[Listen] New efforts underway for community pool in Fortuna; Humboldt Last Week

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Humboldt Last Week (11:56): Efforts are currently underway looking into the possibility of building a community pool in Fortuna, potentially at the site of an upcoming community center off Newburg Road.

According to the Times Standard, the McLean Foundation set aside a spot in the new complex for a pool so long as the community builds and runs it.

“Community pools have many proven benefits,” says the narrator in this video produced by Fortuna High School students. “…Improving wellness and longevity for the local population, recreation and sports opportunities for youth, health and fitness opportunities for seniors, decreasing drowning risks, contributing to the local economy, and more.”

A fundraising campaign is now active as a committee is looking to fund a feasibility study determining whether or not the Eel River Valley wants a community pool, how many people will use it, how big it should be, operational costs, and other important questions.

Also according to this release from the City of Fortuna, they’re looking for people to sit on a board that could potentially evaluate the answers to those questions.

This writer is a huge fan of the idea, especially if there’s a fun kids section that his daughter can play in.

The story begins at 11:56.

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Indoor pool, Creative Commons: Battle Creek CVB



  • Knowing the people from Fortuna this will be known as the Fortuna pool, not a Humboldt community pool. Eureka needs a pool too.

    • They never said it was a Humboldt community pool, just said community… I agree that eureka should have one too but if a person is willing to make the drive to the pool they should be allowed to use it… As of right now everyone drives to arcata! I think it would be great for Humboldt

    • So it will be know as the Eureka pool? Haha

  • I like the podcast but not the sound effects.

  • I overheard that Bear River is also considering a public pool. Great things for our communities, I hope they come to fruition.

    • Yes there is a pool in the plans for this next year… Will be part of gym memberships as well as single day use, party use, therapy… It’s going to be great!

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    Thanks again. I still wish this were a downloadable podcast I could listen to while on the go.

  • Yes, I am definitely interested in a Fortuna pool

  • Why not in sohum where there’s nothing todo?

    • SoHum is about being a back-to-lander without the city type convieneces. That’s why it’s paradise for artists and people who like to create.

      Anyhow, Benbow KOA has an outdoor pool and it’s only a few bucks to swim (it was the last time I used it).

  • I really like the idea of public pools. In the little town where I grew up ours was open from Memorial Day until school started. I rarely missed a day. It kept me mostly out of trouble, gave me exercise and social time, and was just plain fun.

    For any of you who may end up with some input, please consider advocating to keep pool admission costs for children as low as possible. My hometown replaced it’s old plain basic pool with a fancy new water park. It’s great. I went with my nephews and we had a blast. Unfortunately it’s also expensive. There are many local kids who rarely get to go there because they lack the money.

    Every kid should get to use the public pool. Maybe every kid could at least be given some free admission coupons?

  • Think of a nice sports complex in the field along Rohnerville Rd. at Newburg Park (behind the BMX dirt). Indoor pool, a couple basketball courts, teen center, fitness center, daycare center and other possibilities. Their could be memberships for what you use, men’s/women’s/kids basketball leagues and summer camps, sports tournaments, pool swim lessons/party rental and exercise/therapy use, racket ball/handball courts and a place for teens to go and hang with friends instead of walking the streets. The city could make money plus do so much for the community. This was mentioned years ago, but died at the city council meetings.

    • Trillium Hummingbird

      If you want a pool in Fortuna, make it an INDOOR pool. While the Fortunies seem to prefer cutoffs, tank tops and Uggs, even in February, the pool would be more attractive if it was in a building!

  • I support a community pool. When I have access to a pool I got there once a day to swim laps.

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