Two Fortuna Officers Received Minor Injuries and Deployed Taser in Altercation With 18-Year-Old

HILL, GAVIN SHANE HillFortuna Police tasered an 18-year-old resident today after a physical struggle that left the two officers with face abrasions and swellings. “We received multiple calls about an 18-year-old Fortuna resident in 100 block of 12th Street,” explained to Lt. Matt Eberhardt. “He was making rude gestures–finger guns, throat cutting gestures.”

Two officers responded to the incident. According to Eberhardt, the officers advised the youth. Initially, the man was cooperative, said Eberhardt. But then, according to the Lieutenant, “The suspect grew more agitated. He picked up an egg-sized rock and threw it.” Eberhardt said this barely missed one officer’s head.

When the officers attempted to detain the suspect, he became combative, according to Eberhardt. “He struck the officers on their body and head causing swelling and facial abrasions,” he stated.

One of the officers deployed his Taser. “It was effective,” according to Eberhardt. The suspect was transported to Redwood Memorial Hospital which is where the suspect is currently undergoing medical clearance. Eberhardt said that the two officers “are okay–no emergency medical treatment was required for them.”

The suspect whose name will be released after booking will be charged with Resisting Arrest, Battery on a Police Officer, and Assault with a Deadly Instrument on a Police Officer.



  • That punk was doing the exact same thing yesterday…….

  • Hmm sounds like the kid was committing no crime…until the FPD arrived.

    • Oh Well, thats what happens when you throw rocks at cops. Must be on something or has mental issues….

    • A kid, just down the road from the high school, making violent gestures, one of which is a gun gesture, and we don’t, at the very least, want the cops to check him out? Today? Are you kidding me?

    • Yea disturbing the peace, making threatening gestures, pretending to shoot people and cut their throat, no crime no reason for the police to make contact with him. Just let him along to threaten people until someone decides he was serious and kicks his “butt”. Yea, no reason for contact at all.

    • Really? What kind of a statement is that?He threw a rock at a cop. Are you serious? People felt threatened by him and they responded to the complaint. It’s obvious they had something to be concerned about.

    • I call bullshit

      Threatening gestures is the same as terrorist threats…look it up [edit]…the guy is a punk and committed assault with a deadly weapon on an officer…then physically assaulted both of them. Dont be a douche bag and you wont go to jail…

  • Lol@ the cops that got beat up by a kid. he’s lucky they didn’t shoot him.

  • Note to self, If I use rude finger gestures , throat cutting gestures at the passing public , I will probably will be set up for a asswoopin.

  • So what happens when you give someone “the finger”? Is that a “finger penis”?

  • just saw him on fortuna pd site
    he gonna celebrate his 19th birthday in jail next monday
    wonder if they give him cake ?????
    oh yea , who am i fooling , he be out tomorrow and running somewhere to hide

  • Why do people accuse the LEOs of “asswoopin” when the 18 year old assaulted them. Some people complain that the police don’t do enough, some complain we need more officers, and some just complain. And then people write stupid stuff about these LEOs when they are just trying to protect our community. People decide if you want to clean up the town or just allow punks to flip off people entering our city and think that’s ok…you can’t have it both ways. And the LEOs were doing their jobs and didn’t do anything but that.

  • Thank you FPD for helping to keep our streets safer. Not sure where punks like this come from but one more off the streets is good news.

    • I call bullshit

      Ill tell you where they come from….two irresponsible pieces of shit who didnt raise their kid right…thats where. It starts with the parents…

      • Hell yes.He will only get worse as he ages.Let him go not his fault till he kills someone or burns down their house.

  • Shenequa Renner-Carson

    Headline should be “Cops Beaten The Hell Up By Scrawny Teenager After Baiting Him Into Rock Throwing”

  • Nicole stockhoff

    Thanks police for securing our neighborhood where are children live and play.

  • He needs psychological help, and continued therapy, he looks disturbed. Glad he got tasered tho, maybe it will teach him a lesson

  • Kimberly Bunten

    Our police are doing there jobs Fortuna is getting to be a shithole for druggies let’s clean up our streets and make it save again.Great job Fortuna police dept.

  • I think that ever revolving county door is addictive. I’m sure we’ll hear more from this young man.

  • Looks like the kid has issues. Could possibly be the next school shooter!!!

  • My son said this guy is a total danger to any schools. He met him at east high. My son said he’s very disturbed. Enough notice community??? Making shooting gestures??? From other comments, he’s been seen many times. Gun show in loleta this weekend. Great. Schitzophrenia hits late teens, early 20’s. Drugs, mental illness, shitty family? Who knows. Fortuna now on total notice!!! This young man needs help! NOW!!!

  • Kym, please advise FPD to read all comments. Could save lives! Please kym. Thanks.💙

  • Gavin Hill. This guys name. Look at his facebook!!! Please!!! This guy’s scary. We have been warned!! If i see his ass, I’m running! Check it out kym please!!!

  • He is a child who just lost his mother.

    • The last school shooting was by a 19 year old that just lost his mother. 17 lost their lives because he fell through the cracks.

    • Sorry if he just lost his mother but look at his FB he was making threats about killing people way back in early 2016 ……

  • A total Mental case! Good thing he didnt have firearms! What a jerk!

  • I lived next to this kid,[edit] He stopped me at Safeway and told me he was going to get a gun and shout himself in the head in front of everyone. Kid needs massive amounts of help.
    Way to go FPD on doing your jobs and keeping us our kids and our streets safe.

  • Thank you Pam! Hugs Ashley

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