Humboldt County Phone Alert System: ‘Remember We Can’t Alert You If We Can’t Reach You’

Police officer running

Photo from a December 2016 incident taken by Mark McKenna

Yesterday about 2:20 p.m., some residents in the Southern Humboldt area received emergency notification to remain indoors while “law enforcement is active in the vicinity of Tsarnas Road and Elk Creek Road.” They were told to wait for an “all clear” message from the Sheriff’s Office.

But some residents didn’t get the alert and didn’t know to stay inside.

If you want to get alerts such as these, you need to sign up for the Humboldt County Emergency Notification System. Click here to be taken to the page.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the system and answers that are found on the Humboldt County government website:

When will this system be used?

The system will be used to notify residents about imminent threats to health and safety such as the need to evacuate due to a wildfire, or take other appropriate actions in the event of a flood or other critical police activity.

Should I call 9-1-1 if I get an emergency alert notification?

No. If you get an emergency notification regarding a situation in your area, the 9-1-1 systems are already very busy. Please do not call 911 unless you have an emergency.

Why are you switching to this new service?

This service allows the county to make faster notifications using additional methods, to increase the likelihood that residents and businesses are notified of emergencies. It also helps us serve the growing number of people who are using cell phones as their primary telephone.

If a notification is sent out, is it guaranteed I will receive it if I register?

When the emergency notification is activated, the system will make several attempts to reach the registered numbers. Due to the emergency, phone systems, both landline and cell may be inundated with calls and your provider may not be able to deliver the message. Technical difficulties by phone and email providers may result in notification failures.



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