[UPDATE 4:56 p.m.] Two Military Style Helicopters in SoHum

Military style helicopter located at Garberville Airport

Military style helicopter located at Garberville Airport about 2 p.m. [Photo provided by Joedy Lange]

Today, two military-style helicopters flew low and loud up the Eel River Valley.

They went over Garberville northbound about 1:30 p.m. and then turned around and headed south. The two were seen over Phillipsville southbound about 1:50 p.m.

Eventually, a little before 2 p.m., they landed at the Garberville Airport.

Anyone know what’s up?

UPDATE 3:24 p.m.: One nearby resident told us, Joedy Lange, “It was raining pretty hard when they landed so I couldn’t see any numbers or emblems, there’s 4-6 guys standing by…and they are all wearing green uniforms, army or sheriff maybe. The guys are dressed in camo….on the side of one helicopter it says Canada but the other one doesn’t say anything or have numbers… .”

UPDATE 3:33 p.m.: Joedy Lange, spoke to the men standing around, “I asked if I could help them..they’re like yeah could you make the clouds go away, then I asked who they were…theyre Canadian military…they’re just waiting for the weather to clear up a little bit…super nice guys”

UPDATE 4:56 p.m.: The Candian helicopters left the airport and headed north about 4:45 p.m.



  • I wished I knew ? Could be looking for aliens from another dimension living out sprowl creek airport lol.

  • By the time I saw them there were four of them. They flew north up the Manila/North Spit coastline towards ACV around 1130 am. I would assume to refuel.

  • layover for heavy rain?

    • Alot of helicopter action at Fortuna Airport earlier today. To far away to see any markings, but they were loud.

  • So does this also imply that CalFire has a Military style helicopter up at kneeland, I mean these are essentially the same make an model. Let us just bait click and everytime a fire happens, you need to say “Military style helicopter suppresses fire with an assault of H20” Oorah!

    • Ahem, these were military-style helicopters. I know Cal Fire helicopters generally and would be unlikely to call them military style (bright red and white would be unusual for the military… .)

      And for criminy sake, are you so dead to curiosity that you don’t care that two helicopters without numbers and painted military green landed at the Garberville Airport? Then don’t read the story. I was in town and the vast majority of people were asking questions. My curiosity coupled with the curiosity of someone close enough to the airport to get answers satisfied the curiosity of a lot of people. (Thank you, Joedy!)

      Now, you can call the story bait and click and I can call it an attempt to satisfy our collective curiosity. But you might as well know, I’m going to keep asking questions and you can decide whether you are interested in finding out the answers.

      • Tomayto, Tomahto!!! 6 of one or a half dozen!!!

      • keep on asking-people should know who and what are flying around us….thankyou!

      • You are so sweet Kym
        And informative!! Thank you so much for what you do to keep us updated! Love Kym Kemp and love my Humboldt!! ❤️❤️❤️

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Maybe it was Jeff Sessions III in one chopper and The Lord God in the other. They always travel together so Jeff can get policy updates.

      • A lot of folks down here in Ft Bragg area saw them and were wondering too. Someone here speculated that the western states of Washington, Oregon and California have been sold to the Canadians as their new state, Pacifica, because we have been such a pain to the current U.S. administration. Thanks Kym and Joedy.

  • Ezra Morgan Hill

    DOJ MP’S landed on the chevrons around Big Bar and tossing out a shiny powder over the pines.
    Fueled in Hayfork, TCSD loaded crates on that were about six feet long.

  • Like red dawn but with Canadians!

    • Blacktail Addict

      That would be Canadian bacon. Lol. John Candy classic.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Grew up across Lake Erie from Canada. Wonderful, polite people. Major exports were cold air and Round bacon. Hey, Canucks, try the long stuff, you’ll never go back. They might have to assume leadership of the free world now that the USA has cashed in. Well, two per cent have cashed in and the rest will pay for it. Every day it looks more and more like Trump will be the Hugo Chavez of America. Think it can’t happen? Osama bin Laden and Putin win and America and the free world flame out via the Republican Party and Evangelical Christians. What a plot line. Tarantino would blush.

  • Comment #1: HAIL to the Canadian military!

    Comment #2: What the HAIL could be their problem!

    Comment #3: Get the HAIL out of here!

  • Isn’t there a Canadian company buying the pot farm land near Blue Lake Casino? Maybe just trying to get a better view of the newly acquired property, got caught in bad weather and were on their way home.

  • Wolverines!!!!!

    • Haha!
      Just watched Red Dawn for the first time in many years, classic for sure!
      & so twilight zone to see our now president befriending the head of Russia, I’d almost forgotten how full of “fear the Russians” the 80’s were.

    • Red dawn was my favorite movie as a kid!!!!

  • It’s legal in Canada, but the sun is low and cold. They needed some SoHum sun grown to blaze on the flight home!

    • It is not legal in Canada, it is hoped that it will be legal come July 1st but there are provinces that are not in compliance right now so that date may get pushed.

      • It sure is legal, or else how do you explain canada exporting cannabis to europe ? How else do you explain canadian pot stock trading? Reeeeeetard alert!

  • Snowbirds!
    Maybe making an early return.

  • Chump was there seen picking up his guests.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Just a demo, trying to get more useful heavier gear along with faster Walmart to FEMA camp conversions.

      Giving dvd copies of Apocalypse Now might encourage the change we all want to see begin.

      • Hmmm, Speak of the Devil…!!! Hiya CHUMP hows your crop this year??? Cutting back a little or going full steam ahead??? Are you registered or still outlawing it??? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

    • That “fact would surprise me about that much!!! The CHUMP talks a good story but strangely disappears around Harvest Time!!!

  • A flight of 4 military helicopters went north past Mendocino this morning. Too far away to see any numbers or insignia. Most likely the same AC.

  • Obviously we’re going to have to build a much taller wall to keep the Canadians out of the US…

  • Uncle Sam, that's who I am

    Good thing I can legally own an AR in case they’re hostile

  • Maybe a 412 or a 212. Both twin engine. CalFire has the older style UH-1 or Huey style. A single engine. Smoke a fat one and calm down, Snow Flake!

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Canada has a military?

    • Yes they even fought down the beach from us on d day, some of the longest kills in Afghanistan have been Canadian snipers eh

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Yes, they hit the Beach in the major historical event at Normandy with American troops and the other Allied Forces back when being American meant something more than making millions of dollars working for Russian autocrats or massive tax cuts for the wealthy.

      During the Cuban Missile crisis of my youth when Canadians were chafing at perceived American hegemony, Dief the Chief, of Canada refused to go on military alert along with the Americans as JFK confronted The Soviets in Cuba. Funny, but various radar operators and launch techs and such found reasons to stay on base, regardless of duty status. Just in case Diefenbacher came to his senses.

      When will that happen again? Trump craps on our neighbors, trading partners and proven allies. He knows nothing, feels nothing, is nothing. We cannot go it alone in this world.

  • New world order…get used to it

  • Calfire will be replacing there old Vietnam era Huey’s with newer Black Hawks over the next few years. If you look closely at copter 102 or 101 you will find lines of rivets used to patch holes from there service in Vietnam. So don’t be surprised if you see Black Hawks with Calfire colors.

    • Calfire leases all its helicopters from the USFS for $1 a year. The military gives them to USFS. Then Calfire gets them and rebuilds them to modern specs. It will be a few more years before they get Blackhawks, which are Type 1 and much larger, take more maintenance guys, more crew, and different equipment, plus they are too big for most Calfires existing helitack bases..all Calfires existing helis are Type 2.

    • He is an example of CAL FIRE’S new platform.

    • pavehawks sir, pavehawks. big diffrence.

  • Hmmm, not one person is concerned about foriegn active duty military troops unescorted in our county?…This is out of standard operating procedures that requires US escorts..

  • Aye! Take off you Hoser! Beauty, Aye?

  • I saw a bunch of military helicopters flying around in the winter of 1964.

  • And don’t forget the flap jacks ya!

  • Betsy Filippini

    The two Vietnam era Hueys flew over Clam Beach on Saturday around 2:30pm heading North. We have seen this before. They stop here to either refuel or wait out inclement weather. Those old birds are really impressive. When they were coming our way, I knew right away that they were the helos Kym reported.

  • I think it’s funny. Everyone in SoHum is worried about a helicopter.If big brother really wants you they can do it from 30k feet or better.

  • # big double bladed helo’s just flew over Arcata, 3/19 1145am

  • At a quarter til twelve three helicopters flew very low over our house in Arcata, right near 101. When I asked WTF? someone said to check with Kym. Wished I’d been quicker with my phone/camera, but they looked black, not green, and there were definitely three, not two. They seemed to be in some formation, heading towards the McK Airport, or the Redwood whatever they call it (the Humboldt Brand Airport). Any further info? How did two become three? Just innocent Canadians headed up the coast? I have to say, it was a very loud, very intense experience, a bit close for comfort, with the ghost of Rod Deal visiting this morning…

    • I would have gotten a better picture, but had to run back into the house for my camera. My comment should read 3, not #….

  • The three headed north past the lagoons shortly before 1pm, just offshore, probably 500 ft in elev. Two in front, one trailing. They looked bigger than the 2 in the original photo — sort of a big rectangular block at each end of the copter. I got a good look with binos, but could not see numbers. They were a very dark green. They should be about to Crescent City by now.

    The day of the original post, late afternoon, there were 4 that flew north. They were just inland of the beach. They were the smaller ones like in the original photo. The next day, 2 went north.

    Is something going on that we don’t know about??

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