Trinity County’s Most Wanted

Trinity County's most wanted
The Trinity County Distric Attorney’s Office’s Facebook page has more information on a number of those listed in the poster.



  • They all look pretty harsh

  • Ookaayy, who pee’ed in the gene pool.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Do we ever get to see Hoopas most wanted or they go on the same list? Guess I would ask does Hoopa have it own most wanted list?

  • Dollack best meth mug EVER!

  • Find Chad Allender and you will find murderer Zach Harrison. Also follow the stolen Money ( 3000.00 in rolled quarters) from the Casterlin school robbery and you will find Chad. He’s in Kettenpom or Wool Mountain or Kip Branson’s. Watch the video of the thieves spending the rolled quarters. Their faces are all over businesses in Garberville, Redway, Alderpoint and Kettenpom. Chad has been a thieving little bastard most of his life. He has stolen from his family, friends, elderly people that have tried to help him. He is disgusting and anyone who hides and harbors him should be charged.

  • Indeed, the Hills Have Eyes!

  • Blacktail Addict

    God damn Tony,
    Are you ever going to grow up?

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