Single Vehicle Rollover With Injuries (Three Including Two Children Hurt)

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt approximately 3:07 p.m., a single vehicle overturned on Hwy 36 near mile marker 20.5 between Swains Flat and Bridgeville. According to scanner traffic, at least one person has been injured.

The blue Nissan Xterra is reportedly not blocking the road but please drive carefully in the area as there are emergency personnel and vehicles responding to the scene.

UPDATE 3:40 p.m.: Three people were injured. Two are juveniles. All are being taken by ambulance to the hospital.



  • Another one for the 36 books

  • Is it really possible that the Seat-Belt requirement is considered optional? That it’s a requirement of the “Deep State?” Hearing about hurt kids hurts me. The notice doesn’t mention using seat-belts, so I wonder.

  • >”… mile marker 20.5 between Swains Flat ”

    Hmmm… that sounds like a ‘famous’ mile marker.

  • Why so many rollovers? I suspect it is distracted driving. I don’t remember so many rollover accidents before the age of the cell phones and texting. It isn’t safe and especially doesn’t work on windy roads. I sure hope everyone will be alright.

  • Have lived off of 36 for 63 years …….more traffic and HORRIBLE drivers ….. horrible……I have been run off the road ….flipped off ….had a whole lot of young people pass me on a very BLIND corner . Have had young people pass me on bridges ….have had so very many close calls on 36 . I finally got to chew one of theses young people’s ass out and was charge with being a terrist . I wanted her arrested …..she passed 15 people and didn’t think she had done anything wrong . She had a trimming job and was late …So she pass several people on the no line part of 36 in construction zone .Unreal …still in shock over this . I ended up in court ……defening myself ….. We could have been killed that day because of her ….. And so very many others that drive just like her . 5 deaths so far this year on 36 . Two years ago was eleven people killed on 36 . We take the chance of being killed on 36 because theses young people are in a huge hurry .

    • Kathy Miller Wildgrube

      Wow Julie, thats unreal. I miss the good ole days when we lived out there, but I’m glad were in town now. Things have changed sooo much.

  • Update. The girls are all fine. Mom and oldest we’re pretty banged up and mom had to stay the night in the hospital but was released yesterday. We are trying to figure out who the gentleman and lady we’re who helped pull her and the girls out of the wrecked car. If anyone has any information could you comment. She would love to thank them for all for all their help.

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