Supervisor Ryan Sundberg Hosting ‘Budget Roadshow’ in Willow Creek Tomorrow

This is a press release from the County of Humboldt:

Here’s a view of what the Budget Show looks like.



  • It’s an election year, so of course NOW, they want to look like they are actually doing something!!! Besides attempting to foist unqualified incompetent idiot on the County & Tax Payers as our Public Defender!!! TOO LITTLE TOO LATE!!!! Throw ALL the Bums OUT in November!!!!

  • Really nice that this was made known to everyone.

  • Sundberg pops up come election time, is MIA at all the tribal meetings during his term then complains when he doesn’t get their endorsement. How’s Mckinleyville looking? Skyrocketing service fees, property taxes etc. Anybody but Sundberg next time.

  • Wish I had known about this! I would have asked him his position on SB 562, the Healthy California Bill. The Supes, in general, seem to look askance, unlike the cities of Trinidad,
    Arcata, Eureka, Blue Lake and CSD’s of Manila, Willow Creek (where his mtg took place!) and soon, Redway, all of whom have signed a Resolution of support for the bill.

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