Recovery of a Vehicle Closes One Lane of Alderpoint Road

Accident on Alderpoint ROad

[Photo provided by a Jessica Wert]

A black pickup that was reported as having gone off the Alderpoint Road just before 9 a.m. not far from Wallan Road, is being towed out. The eastbound lane of Alderpoint Road was shut down for vehicle recovery as of a little after 12 p.m.

Neither the driver nor the passenger was injured in the accident, according to the California Highway Patrol.



  • Isn’t that below quarry rd?

  • Wait. Alderpoint Road has TWO lanes?

    Never realized it since the locals drive only down the middle at high speed!

    Sorry for the crash, hope you are OK!

    • Bullshit it’s not the locals who drive in the middle

      • I do not know about that. It usually takes a local to know that the edges of the road are dangerous because they have been going around by them already.

        • Ok let me rephrase that, it’s usually not a local who drives in the middle of the road at high speed on a straight stretch (or blind corner) staring at you like your in their way and not moving over.

          • groba dude osnt trustafarian

            Since my last experience on Bell Springs Cow Path last April, I refuse to travel East of Garberville for any reason! On that day I was passed, in the rain and fog, by several pickups running over 80 mph. This was at 0530 on a Saturday morning…

            Not really surprised to see the wrecks that occur out there!

            Have fun out in crazyland!

      • I drive slowly but I leave my lane in certain spots if I can see there is no oncoming traffic. There are spots where the placement of the potholes demands you either leave your lane or hit one directly. Hitting a pothole is dangerous and needlessly abuses your ride.

  • Several black trucks like this that drive like maniacs on AP road. Hopefully this was one of them, a well deserved wreck.
    If not one of them, hope everyone is alright.

  • Another Bulgarian grow dozer….. They were prolly railing a fatty gager of blow while texting a client about the new shipment of sex workers they were smuggling into the country next week and taking the turn a little too fast.

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