Public Hearing to Consider Humboldt’s Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinance and Final Environmental Impact Report

Humboldt Cannabis iconInformation from Humboldt County:

Notice of Board of Supervisors Public Hearing

In the matter of Proposed Amendments to Humboldt County Code Regulating Commercial Cannabis Activities

DATE: Monday, March 19, 2018 – 9:00 am

LOCATION: Board of Supervisors Chamber

Humboldt County Courthouse

825 5th Street

Eureka, CA 95501

On Monday beginning at 9 am, or as soon thereafter as possible, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will be holding a public hearing to consider the county’s Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinance (CCLUO) and Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the proposed ordinance.

A sampling of the principal changes to county code being considered in the ordinance include:

  • Repeal of the current permit application deadline (Dec. 31, 2016) to allow for submittal of applications for commercial cannabis activities, including cultivation
  • Providing for a greater diversity of areas where cannabis cultivation will be allowed to expand or occur
  • Developing performance standards for controlling odor impacts from cultivation
  • Special requirements/limitations for projects located within spheres of influence or community areas
  • A cap on the number of cultivation permits allowed based on watersheds

More detail about the policies being reviewed at the hearings is on the county’s website

Cannabis EIR web page



  • Here we go again…ever evolving never resolving.

  • All that needs be said.

    “Our” county supervisors are owned by their own $6,000+ per month paychecks, even voted themselves a raise last year. All the while, they’ve only increased our cost of living. Whose recession? Not theirs. They’ve thrown us under the bus and need to be replaced. All of them. Status quo career politicians.

  • Country bumpkin

    Open the permitting process back up? Smacks of a quick cash grab for taxes and fees and consultants and whatever other fingers want to get into the pot ( pun intended) and stir. The people who wanted to get legit already signed up. Opening the process up for more applications just allows another year or two of greenrushers to damage our fragile ecosystems. All the while working on the black market and driving down prices for the growers trying to do the right thing, facing ever mounting production cost. I think that if you didn’t want to get permitted in the first place, you should have to wait at least two years or more before you can apply to get a permitted farm.

    • Get a clue before you spew

      The black market actually maintained a solid price for product for decades .It was not until “legal farms” with tons of untracked product came to be that the price for all product crashed.


    • Totally agree with you but want to add that if you are not from here you should have to wait at least 2 years to apply for anything in Humboldt County.

  • Does anyone else actually want in at this point?

    • They might be forced to, my neighbor got one of those order to Abate nuisance notices yesterday they’re sending out. He’s being levied an undisclosed amount in fines with a 10-day grace period until the $10,000 a day fine kicks in. He has to remove all unpermitted buildings and cultivation equipment, he also has to have any dirt work including illegal Road grading inspected engineered and permitted. And he was by no means comparatively speaking a big grow. His closest neighbor just got a round of final inspections for his County permit, not sure if that had anything to do with it but I highly suspected it.. It’s crazy the way the notice is worded, literally anybody with an unpermitted outbuilding or a dirt road they graded without a permit, a small unpermitted pond, an unpermitted outhouse ECT. could all be subject to the same abatement orders with the same fines, whether you grow pot or not. This notice was hung on a gate at the bottom of a very busy road, a road of which he hardly ever uses. If it wasn’t for a neighbor that knew him and saw the notice he might not have even known it was there for quite some time, yet the clock started ticking the day they left the notice.

      • Weren’t the notices also mailed to property owner of record’s address? That’s what I had heard.

      • Sounds like b.s.

        Letters explicitly link the infractions, typically large graded flats (not your driveway) , unpermitted structures , and illegal septic all IN CONCERT with (large scale) cannabis cultivation.

        And yes, letters are also sent to land owner.

        P.s. and besides no active outdoor at this time so on what grounds have they ask for abatement? Letters haven’t been sent since last fall- for that very reason! Me thinks you made that whole story up.

        • You are mistaken. Check the Times Standard public notices. There are new notices dated 3/17.

        • Yeah, I made the whole story up just to get attention on redheaded Blackbelt Lol. But yes the landowner did get a register copy in the mail as well as the one hung on the gate. And no there hasn’t been any active cultivation on the site for several months. newsflash the government doesn’t really give a shit and does what they want to, someday you might figure that out the hard way.
          The initial fine is $30,000 after a 10-day grace period a fine started in at $10,000 a day, he has to remove or have all structures engineering and permitted along with any dirt work including illegal Road grading. Code enforcement also wants to check the property for any other nuisance and buy their own words “can remove the landowner from the property if they deem the property unsafe”. His lawyer filed an appeal which will tie it up in court and has represented several others that have gotten these notices. The lawyers is convinced this is totally illegal and plans of fighting it tooth and nail.

          • Here’s a picture of the notice that was hung on a gate but I probably photoshoped that made it up. Lol

            • Ok that’s disturbing

            • In my 1911 I trust

              That’s scary, seems like they could start taking people’s property for whatever reason they choose. Also seems highly unconstitutional and like illegal gov’t overreach. And that my friends, is why we have the 2nd Amendment.

          • I’m pretty sure it is illegal.
            The County has gone rogue.
            Nice job blacking out the names.
            The whole thing stinks to high heaven.
            What a bunch of third world bullshit.

    • No one new wants a permit, the race has already left most the current permitted farms will fail in the next year. County should cap total permits at 2000 tops.

  • No money to be made… I really hope everyone figures this out and quits shoveling money over to the planning dept. What a scam!

  • Yeah- No. I don’t think anybody’s biting. So they are going to allow more areas to enter the fake permit process? And Grant them temporary protection to blow out product for the underground market? The supervisors should be arrested and prosecuted under federal racketeering and conspiracy charges.

  • The humboldt board of Supervisors have screwed you all. One they past this EIR, the Eco groups will be filing multiple law suits against the County. They should have dealt with Robert Sutherland [man in the woods] with honor instead of trying to play him. These law suits could cost your county millions of dollars. Good Luck In Court. The greed of your board is so mind boggling. Mendocino County has an EIR, They use common since. The courts could find all your permits void.

    • Thank you for saying that. Woods (Robert Sutherland) was acting honorably and they treated him like crap. He spoke honestly for the woods and the old- school growers yet the greedy greenrushers rolled over the top of him, distorting his message. The BOS welcomed their donations and embraced them. That’s when I knew it would be a full-scale shitshow.

  • LOL Why open it back up? The opposite is happening, people aren’t trying to get in, they’re trying to get out.

    • This is so true, 5 of my neighbors who entered the permkt proccess have all left. 3 just up and quit cause of fear of the cultivation tax. The rest saw the writting on the wall or couldnt come up with the money required to fix there land.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    This article just came out.

  • The only people falling for this bullshit are people that don’t live here and have a crew of foreigners working their places. I suspect they have clubs and can sell for gram prices and scam the system. When track and trace is mandatory I’m sure even these carpetbaggers will give up. Southern Humboldt is a ghost town. It gives you an idea just how many non locals were here to take advantage of HCSO no bust policy. I’m so glad to see them vacate, goodbye greenrush assholes. I do feel bad for the locals that are struggling to go the legal route. I don’t think it’s going to work out.


    Kym I think this story should be posted on your site. As well as the recent story from the Washington post. Every grower that thinks the permit process is to hard or too long should go talk to someone running a distillery or a brewery. It’s time to start giving a care about our local rivers.

  • Hey….anybody see the new Facebook……

    Mendo leaks. ?

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