As Humboldt County Supervisors Meet to Talk Cannabis, Karuk/Yurok Tribes Demand Stronger Regulations for the Industry

Karuk and Yurok and CannabisPress release from the Karuk and Yurok Tribes:

Representatives from the Karuk Tribe, Yurok Tribe, and Friends of the Eel River will attend the next Humboldt County Supervisors’ meeting to demand stronger cannabis regulations to protect Humboldt’s fisheries, water, and cultural resources.

“Our fisheries are suffering a death from a thousand cuts,” says Yurok Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Frankie Myers. “Our fish simply cannot tolerate further expanding the cannabis industry.”

Already, Humboldt County is home to an estimated 15,000 outdoor grows alone. Today, Supervisors will consider approving a Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance which will aim to permit as many as 5,000 grows.

According to Friends of the Eel River’s Scott Greacen, “Humboldt County has to choose. Do we want an environmentally and economically sustainable pot sector, or do we want an economy dependent on a collapsing black market that’s wrecking our watersheds? Does it make sense to issue thousands of additional permits in watersheds where salmon and steelhead are being driven extinct by cultivation-related impacts? The county hasn’t done the work needed to understand, much less control, those impacts.”

The organizations are urging the county to do a thorough environmental analysis to develop realistic limits for each stream in the County based on sound scientific principles.

“Humboldt’s Tribes have had to struggle through the gold rush, then the timber rush, and now the green rush. Each wave of resource extractors deals another critical hit to the fishery resources that are central to Tribal culture and economies. We need our Supervisors to stand up for Humboldt’s Tribal people and manage this industry in a sustainable manner. So far, the proposals we have seen fall far short of that demand,” said Karuk Natural Resources Director Leaf Hillman.

Aside from environmental concerns, the groups note that too many grows will lead the ‘Green Bubble’ to burst. Greacen notes, “Humboldt currently grows enough weed to supply the entire state of California’s demand by at least twofold. Permitting too many grows will create a glut of weed on the market, drive prices down, and undermine our own local economy. This will affect everyone whether you are a homeowner, local business owner, or young person looking for economic opportunities.”

Humboldt Supervisors are schedule to consider an ordinance for approval at their Monday March, 19 meeting.



  • Wow, the stunning level of cluelessness among the anti-cannabis campaigners is on display yet again.

    How many holes can one poke in this article’s statements?

    You think cannabis production is hurting your fisheries? I suggest the tribes push for vineyards & commercial food farming permits instead (like the rest of the state has to deal with) and see how much better off their fisheries end up. After all, fish don’t actually need water to survive, right? And really, no other farming industry LEGALLY uses chemmy fertilizers and poisonous sprays…

    ‘Cause, ya know, it’s all the pot grower’s fault.

    • Yes it’s partly the pot growers fault. , get that through your head . Please explain How growing pot is magic in the fact that it has no environmental impact please , I’d love to hear it .

      • Is ‘farming’ considered resource extraction? Honest question.

        • Pot growing isn’t farming. Especially the way most folks around me do it. Come see a real farm and your idea of your pot grower friends that call themselves farmers will change. Anyone else seen that sticker “real farms don’t buy dirt?”

          • Real farming? Where round up ready wheat is grown? Monsanto made gmo wheat that can be sprayed with roundup 2 weeks before harvest so it produces 20 percent more. You should be more educated about “real farming”.

          • Don’t respond with idiotic statements about what is real farming, that’s not my question. I asked, is farming considered resource extraction? Im very familiar with different peoples growing techniques and how stupid they are, that’s not what I’m getting at.

    • [edit]. You think there’s no environmental degradation caused by too many, too big weed grows? You must be blind, delusional, or an enabled industrialist. Trying to defer by pointing out the problems of other industrial agriculture in other parts of this state isn’t going to work, except with your [edit] friends. We’re talking about Humboldt County! Sick of [edit] industrial growers and their false dialogue of pot growing having no downside.

    • food for thought

      humboldt county has less than 200 acres in vineyard production… just sayn.

  • Wait, they think that by adding more cultivation permits, it “will lead the ‘Green Bubble’ to burst”? Comical! The bubble has burst. It isn’t going to take more cultivation to do that. I feel bad for the majority of people who think they have a chance of surviving. The only reason they think they have a chance is because they grow good cannabis, have been able to make land payments and stack some cash. They have not dealt with the legal market yet. They have no clue whats about to happen to them. Humboldt will end up the way it was in 1990. I liked it then and will embrace the new/old Humboldt.

  • What part of MANDATORY Water Storage and Forbearance do any of these people not understand.
    Regulation is already in place to address ALL of these NON FACTUAL concerns.
    At this point Growers should pivot away from cultivation and divert any capital they have into a massive discrimination lawsuit.
    All of this reeks of massive civil right violations.
    You can not impose regulation onto a individual just because you do not like the color of their skin.

    • I agree with the new 1960’s
      Everyone keep their invoices from these fines imposed on cannabis growing. Fish and wildlife is handing out remediation fines left and right. But only to cannabis growers.
      A class action lawsuit is coming

      • Too bad. So sad. Just think of it as reparations for decades of getting away with not paying taxes for what you used and abused.

        Or pay lawyer to tilt at windmills then have to pony up anyway. You can’t win a class action lawsuit without having even a modicum of class to start with. It also helps, when demanding legal remedies, not to have misused the law for so long.

        • It doesn’t matter what you think, fining mom and pop growers a remediation fine for watering cannabis, but not fining any other industry a remediation fine is discrimination. You are the type of person that is killing the mom and pop growers, you demand such high standards for the cannabis growers that the small grower gets screwed.
          Sorry to inform you that everyone has rights

          • food for thought

            have to agree here… 3-5 year backlog on water permit inspections for the wine industry.
            farmers in the eel river valley still irrigating once the van duzen and the eel were all but dry in many spots irrigating their alfalfa and silage corn day and night. regulation needs to be enforced upon all equally or this process will fail terribly. also the enforcement needs to happen. illegal water use in our watersheds should be enforced equally weather you are a rancher, farmer, vitner, or illegal cannabis producer. id like to see other industries show up once in a while for the F&G led task forces to investigate. i agree there is many illegally sourced cannabis grows, but there are many other violators in our watersheds. so lets see some raids and fines towards non cannabis growers stealing water, cutting trees, bulldozing, or illegally building. its clear you are using these illegal roads to access these cannabis farms and driving by violations of the same codes on non marijuanna producing properties. hey how about spending more money on enforcement than on compliance? you rush to impose regulations on folks trying to comply yet the ammount of raids on illegal farms has all but slowed to a halt. there are violators everywhere and dirty poloticians… well here in humco we got plenty of them.

        • actually these weed growers were following the law, everything they were doing was legal under prop 215. Even the non paying of taxs, thats considered reasonable compensation. you dont need to report it as income.

  • Hmmm, and not a word about illegal grows by Mexican Nationals residing in the county illegally. Want an example? Come to Covelo.

  • The environmental impacts of existing cultivation is already known. The problem is with new cultivation. For example, Honeydew added 6 acres of new cultivation, where that makes a huge impacts on the environment. Anything that is currently existing should be irrelevant.

    • Veteran's Friend

      Actually they “added” nothing. Made legal, and eliminated some. Get your facts straight for improved credibility😊

      • Trust me I have all my facts it’s public records [edit]. Look it up. Fake leases fake bullshit that [edit] needs to be shut down their ruining lives. Make legal my ass it’s called snitch for a pass.

    • food for thought

      well if they removed all that were non-compliant they should be even!

  • Humboldt Hillsman

    No matter how many permits they issue there is about to be a lot less cannabis being grown in Humboldt County real soon. I’ts over folks. The market has already crashed. I think for many the sooner they come to terms with this the better. The local environment will soon have relief.

  • I wish all of the stupervisors had a grow right next door then they might see why some people are tired of it. Some people are allergic to the smell or have asthma and cannot breathe around it but the notices that were supposed to go to surrounding neighbors during the permit process were never received (sent). It’s all about the money!

    • Humboldt Hillsman

      No one is allergic to the smell of marijuana nor does it give anyone asthma. There are valid reasons that somebody may not want a pot farm next door but those aren’t among them.

      • Not sure you’re right about that one. Had a local sheriff tell me that one of his deputies, who already had asthma, got all stuffed up when around it. I’ve also seen this happen when people are manicuring. Just a thought.

        • Humboldt Hillsman

          Yes, when manicuring many are allergic because of the dust it creates and even the thc crystals when breathed in or touched to skin can irritate.

      • Really? I know of people that can’t open their windows because they can’t breathe because of the smell and I happen to be a person who gets very stuffed up when around it, the same way I get around dust and certain trees and weeds. I did not say it gave people asthma, I said they have asthma and cannot breathe around it.

      • As usual with pot related subjects, pot people have to be constantlyreminded it is not all about themselves. Imagine the self centeredness of a person who, since they find pot stink enjoyable, dismisses those who object. Can you believe there are people who want clean fresh air.

        No one has to justify to stinkers their desire not to be overwhelmed by the stink. It’s the stinkers who need to justify their offenses to everyone else.

        • You are so right! It’s all about them and they do not care who it affects as long as they can grow and make money. There is a modular listed as a house for sale in our area for a lot more than it is worth because it is in the permit process and a couple checked it out and said it smelled so bad that they wouldn’t even consider it.

  • If the problem is black market grows, I’m not sure how increasing the already burdensome regulations on legal grows and restricting permits is supposed to improve the situation.

    I thought the idea was to encourage growers to transition into the legal market, not to incentivize them to stay in the black market because legal permits are too hard to get and the regulation that comes along with them is to burdensome.

    As far as oversupply of the legal market, that’s a problem that will quickly take care of itself through the normal dynamics of supply and demand. Oversupply will cause prices to drop and the less efficient operations will fail to make a profit and will go out of business until an equilibrium is reached.

    The black market grows are still there because the vast majority of that product is headed out of state, to states that foolishly don’t keep their weed consumer dollars local by allowing growing in their states. Restricting permits for legal grows and increasing regulation on legal grows does nothing to reduce black market grows. If it has any effect, it would be to discourage black market growers from transitioning to the legal, regulated grows that the county says is the goal.

    • Black market pot is not just a problem of pot production but of how it’s produced. Black market along with heavy competition will create short cutting on environmental standards to increase the profits. Too much regulation can create a black market but in this case it already exists so that’s a pretty moot point. Heavy regulation can not make it worse and why regulate at all if no control over poor practices (ie cheap) is achieved because the county can not afford to monitor and penalize.

      I suppose if the industry had a record of complying with regulation already, some slack would be cut with the idea that some self control would be exercised. But everyone knows is that the opposite of reality.

  • If Humboldt County has 15,000 grows, we don’t need new regulations, we need enforcement. Let’s start there.

    • I challenge you to find the source of the claim that there are 15,000 grows, let alone a breakdown of size. Not the verbal source, but the institution that made the count. 8,500 was the last official count by a disinterested third party less than a year ago, yet the number has magically doubled in anti-marijuana propaganda.

  • The press release is an example of magical thinking. There are not thousands of marijuana gardens because there are permits being issued. There are permits being issued because the county is trying to gain some control over the way marijuana is being grown here. Permitted growers have to follow regulations from Fish and Wildlife, the Water Control Board, and the Water Quality Board, with permits from those agencies required before they can get County permits. State permits will add another layer of regulation. Don’t confuse limiting permits with limiting cultivation, no permits existed before 2016 and yet we had a large and increasing marijuana cultivation situation. I am astonished at how many people think that because the goverment says you can or can’t do something, magically reality changes. If you support the environment and/or cultural resources the best possible outcome for you is that every marijuana garden is permitted.

    • But put in large fines and fees providing funding for enforcement, suddenly prosecuting marijuana violations is no longer a criminal court case draining county coffers but a money generating function of government. Enforcement ceases to be a losing proposition. There’s nothing magical about it, except for the denial of reality by those saying it does not make a difference. The US has been engaged in such practices since the Whiskey Rebellion. And doing so with more success by far than failure.

  • >”It’s over folks. The market has already crashed.”

    Yup. Await 10,000 acre farms in the Central Valley. Back to $5/lid.

    >”Does it make sense to issue thousands of additional permits in watersheds where salmon and steelhead are being driven extinct by cultivation-related impacts?”

    Hey, wanna save salmon?

    Take out Pillsbury… or at least Lake Mendocino.
    Take out Trinity dam.
    Dredge out the Eel river lower basin.

    Prohibit Native Americans using nylon gill-nets and outboard motorboats.
    Go back to Alder dip nets and spears.
    Prohibit all fishing in the mouth of the Klamath.
    Take out the massive Sea Lion population on the Klamath river mouth.

    Hope that the north wind returns to bring some up-welling in the Pacific.
    Hope that the sea temp doesn’t warm up anymore.

    Good luck with the last two.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    I’d like to see no commercial cultivation, only 12 plants per parcel because dope addicts don’t need more than one plant a month, and I’d like to see this ENFORCED with armored bulldozers that bury crops more than twelve plants.

    What needs to happen is the county should say pay $10,000 for a permit and we’ll leave you alone, once the cash is in purchase a fleet of armored bulldozers, revoke all permits, and bulldoze everything.

    The cries of betrayal by the growers would be worth it, plus with no dope they could leave. OR- pull a scam by firing the person who revoked permits and deployed bulldozers, tell the dopers we’re sorry and that guy is fired, offer new permits for $10,000 and repeat the scam.

    After pulling the scam a second time there would be two fleets of armored bulldozers and they would keep the peace. Druggies would leave, fish return, trees grow back, and there would be a rainbow in the sky daily.

    I urge the county to pull the bulldozer scam, because it will work and most likely twice. You could hire me to fire me so long as I get to yell to the bulldozers, ‘ gentlemen, start your engines! ‘ and wave a checkered flag….

    Now you dopers can stick that pipe dream in your Chinese made bong and smoke it.

  • So the BOS and HCSD did nothing for 15 years and now there might be a problem? What a surprise!! I pushed for enforcement, removal of the profits from huge grows by eradication, removal of Gallegos because he was an idiot and regulation of the industry by busting the biggest and ugliest grow scenes. Instead we got 15 years of greenrushing, expansion of huge Bulgarian, Mexican and Hmong grows, infestation of greed and crime and Gallegos now being a “cannabis farm consultant”. Ha Ha Ha! We still have a bunch of smaller, environmentally-correct grows operated by small family units but our permit process excludes them by onerous permit fees and taxes. The BOS and Planning Dept. are very skewed towards welcoming of large, corporate grows while throwing the little guys under the bus. At this late point I ask only one thing….as we finally head into the necessary enforcement chapter….please send out letters of non-compliance requesting cessation of grow activity first- not requiring huge fines and costs? Many smaller scenes are going to try eke out a living these next couple years. Please do not hit them with $10,000 per day fines out of nowhere. Send them a letter saying “Hey- we are aware of you. You’re on our enforcement list and the next letter will contain fines.” Most people will stop in their tracks and that will end the situation. I fear the enforcement will be applied unjudiciously and those excessive fines will cause some small people to lose their land and homes. We really do not need to do that. I’ve always pushed for eradication of the huge grows. Instead Humboldt BOS decided to embrace those very people. At least don’t run over the little people. What we are about to see is widespread misery. Not every grower made millions nor wanted to. Many came here to raise a family with simple country values and were never greedy or excessive. The growers we all noticed and disliked were the greedy ballers and greenrusher idiots who came for the money, not any love of the woods or rivers. Let’s not paint everybody with the same brush.

  • Thats a very serious allegation for you to be throwing around. Im not saying she isn’t “snitching”, but be sure before you spread lies. With that being sad, I wouldn’t doubt it in the least bit. If it is true, maybe someone should step up and do something about it.

    • Heard it from a very reliable source and that one person specifically said she had dirt on him

      • Imagine the awfulness of snitching about illegal activities. Why it might even get to the point that the illegal growers have to leave the area. Oh the horror.

  • The county is targeting people with unpermitted grows next to permitted grows, to make the permitted people feel better. This is a fact. (First hand from planning dept)

    • This is why that first round of letters last year landed where they did.1) Honeydew area around Honeydew Farms 2) Three Creeks right near Emerald Scamily grow and Emerald Brian’s place 3) I never figured the connection out to that valley. [edit] Interestingly these unpermitted grows are not his competition. They are different markets- in state vs out of state

      • Wel, they are getting their comeuppance this season. EFF is already scrambling looking for a buyer to bail them out, and behind on land payments to the Tonkin Fam.
        BTW Brian isn’t a major player in EFF, I wonder why he always gets lumped in with them. He’s a good guy, maybe backed the wrong horse, but a solid and honest guy, all around. Been around a lot longer than most willow creekers of the green generation.

    • Did your source indicate if this targeting is at the request of the permit holders or something decided by code enforcement without specific complaint?

      • It’s not complaint driven, but random. They said they took a permitted property and looked around it (using plain old google earth, some images years out of date) and identified nearby unpermitted grows. In other words, probably not snitching, just a convenient and successful way to make a lot of money for the county.
        Everyone I know, had their properties looked at, with plants at full maturity, were allowed to harvest, fined 30-40 thousand dollars and had to sign an agreement to return marijuana growing areas to natural state, and permit or destroy buildings, get grading permits etc.

        • Thanks Emily.

        • That is what we were told at a meeting with sundberg and ford. They know all of the permitted farms so they just use google earth to pinpoint all of the illegal ones and then use the parcel numbers to identify the owners . Check out humboldt gis.

  • People keep talking about how Humboldt is growing ‘SO MUCH!’ and it’s making the market crash. This area has been growing BIG for the past decade. Yet the market, while trending a little down, stayed relatively stable.
    The reality is that people ALL OVER THE STATE ARE GROWING BIG NOW and THAT has caused the glut on the market!! Places closer to the cities, flat lands, naive & less regulated places, communities where the grower element (like the recent influx of ‘green rushers’ to Humboldt) have NO regard for the area in which they are trying to make their million$.
    All of that is out of the control of people in Humboldt county, yet our economy is more subject to the CONSEQUENCES of the post-Prop 64 BOOM!
    A good mantra to remember: ‘3 to 5 years till we know’. Repeat…….

  • The low market prices are all ready thinning out the herd. It’s obvious in willow creek anyways things are dead compared to a the previous years. Real estate prices are crashing fast. I believe all the permitted farms for sale are worth less then cheap unpermitted properties in the emerald triangle and grass valley area. They deff are not selling either. It’s wild to see all the rentals/lease opportunities listed currently aswell. Last few years people were renting out flat land with sun and water for 80-100k. Now they are asking 30-40k for set up spots. I think if anything all the people getting out/going out of business won’t really bring the market price back up but may cause a stabilization effect where it won’t go down either. I think that a good amount of people in humboldt who supply the black market in other states may make an exodus to counties and areas of the state that havnt regulated commercial grows like nevada county for instance where all outdoor commercial is illegal but there is hardly any enforcement. Areas in the state that have regulated commercial production have an incentive to enforce illegal grows like Humboldt for instance. Even trinity seems like a better place to be for the remaining black market pirates that support out of state markets. The fact is though nobody wants crappy pot anymore, and it seems alot of people this past year would of done better if they actually scaled things back and focused on qaulity rather then doubling their production for “The last good year”. Humboldt county isn’t the place for cannabis anymore weather your legal or black market. Much cheaper and easier to produce in other areas. Cannabis hates the cold and dosnt do well with moisture. Phosphorus and other nutrients become locked out or unavailable in the substrate for uptake and microbial processes slow down at below 45f. I’ll say it one more time, THIS AREA IS NOT ABLE TO AND NOT SUITED FOR THIS TYPE OF AGRICULTURAL BOOM. If Humboldt county was the premier location for growing cannabis why the hell are these hundred million dollar operations setting up in the Salinas valley? You think Steve DeAngilo and these big boy players that make honeydew farms look like a mom and pop havnt done their research? Honestly Humboldt just took advantage of all the airheads that were making alot of money and floating on cloud nine with grandiose ideas about being a big major player in the legal market. Get real it’s not gonna last and Humboldt is entering a depression.

  • Who does honeydew farms sale all that weed to?? Do they own a dispensary? And r all those pounds tracked? How many plants multiply by 2 very conservativ estimate , of yield?? Who buys it and dont you think transparency show? Kinda like an audit Its legal in california Right you know permit to permit and who watches the permit to permit numbers or has anyone thought of this?

    • They lost most because of russet mites. Their not cannabis farmers they have no clue what their doing. They should go ride a bull or something.

    • All of the permitted grows are still selling on the black market, there’s no way in hell they will turn down that money , the only way to get permitted and licensed is to be an existing grow so do you think for a second that the buyers come and get turned away with all the cash that the farm Is used to making from years prior ….. hell no and every one of the supes and consultants and whoever the hell else has anything to do with the regulation of permitting process should be put in prison because they know full well that’s where any money is coming from . They are the criminals , they’ve done nothing about the environmental damage that pot growing has caused over the past 2030 years and now they use it as their main concern for why they want growers to get legal and pay them lots of money in the process .Every single board of supervisor should get a red tag abatement order and a $10,000 a day fine until they can pass a lie detector test and tell the truth about what they are doing same thing for the consultant companies they have conspired with them to officially ruined our county

      • Excellent comment and I fully agree! The BOS has been approving 7 acre grows w no track-and-trace while knowing these pounds are hitting the interstate market. They are criminals and should be prosecuted under federal conspiracy to distribute law.

    • Nobody currently, all we can hope is the feds throw RICO at them aswell as emerald flamer farms. They were producing last year and all of it went to the black market. The russet mites will run game on them again this year. Unless they are gonna buy a small aircraft and drop pesticides on their crop every 7 days. Honestly fuck those people they don’t care about community or sustainability or anything about their egos and money and cocaine. Funny these people want to promote enforcement of “black market grows” but they flood that very same market with their products last year. Schwag fest for days

      • Exactly.. I’m so angry but makes me feel better that when they pay to play they will still lose. Small/medium growers will take the game back watch. They don’t have anything compared to our community.

    • food for thought

      none were tracked till jan 1 of this year.. just sayn

  • I liked the comment that since growers grow in potting soil they are actually florists, and not farmers at all…

    Hope you all go broke, but some are getting out with their asses!

    Don’t hurt yourself when packing up the Tundra and moving back to Stockton… Probably can get your job back on the concrete pumping crew…

    Don’t forget to dig up all those Krugerrands you buried!

    Careful now, the CHP is having “overenforcement days” and handing out beaucoup speeding tickets, although I KNOW you all never do that!




  • There were six abatement notices on the 10th that ran from Honeydew up to Kings Peak Rd. There were Five last Saturday in Benbow. They are posted on the Times-Standard public notices and are there for only five days or so. From what I know of the Honeydew properties they are targeting fresh graded dirt, trash, unpermitted structures, unpermitted roads, and basic noncompliance with any regs of any kind.

  • Maybe y’all should go and watch this:

    Then go down to the Southern Humboldt Community Park, take a tour of their private wine vineyard and ask how many gallons of South Fork Eel water is used to irrigate all those wine grapes. Then ask to see their plans for the Sports Fields, that will use between 2 to 3 Million gallons of South Fork Eel water a month for irrigation from May to Nov each year!

    • Hah I guess you don’t know much about farming.. grapes on the river bar don’t need irrigation after three years of growth, it’s one of the least water intensive crops you can grow.

      • Emily, who said the Parks vineyard is on the “river bar”, its not. its not even in the floodplain, nor is it being dry farmed. look how close together they are planted, you think they are going to take out those drip lines after 3 years LOL. They are using as much water as the proposed Sports Fields from May to Nov for that vineyard. They have not been able to dry farm at the Park for years, and that was only down in the floodplain @ the old Park Farm and along Camp Kimtu Road.

        Since I “don’t know much about farming”, what does that make you?

        • Hey Ed, I work vineyards all over the county.. very few irrigate, and if they do it’s only at the very end to hold the harvest from getting too high sugars at the end, or for a few other reasons.. but very little water is used, in our area, for wine grapes. They are higher quality when they aren’t watered. The drip lines are there to get them established, and yes, they usually keep the irrigation in place, for the reason I stated above. Judging from your comments it’s clear you don’t like any kind of development, including farming, but this is true- grapes are (almost always) not fertilized, and rarely watered. Stick to what you know so you don’t sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          Not sure where this vineyard is located, but that looks like sandy loam soil to me, I would guess it in at least historic flood plain.

  • I stand with the tribes on this one.

    • What does the tribe know? they are hooked on welfare and government handouts. they don’t want real industry to give there people jobs, they would rather turn there area of Humboldt into a no go zone for the rest of the county. Seriously? anyone actually hang out in Hoopa or Klamath? Its pretty obvious that the tribe sucks up to the government and is not a real authority on anything.

  • We should all stand with the tribes on this. And with the small growers who grow culture with agriculture. Industrial scale resource extraction, whether its wine or weed or whatever, has been the way of the mega growers just as it’s always been the way of Humboldt Co’s logging/ranching/real estate interests. They’re in competition and the good old boys just want to “regulate” the industry into the pockets of their friends and family. Real regulation and a real electoral process would help, but money rules. A depression will also help, but will hurt the most vulnerable as always. How we come through it will be the test of whatever community we’ve developed in the past 50 years.

  • Did a group of comments get deleted overnight?

  • the karuk tribe just beheaded a mountain in yreka ca. for their new capitalist casino. the old stereotype of natives living in harmony with nature is totally inaccurate

  • Why does bos request all these tasks be done before approval of county interm permits but has no question if you have your track n trace up to the state criteria?? If any of these farms are going to see a state permit wouldnt one wonder the state would not let you enter this “ qualified state permit” until you have that in place or is this one of those “ooops we should of told you”” You know like other applicants turn in theyre permit request with ap number on application but later tell you after fees , consultants, legal engineers, money paid out, SORRY but you have illegal parcel! And they want to open the door for WHO??

  • All tribal council members grow or have family members that do. They just don’t want idiot hippies coming in and ruining it for the rest of them. Leave the tribe alone and let them have their weed.

  • Money and greed are the root cause of all these kind of life issues. The only thing that will actually last is your souls. God doesn’t want tainted souls back. God is the beginning and the end, the first and the last. So all of you, you can have all these temporary pacifiers, like money & self indulgence. These things distract a person from achieving a positive connection with their creator. The dark side is having it’s way with all these folks. A higher conscience is attainable.

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