Snowy Mountain Passes Again Today

Berry summit Vista Point at 7:46 a.m.

Berry Summit Vista Point at 7:46 a.m.

If you need to travel today be aware that the mountain passes are still snowy.

Here’s a look at the roadways:

Major Highways:

(Most information below from Caltrans’ Quick Map. If you are heading to Oregon, check their similar site.)

  • Hwy 1: Open
  • Hwy 3: Snowy but no chains currently required.
  • Hwy 20: Open
  • Hwy 36: Chains required from Van Duzen Road to Knob.(See Quickmap for more information)
  • Hwy 96: Open but one area with rocks in the road. (See Quickmap for more information)
  • Hwy 101: Open
  • HWY 162: Open
  • Hwy 169: Open


  • Hwy 199: Open but snowy. (See Caltrans Traffic Cam)

199 south of Oregon border 

Humboldt County Roads:

Here is what we know now. As we learn more, we will add the information below.

Humboldt County Public Works warned yesterday afternoon, “Bald Hills Rd 6-8 inches new snow. Rd open, carry chains and watch for Ice.”



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