginning of Last Chance Grade. [Photo from Caltrans]

Press release from Senator Mike McGuire:

Senator McGuire released the following statement in response to the California Transportation Commission’s official approval Thursday to allocate an additional $5 million to advance the environmental report focused on finding a permanent, inland route for the Last Chance Grade – bringing the total secured for this project over the past year to $10 million:

“We have been working hard to keep this vital project moving forward and this $5 million will ensure the environmental study is kicked off and advanced. We want to thank the California Transportation Commission for approving the funding – it’s critical to Del Norte’s livelihood and the public’s safety,” Senator Mike McGuire said. “While there is a lot more work to be done to find a permanent solution for the Last Chance Grade, this is an important next step.”

This week’s $5 million allocation is in addition to $5 million that was approved last spring for geotechnical evaluations on Last Chance Grade. Senator McGuire, Assemblymember Wood and Congressman Huffman have been fighting for these funds for the past few years. The $10 million total includes geotechnical studies, which will be completed by this fall and seismic studies, which will be completed by the fall of 2019.




  • 10 MILLION!!!! Just for the studies??? Can you imagine how much the construction costs are going to be??? I shudder to think!!!

  • Last chance not lost chance

  • The headline says “Lost Chance” and while that may be true, I believe it’s referring to “Last Chance”.

  • Welcome to CA. Rules and regulations make it nearly impossible to do anything. Once it falls off completely it will be an emergency and something might happen.

  • Too many jobs that offer nothing of substance. 5mil for nothing but paperwork. The only real work they might do is surveying. This is the sad reality of living in California.

  • Seems like there would be millions for rerouting 101 around Richardson Grove, and also a Eureka bypass, so that I never have to drive through that awful town again…

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