Plant Sexing Test and Plant Genetics Test Workshop Today in Garberville

Phylos demonstration workshop

Though we don’t usually post about for-profit events, the workshop for this is free and could be of interest to cannabis farmers.

Here’s what’s up if you are interested:

Phylos is an agricultural genomics company based in Portland, OR, and Phylos has opened a northern California satellite lab to better serve Humboldt County farmers! The community is invited to learn about Phylos Plant Sex Tests and Genetic Certification at the free workshop in Garberville on Friday [today].

Phylos Certified is a public and verified genetic ID based on world-class DNA sequence analysis of individual plant varieties. It allows businesses all along the supply chain to provide science behind their branding.

For more information, visit

Note: We did not receive any product placement payment. We just think it might be of interest to our readers.



  • Uncle Sam, that's who I am

    20 percent of mine came back inconclusive

  • Saw these guys at the cultivation conference in oak town earlier this week and on SoilKings YT channel. Seems very interesting

  • If you can’t sex a plant yourself, or just like to spend money on the next cool thing, this is perfect for you.

    • Yep. We should definitely enable more newbies and carpetbaggers to get into pot growing. SoHum doesn’t have enough. “Cannabis farmers” sounds much more legit.
      Why don’t they just teach this at Redway Elementary?

  • It’s expensive….. 20 bucks a plant. Not economical, just take cuttings from the plants and throw them in a cup of water (don’t even need to root them) and put them under 12/12 and they’ll show sex. Or just learn how to identify a pistil or pollen sac lol

  • All you rookies out there, climb on board. Riches await you.

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    OMFG Garberville! Lessons to sex pot plants…

    Why don’t you take some classes and find a job instead!

  • Yuppie take over. Watch out.

  • Try everything once

    Yea hopefully they gave folks full disclosure. The rate per (sex) test is hefty but the advantage is that they claim can confirm male/female in first 2-3 weeks! (typically it’s 12-16 week before they reveal if u grow them out) BUT -caveat- the tests indicate male/female and befuddlingly two (2!) other options. The inconclusives, and the male-but-not-really -male, results definitely frustrate the process and drive costs up. I did it and am overall happy with the results – early male culling results in less space, dirt, labor, and power to pump out fems that I can now just clone. …let u know if I break even lol.

  • This was not a class on sexing plants, it was a class to discuss the genetic mapping on the cannabis genome, plant sexing is only one of the services they offered.

  • The reasoning is sex early saving time and money.I guess a job with big ag or big pharma is a real job.I bet you wouldn’t last a day on my farm its hard work and does take skill.

    • It saves money if it costs $80/test? Hmm ok

      • PersonaNonGrata

        The sex texts are 14/EA . $80 maybe for DNA/genome .. not that my comment will ever enter the discussion as apparently I’m doing hard time in the moderated commentor jail…

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