Humboldt and Del Norte Cattlemen’s Association Describes the Arcata Ranch Recently Raided by Law Enforcement as ‘Horrific and Disturbing’

Jackson Ranch Road

Jackson Ranch Road property from Google Map

This evening the Humboldt and Del Norte Cattlemen’s Association released a statement to the press decrying the conditions reportedly found by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department at the Ray Christie property west of Arcata on Jackson Ranch Road.

The press release states,

“The scene described at Mr. Christie’s property is horrific and disturbing. Animal abuse in all circumstances is indefensible and should never be tolerated. If the alleged accusations are accurate it is clear a crime was committed. Anyone convicted of these crimes or any animal abuse should be punished to the greatest extent possible. While some may try to use this isolated incident to condemn all ranchers I assure you this is not reflective of how myself or hundreds of other ranchers throughout Humboldt County raise and care for our animals. We will continue to use our collective voice to condemn all animal cruelty and continue to promote the highest standards of animal care”.

Ray Christie is not a member of our Humboldt & Del Norte Cattlemen’s Association.
Todd Phelps
Humboldt & Del Norte Cattlemen’s Association

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  • So all those folks saying that it was all normal over there were… not normal?

  • This is an important addendum to the article, and I’m grateful for the response. Many of my people are in Cattle, and it is truly hard not to draw judgments from the acts of people like Mr. Christie. May he rot in hell. Over the top? Please don’t moderate this; it’s real and heart-felt.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Why didn’t he just burn the dead cows? A drip torch is all he would have needed, plus the smoke drifting into Arcata would piss off the vegan crowd and be pretty funny.

    He could have used them in crab traps or just tossed them in the bay with the tide going out.

    Was he just lazy or have some type of fetish where they like it when people see dead animals scattered around?

  • I saw one pic of one dead cow in a field and the story said there were “several” dead cows in the field. All of a sudden there is supposed to be a 10 foot high pile of dead cows. Are there pics of this or are we to just accept the new story? The story has changed radically since the first day. It sure seems like you would have been able to see and smell a 10 foot high pile from Samoa Blvd. Just saying…
    Also…Don’t we kill and eat cows? As if we give a flying fuck about their well being in the end. The environment is the actual concern, and views towards ranchers who always kill every cow in the end anyway. Too bad this guy is a scumbag huh? Not condoning his methods. The cows only serve us by being cut to pieces and eaten by us. Just kill them the way we say is “legal”. Is that right?

    • It’s actually several piles of dead cows totalling around 300. Do your own research it’s public knowledge know. Google it.. check the Times Standard, lost coast outpost, news channel 3.. it’s on all the News feeds.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Drive by the ranch yourself. It’s right there off the road. You can see PLENTY of dead animals. Drive down JR Road while your’e at it. It’s a public street.

      And did you miss previous articles on diseased animal tags that were removed? Dead carcasses IN waterways? I bet you skipped right over that.

    • Most ranchers take care of their animals and do not make them suffer. Killing humanly is much different than the type of cruelty described here. Also, more information was provided after it was discovered. Naturally they did not know the extent prior to investigating.

    • So because we eat cows they deserve no empathy or kindness? Wow… Gross


      If you can stomach it here is a link to an article from several years ago when someone flew a drone over the pile. He bulldozed this pile shortly after this press but it remanifested. It’s clear he knew what he was doing was wrong as after this publicity he continued down his path but wants to play innocent and take no accountability for his actions.

  • If people are defending him saying that’s how all ranchers treat ranch animals, then how do they explain the treatment of his “pet” dogs?

  • I hear what the cattle people are saying but I dont get how this guy got awsy with these horrible acts for so long! How are we to trust the cattle industry if regulators are not checking up on them? How often are ranches checked up on?
    Im in no way trying to “condemn”the industry and I doubt others expressing concerns are either. In my experience when industry responds with words like that it sounds very defensive and makes me want to question more.

  • No matter how flat the pancake .. there is always another side.

  • Many of us locals thought the problem would be resolved after he was busted with all the cock fighting gear. I am grateful to see that this is finally being addressed. Some think it is too big of a response, but I sure don’t think so. He has been committing big crimes against these animals. And not just cows! He is well known for cock fighting and I have heard some dog fighting as well. Not to mention letting animals rot near and in our waterways. It is impossible to explain this away. The guy loves bloodsport and has no care for any animals suffering.

  • I know ray, he’s no good to area. Yuck, muck. He will sell sick men in jail. I have seen him do it on the street in Fortuna. Even the gud ol boy network doesn’t want yo stain. [edit] I’m tired of smelling his square. Been too long. Bye

  • Guest Guestofferson

    There is nothing wrong with composting carcasses but you gotta add a bunch of wood chips for it to work. This guy definitely sucks.

  • This is a good thing from the Cattleman’s Association. However, by all the evidence, has been going on for many years, and since Christie was involved in the cattle business all that time, and the cattle business is a real tight community up here…..WHY THE HELL DID IT TAKE THEM THIS LONG TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS SITUATION THAT COMPLETELY DESTROYS THEIR REPUTATION!!!!!

    • He got away with it all this time for the same reason illegal weed farmers do. Hide behind locked gates and demand their right to privacy. You’re not allowed in unless you have a search warrant.

  • I feel like del Norte cattlemen ass. Statement is like hearing from a judge of best practice for bovine health. I’d like to thank them for chipping on this important issue. We will be contacting you for future statements when it’s crucial. Thanks again. Remarkable

  • Northern Humboldt

    Be careful about tarring members of the Cattlemens/Cattlewomens Assoc. with the same brush as Ray Christie. In my opinion, the two can’t even be characterized as belonging to the same species of Human Beings, much less cattle industry cronies and pals.

    Over the years I’ve ridden (horses) on several large timber/cattle operations belonging to Association members.
    I can testify that if I had to end up as a hamburger someday, until that time I would want to be one of these blissfully unaware steers, up to my brisket in lush grass, hanging with the herd in spacious mountain pastures.
    What I’ve observed is cattle that are just as frisky and sassy in late winter (shaggy and muddy), as they are in June (sleek and shiny).
    I have seen calves zooming like puppies when they weren’t nursing, or sleeping in the sun.
    I have even seen momma cows breaking into a gallop (must see to believe as these are big, ponderous animals that can really thunder along) out of sheer ”feel good.” Sometimes mommas are caught up in the zooming calf action.
    These are healthy cattle, managed by ”Best Practice” methods, the details of which can be found in any FFA, or 4H manual, if you care to look them up.

    A Best Practice herd example close to town: Directly up the road from Christy, on 255/Samoa Blvd., at the Arcata city limit, is a Best Practice managed herd.
    This is a herd of young Holstein females (”Heifers”), black and white and big.
    I don’t know the farmer, but I see him in action plenty of times on my commute.
    I see him walking amongst his heifers, no matter the weather (checking on their condition, looking for signs of stress/trouble).
    He moves them from pasture to pasture (”Pasture rotation”).
    He feeds them plenty of good quality hay. So much hay they don’t clean it up immediately.
    He does all this, and more, and they look it.
    Contrast these animals to the miserable wretches at the Christy place(s).

    So, Thank You members of the Humboldt/Del Norte Cattlemen’s Association for your timely and ethical statement condemning the actions of Ray Christie.
    Everyone has to stand up, and speak out, so that The County will FINALLY take some definitive action to resolve this longstanding, and distressing matter.

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