Masonic Lodge Appreciated by Fortuna Vets for Program That Raises Nearly 50 Banners Honoring Those Serving in the Military

American Legion Post 205 Vice Commander Rhett Imperiale, Eel River Empire Lodge # 147 representatives Jim Widdoes and Ken Grunnert, and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2207 Commander Al DunneganPress release:

On Monday evening, Fortuna Veterans had the opportunity of showing their appreciation to the local Masonic Lodge for a six year program that continues to recognize the military service of many community residents.

Rhett Imperiale, representing the local American Legion, and Al Dunnegan, Commander of the Fortuna Veterans of Foreign Wars presented a certificate to representatives of Fortuna’s local Masonic Lodge in appreciation for their continued recognition of area residents who serve in the US Armed Forces.

The certificate acknowledged the sincere gratitude of Fortuna area military veterans for the Masonic Lodge’s continued reminder of our community’s resident’s service and sacrifices made on their behalf by members of our Armed Forces. The Veterans organizations representatives expressed gratitude for the Masonic banner program “which serves to honor and recognize our community’s citizens who have chosen to serve our great nation.”

Jim Widdoes and Ken Grunnert accepted the certificate on behalf of Eel River Empire Lodge # 147 in Fortuna.Marie Knepper and Travis Davy




  • Fortuna is proud to honor its military personnel.

  • Thank you for Honoring my fellow veterans. This should be an inspiration to others as well.

  • I’m sorry, but these kids are being sent on fools’ missions to do the work of the evil empire. We should not encourage the next graduating class to follow them.
    The modern military is not helping freedom nor Democracy. They are helping oil companies and munitions manufacturers.
    If we want our kids to be mercenaries, we should at least send them over to the private contractors where they’ll get a decent wage for their efforts.

    • thank you to the fortuna masonic lodge and the vets that make this happen…..i am proud of our local kids that go into the military and do their part to keep our country free and safe…..

    • Never replied before I’m in agreement with Ernestine!

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