54-Hour ‘Startup Weekend’ Competition Begins March 23

This is a press release from the Humboldt State Entrepreneurs Club:

Thinking about starting a small business but aren’t sure how?

Do you learn best with others during intense experiences? Startup Weekend at Humboldt State is a 54-hour competition weekend where entrepreneurs pitch ideas, form teams, and start businesses. Judges and award prizes to who did the best work. Mentor guidance, expert advice, and seven meals are included.

Students and seniors are $50, community members are $70. Make connections, gain mentors, find business partners, and make friends. If you’re interested in learning and growing during this challenging business startup weekend go to eventbrite.com and search Humboldt Startup Weekend!

Click here to purchase tickets.




    ??? WTF??? A startup business that profits??? or just an idea of how to start one and you can get together with all your liberal buddys get high and ponder the idea. 98% of startup businesses FAIL

    • So don’t do anything? Don’t learn anything? Sit on the couch all day, get high, play videos and do nothing?

      Entrepreneurs, risk takers, dreamers, inventors, small businesses, and yes, even the gold rush mentality at work. Just be sure to follow the rules and pay your taxes, dude.

      America is still the land of opportunity for those who are willing to work hard, and they do. Startups are the American dream, the apple pie, the stars and stripes, and the way towards freedom and prosperity in this great nation.

      Few succeed, many fail. But we keep on trying. Making things better, and try we must, Yoda said. Now that’s the American and Jedi way! Do you remember Pet Rocks? Live Amazing Sea Monkeys? The Frisbee? Maybe the Squatty Potty? They made millions on a stupid knuckle-headed idea. Against the odds and damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead! Set the Wayback Machine to 2018, Sherman! And watch out for that tree, George!

      Besides, ‘ya gotta learn and start somewhere.
      Just ask Trump.

    • 100% of a**holes complain

  • Sad to see any small businesses closing. These places need the public support. Starbucks or small business coffee shops, support local..

    • Bowling alley in SoHum!! C’mon, the Mateel would be a great spot. It could be a good gathering spot for a wholesome change- maybe Craig Parkinson could sell the long skinny hardware store? The old alley near BlueLake changed hands& is going strong.


    Most people wanting to start a business would probably be contacting a hard-core conservative , the conservatives want less government taxes and interference with their business. (I.E. Capitalism). Why would any good liberal be looking for launching a business anyway?? Aren’t there a plethora of government programs one could get paid from?? A check from Jesus every month?? Every good liberal has found out how to get paid from the government, isn’t that money enough?? Small business and entrepreneurs don’t make as much as the government entitlements provides anyway!!! How many times are you in the Safeway line backed up with food stamp credit cards???? There that is a big pile of food …

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