From Climbing Walls to Origami to Birds of Prey, Northcoast Youth Summit on Saturday Is Cool! Says 15-Year-Old Letter Writer

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To the community,

I would like to draw the community’s attention to an upcoming important event. The Northcoast Youth Summit (NYS) is a yearly event hosted here in Humboldt County that is designed to draw youth together in learning. 7th-12th grades are invited to attend NYS. In order to enter, you can either sign up online or register the day of (March 17th). Pre-registration is $20 and the day of registration is $30.

north coast youth summit

Some of the people at a previous year’s North Coast Youth Summit.

I, myself, have attended NYS twice so far. Both times I got to meet tons of new people from all around Humboldt, Del Norte, and Trinity counties. I also got to enter all kinds of interesting workshops each time I attended. There are many cool workshops such as Origami Fun (which I plan to go to) and First Aid (which will get you first-aid certified).

north coast youth summit

Raptors of the North Coast workshop.

Raptors of the North Coast was a really fun workshop I took last year. I am going to take it again this year. The handlers bring real birds of prey. They talk about things like the difference in feather density and how that affects their flight and how quiet an owl’s flight is compared to a falcon’s.

At the lunch break this year, we will be having a 25′ climbing wall as well as a bungee jump trampoline.

Rock wall and trampoline

Lunchtime activities.

This year’s NYS will be held on the College of the Redwoods campus and will go from 8 A.M.- 4 P.M. Light breakfast and lunch are included in the price.Registration is now open at

I hope to see many fellow youths attend.

Malachi Church, age 15North Coast Youth Summit 2018



  • This event is organized largely by youth and some workshops are even taught by the teens. This year local youth are teaching workshops on parlimentary procedure, tactics for playing chess, challenging racism,super hero leadership, and communication for healthy relationships. These kids are doing a great job!

  • Thanks for reminding teens that they can still sign up. There are some great workshops on life skills:
    Split second survival
    How to write a resume,
    Hunger 101 about budgeting,
    Brain injury prevention
    Reframe your brain (suicide prevention)
    Buying your first car
    Are all excellent workshop choices being offered. Only $20 to sign up & that includes food.

  • Great article Malachi! I wanted to mention that there are some really fun workshops this year.
    Come paint your superhero portrait,
    join SCRAP Humboldt in crafting with creative reuse,
    just dance,
    play disc golf,
    learn how to dj on the radio with KMUD
    or meet some cool birds in the raptors workshop
    Looks like teens can have fun for their $20.

  • That was awesome!

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