[UPDATE 4:53 p.m.] Humboldt County Sheriff’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team Investigating Suspicious Items Near Fieldbrook

Humboldt COunty Sheriff's OfficeThe Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office warns, “Old Railroad Grade closed from Murray Rd. to Mather Rd. in Fieldbrook after crews working in the area discovered suspicious items. The [Explosive Ordnance Disposal] team has been deployed to investigate. Please avoid the area.”

UPDATE 4:53 p.m.: The Sheriff’s Office tweeted, “[S]uspicious objects located in Fieldbrook determined safe, no explosive devices found. Old Railroad Grade expected to be re-opened soon.”



  • First offf the weapons cache on Highway 36 Alton high powered A/R rifles now we have explosives makes you wonder. Somebody’s not very good at hiding their ordinance or?

  • Probably a Geocache.

  • Where in the article does a Toliet come involved???

  • Aren`t tweakers chronically constipated? I have on good authority a tweaker who ran a transmission shop had such dry excreta he would have to reach behind him and break off the stool. The quality of work after working continually for 3 days & nights was questionable.

  • Well that is one way to waste our tax money and a good time to start wasting it in mid-march to make sure those same funds will be available again next year. We know how this works. What do they think we’re stupid? GTFO of here

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