Sheriff’s Office Seizes 586 Pounds of Concentrated Cannabis, 4,500+ Pounds of Shake/Trim

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) deputies were in the Orick area serving a search warrant that was unrelated to controlled substances or cannabis. During the service of the warrant, deputies discovered a large concentrated cannabis manufacturing facility contained within a barn.

The property did not have a conditional use permit for manufacturing concentrated cannabis utilizing volatile chemical extraction methods.

Deputies from the HCSO Drug Enforcement Unit obtained a search warrant to investigate the manufacturing facility. The Drug Enforcement Unit was assisted in this investigation by the following agencies: Humboldt County Drug Task Force, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Humboldt Bay Arcata Fire HAZMAT, Humboldt County Environmental Health HAZMAT and Humboldt County Code Enforcement.

After rendering the facility and the manufacturing equipment safe, deputies located nine concentrated cannabis extractors that were utilizing butane and propane, as well as two extractors that were utilizing carbon dioxide in the extraction process. Deputies also located a facility that was utilizing ethanol to refine the concentrated cannabis.

Deputies seized 586 pounds of concentrated cannabis and 4,726 pounds of cannabis shake/trim from the site.

Manufacturing concentrated cannabis utilizing volatile chemical extraction methods without a county and state commercial cannabis permit is a felony under Health & Safety Code 11379.6(a).

This case is still under investigation. All criminal violations stemming from this investigation will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for review. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office maintains a cooperative relationship with all agencies that participated in this investigation and all future investigations into non-compliant commercial cannabis operations will continue to be investigated in this manner.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • Wow! Nice lab! Is that an old Mass Spec?

    You are obviously highly trained organic chemists, so why don’t you get a job or make something really valuable, like LSD or 25I-NBOMe?

    Or heroin? Or Preludin?

    Weed just gets you high, psychedelics will get you rich! You could sell TONS of Preludin…

  • how two right ewe our

    The wise old Owl once said that ” Being brain smart makes you common sense dumb”.

  • It was for personal use. They have a big habit, that’s all…

  • This is Breaking Bad come to life. Some serious chemistry going on there…

  • I wonder what the original warrant was.

  • I agree,,,,,nice fuckin lab ,,,,cat had it together and was a far better set up than most out there and yes. What was the original warrant?

  • Uncle Sam, that's who I am

    Nice lab? You’re joking right. Expensive equipment and no tidiness doesn’t make a nice lab

  • where did they find all that high end equipment,not in your local hardware store that’s for sure. and the time and energy to set that all up must of been extensive. ouch!

  • Your going down for this Ray Christie. Love it

  • Bust the one at redcrest industrial park next

  • Wow! Was this Ray Christie’s gig?

  • I wonder what the county will do with that brand new $40k bhogart system let alone all those rotovaps

    Wait til it all pops up for sale at trim scene lmao

  • Pile of ‘roaches ‘ with tools, not very smart.

  • And now we see why it didn’t matter how many animals died because they were just a cover up. WoW I’m sure Ray knew nothing about about this on his own farm that he leased????

  • That stuff looks really expensive!

  • Highly trained chemist Lol, you grind weed up, run a solvent through it, evaporate the solventand collect the residue. There’s nothing skilled about it, it’s very simple even teenagers can do it. You can reuse The solvent by rerouting it into another chilled container, as the solvent evaporates the pressure builds up forcing it to the cooler container where it turns back into a liquid again. You can aid that process by creating a vacuum inside the chamber. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials showing you how to do this with no more than a couple hundred dollars worth of equipment a vacuum pump and some dry ice.

    • Yep, no reactions, no complex synthesis, barely even qualifies as chemistry. Still not a bad little operation.

  • Can anyone confirm this was property associated with the cow killer?

    • Sleepy Alligator

      I can’t confirm that but if this does involve him I’m sure all of his supporters will be ready to hang him now. The mans a saint for abusing animals and polluting the community with their rotting corpses but oh no he better not be involved with anything cannabis.

  • Ray Christie and Arcata made the evening and also the morning news. Fox bay area.

  • Smoking anything around all that solvent, in what looks to be a closed non vented room = death wish.

  • How about a new movement to smoke simple organic buds out of clean glass pipes? Revolutionary! Zero equipment necesary. Grow in the sun, harvest & hang in a tree in the shade to dry…That and a bottle of good spring water for dry mouth, and a few munchies oughtta do it. We are old and this is tried and true, as much today as it was in the past. It must’ve been a good method cuz HumCo’s reputation for world class buds was made this way…

    • Ok everything is ok but don’t hang in the shade of a tree to dry. It will dry too fast and be really harsh.

  • No arrests.?who’s lab was it .

  • The lab was a rental space on Christie property. Clue: checkout Northern Emeralds permits.

    • Explain. There is no way this is a permitted facility.

    • Collapsing Green Rush

      Checkout the HPRC menu. Look at NE concentrates. They literally just started selling them in the last month.

    • NE’s permitted project on Ray’s property is in Dows Prarie above Crannell. The bust was in Orick.

      Christie doesn’t own anything in Orick. He might lease pasture up there but this wasn’t his property.

      But go ahead and connect the wrong dots. Try another Emerald. There are only about 100 companies with Emerald in their name up here. Odds are it is one of them.

  • Yes teenagers do this in their parents homes. Then sell dirty dabs to other teenagers. You can tell the dabby doo’s after a short verbal exchange. Parents be vigilant this stuff is nasty and expensive. It harms animals that get into it, or are exposed to the smoke. It looks a lot like meth in the use cycle. People get erratic and often violent. My personal experience with those who produce and use has been awful!

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