All Hail a Male Quail

Male quail

Male quail. [Photo by Ann Constantino. See more of her photos here.]

A covey of quails bustling importantly across a dusty country road indicates the world is at ease with itself–slow down and enjoy the day. And, when one male quail hitches up his grey bib feather overalls, scratches his white chin beard, and shakes his feathered cap, only the terminally serious will refuse to grin at his self-satisfaction.

If you have managed to capture a quail in pixels, we’d enjoy seeing the photo.



  • I like the way a covey moves together when feeding. It reminds me of a school of fish.

  • Quail are awesome!

    Hands down, quail are the one critter that’s made me jump in fear in the woods more than any other. When they all flush out of a bush at once it sounds like a big animal moving next to me! Super amazing defense strategy, & the baby quail are too cute. Wild turkeys young ones take a close second 😀

    Love this section of your site kym!!! Such a help in the midst of all the news these days. Many thanks!

    • Yep me too! Quial have scared the shit out of me before! The baby’s look like mr peanuts! One of the few birds that mate for life.

  • A male hops onto the top of a fence post to keep look out while the others forage. When they have moved on, he hops down to do some looking himself.

    I love when they have recently hatched young. A flowing tide of tiny fluff balls on stilts with the parent riding herd.

    That’s a classic picture of a beautiful bird.

  • Adult quail with chicks no taller than a blade of grass…(one can enlarge the image if you right click on the image and click on open in a new window).

  • Kind of like the skunks where I live. You’ll see the mama and all the babies lined up behind her coming to my place. One of the most endearing things I have ever saw in my life was a male peacock and all his fine and beautiful feathers and a baby skunk riding on his tail feathers just going along. He didn’t know right away and the little skunk was like, hello see what I can do and I’m not afraid, and then he turned and spotted the little skunk and flicked his tail feathers and off rolled the baby. It was endearing. Nature is beautiful when they know you won’t hurt them but instead protect them.

  • Such agood looking bird n tasty too

  • Ah, geez Big Louie you had to ruin the whole vibe. Bad boy!

  • Mad River cuties!

  • This fatty still has food in his mouth.

  • Quail on the rail.

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