Local Students Join National March Against Gun Violence

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Image from the March for our Lives Humboldt Event on Facebook

Press release from March for Our Lives Humboldt:

Students from Arcata High School and North Coast Preparatory Academy are following in the footsteps of their peers from Parkland, Florida. They will hold a march against gun violence and the accessibility of AR-15s and bump stocks in solidarity with young people across the nation.

Marchers will assemble on March 24th, 2018 at 12 noon at the Arcata Playhouse for one hour of speeches and music, followed by a March to the Arcata Plaza and back.

There will be an opportunity for sign and button making starting at 11:30 AM. Attendees are encouraged to bring signs and good walking shoes, and be prepared for bad weather.

“We are planning this march to spread our views on gun regulation because we don’t want to die in school,” stated a March for Our Lives Humboldt organizer, Mira O’Barr. The march is in collaboration with the national March for Our Lives event, created by survivors of the mass shooting in Parkland, FL.

Like the national event, the march in Humboldt has had some blowback from the community. An Instagram was created specifically targeting March for Our Lives Humboldt, telling them “Don’t march, you will only be ruining lives not making them better.”

Despite the negativity targeted at the march, the Humboldt community has rallied in support of March for Our Lives Humboldt, with over 500 people having marked interested/going on Facebook.

Sophie Pereira, the Arcata mayor, came out in support saying “I don’t think we as a country would be having this conversation if it weren’t for high school students. High school students are the solution to this problem (of mass shootings).”

For more information visit: Facebook: March for Our Lives Humboldt (https://www.facebook.com/events/962378140587803/), or Instagram: @marchforourliveshumboldt (https://www.instagram.com/marchforourliveshumboldt/)



  • It’s great that the young people march. And I’m not sure I even agree with all the gun control advocates- some of them go too far in my opinion. But we should be encouraging young people to stand up for what they believe. We should all be having respectful discussion and especially the youngsters who are inheriting our mess. I’m glad to see them stepping up and expressing their views about important issues. We are all entitled to our opinions and we still have the right to publicly express them so use it well, kids! (Just look out for the libtard and tea party extremists and you’ll be okay!)

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Much rather see a countywide march against dope, followed by mayhem that crushes every marijuana plant under the feet of mobs yelling, ‘ we’re drug free youth, growers get out! ‘.

    That’s a protest right there…

    This whole getting rid of American values falls into the salt pound clique, if you ask me.

    Dope growers are to blame for gun violence, homelessness, North Korean nukes, and we all agree that marijuana growers brought down the world trade center while making chemical weapons in Iraq, as Saddam smoked Orange Crush.

    Everyone knows this, what’s the issue?

    Might be time for a moon landing or something cool like that.

    • Start with the guns, dope is next.

    • Or shooting a Tesla into orbit by a private company subsidized by the government. Sort of makes the old futuristic sci fi novels look unimaginative, doesn’t it.

    • Its beyond me why kym lets you comment still.
      You should thank her and the first amendment, you definitely push the envelope constantly.
      Or ur a hard drug dealer who only wants the focus to stay on pot to keep your profits up.

      Ill be happy to watch you eat your words after cannabis saves the planet, it literally can provide omegas since we cant eat fish anymore, oil for plastic and fuel, and fiber for all the paper rope and clothes we want.
      And provide medicine that actually heals instead of the ritalin children like the Florida shooter are forced to take. Id bet most school shooters have been given “adhd drugs” during their young development.

      And in your honor chump, I am lighting a fatty to smoke right now 😀

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        You can look at The Triangle and see exactly what marihuana does to the planet, from my vantage it really doesn’t look like there is any ‘saving’ going on, only a Neo Hippy war on nature, people killed, dead fish, wildlife wrecked….

        I’m open to this weed saving the planet thing, it sounds FANTASTIC, fact is I see something different and I’m not alone.

        Lay off the dope for a couple months and give it some thought.

        • Was weed responsible for our missing air defense on 9/11?

          Did WTC 7 have weed bombs planted in it? So it would fall at 5:47 pm?

          Was Condolezza Rice high when she lied about “no warnings”?

          Was George Tenant higher when he said he had “warning fatigue”?

          Was Max Cleland smoking pot when he left the 9/11 Commission in disgust calling it a “white wash”?

          Were the Commissioners, Thomas Keen and Lee Hamilton, totally stoned when they complained of “underfunding” and said this book “won’t have all the answers”?

          Was Cheney ripped when he told bush to invade Afghanistan and Iraq? I mean, 15 out of 19 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. All the money for 9/11 came from Saudi royals too..

          Was it you that was dork-ripped when all our officials should have been put on trial for war-crimes and treason?

          If so, then yes, I agree with you about weeds evils.

          • I NOMINATE THIS AS THE BEST COMMENT of the month!
            A GREAT combo of pertinent, historically important content, humor, and the local product featured as the subtext, mixed with a well-placed dig at the C.H.U.M.P.
            Keep flying high, Brian!

    • Kym, PLEASE! Enough with this chump [edit] already!

  • It would help if your comments actually made sense (which they do not).

  • I will March peacefully with my NRA shirt that says “Keep Calm and Carry Guns” with a sign that says “These kids are being used as tools”. Well see how well versed in tolerance these peaceful protesters are.

    • I see an outburst of emotional fueled non logical hypocrisy coming your way, but wish you luck demonstrating a very important, but often overlooked point.

    • These kids are being used as targets. Fodder!
      Still, I welcome you to peacefully bring your opinion to the event.

  • I hope none of their fellow students ever talk to these students again.

    • Jeez, that’s kinda harsh punishment for kids having an opinion different from yours.

      I have a different wish (and, no, I am not anti-gun). I hope students who have a different opinion study the issue and, if they come up with better ideas, they reach out to their fellow students and try and discuss their solutions to the problem.

      • I hope they have been researching too.
        It’s a scary journey though.
        The Orion Project, followed by Joe Biden’s successful push for gun free zones, followed by Obama’s amendment to the Propaganda Laws, followed by more and more operatives infiltrating the main stream media (MSM) to control the narrative, etc.. Other tidbits tossed into the mix, such as Holder pleading with the public powers that be to beef up the brainwashing of our kids into pushing gun control…
        Truths are being drowned out.

        There’s a reason we never hear about the million times someone with a gun stopped a violent event from happening. We only hear about a tragic event, over and over and over again.

        Read page 225 of William Cooper’s whistleblowing book about the Orion Project.
        Read the senate hearings about the projects done to unwitting people. (senate hearings is where they seem to investigate the loopholes in tyrant’s stories that need to be tightened).
        Read the patents for behavior control technologies.
        Read the laws that were changed to allow domestic propaganda.
        Ask why schools push for bright monitors instead of text books.
        Question everything. Find the data that is hidden and smothered, twisted and ridiculed. Learn to read the data, the way the data is used, question the input used in order to achieve the results desired, and be sure to follow up and question the conclusions of each data that way too often don’t match the test results given in the details earlier, …
        NEVER trust just one search engine. There are others out there, use them.
        Too much work, so little time.

        rah rah, slip on an arm band, skip school for the day, march like in the old days.
        History always repeats itself if we don’t know our history.

  • What’s the harm in letting the kids march?

    • They’re using the people’s tax dollars to push an agenda that is geared towards taking away the rights of the people.
      They’re pumped up on propaganda instead of solid information.
      They are taking action based on what was t a u g h t them.

      The only part of this that is acceptable? They are learning to stand up against …
      The worst part of this? It is up to the schools to protect the kids. Instead, the schools create protection free zones. Let that sink in.
      They have no clue that it is the 2nd amendment that protects them.

      • Lots of guns are more than tools, they’re toys.

        As a multiple-gun owner, I support these kids whole-heartedly.

        I was brought up with a saying that “driving is a privelage, not a right.”

        I dont think there’s a big problem applying the same mentality to military grade weapons.

        Raise the buying ages, dump bump stocks, wait-times on purchases. This would be no problem for the majority of level headed gun owners.

  • Pawns, I feel bad for them

  • Wow the robots commenting here are so obvious its nuts.

    No matter the issue we have the right to protest.
    The pawns are all of you who carry the nra rant as a dogma. To be a “pawn” implies someone is controlling your movements, like a chess piece. You then by definition are the pawns.
    These kids are self driven, they have other school shooting incidents to look to. In case you didn’t notice, they are organizing themselves and speaking their minds. Theyre being proactive without needing adults to tell them what to do.

    Im all for gun ownership, but reading all the military folks who say combat style guns have no place outside of war zones is very convincing.

    I dare all of you true pawns to go sit down with students and parents who lost their kids in school shootings and see how you feel. Ranting out dogmatic bs online is cowardly. Go ask them how it felt to watch their friends bleed out in front of them.
    Or maybe someone in your family needs to be shot and killed at their work or the grocery store or movie theater for you to get it. I sure hope not. If you call yourself christian then shame on you!!! You are doing the devils work.

    And p.s. good luck winning an argument with a smart teenager, id pay money to see that!

    • Young people don’t know anything. That is why we don’t look to them for advice.

      They do work well as a Red Guard though.

    • I don’t have to look far to speak with people about gun violence. I myself have lost family members to murder and suicide where a gun was the tool of choice. Doesn’t chance my opinion that an armed society is a free society. Do you know who couldn’t have guns 150 years ago? African Americans. Guess who Germany took guns from in the late ’30s and early ’40s? Jews. Have you ever spoken with a us citizen who has legally immigrated from China about being free and gun ownership? That is a perspective you might try to understand.

      • P.S. Meep.
        I am not a Christian. Why would your god make all those innocent children and parents suffer in Florida and other school? Is it to teach us something?

        • Punishment. He is the Lord of Hosts after all. The leftist half of the country is running amok. Payback is you know what.

    • The millions of safe people dare you to sit down and ask them how it feels to have saved a life, if not many lives, today.

      I side with the NRA man who used an AR-15 to save the rest of the church people in Tx. He’s just one of many (millions) who saved the day.
      You side with the people who want to take away the hero’s tool, association, and training, so that a saving grace can never happen again.


  • Protesting is as American as it gets, and I am grateful that we have that right even if you disagree with the individuals. That being said here would be a surprising headline “Today Arcata Chose Not To Protest A Issue”.

  • The Left: *screaming hysterically at any given “march” * Trump is running the government like a dangerous tyrannical nazi dictator and should be removed at gun point!! Also the Left: Please, government, take our guns or we hope someone shoots you!!

    • If you think there is no fascist agenda in this nation, I’d say you need to get out more. For 6 decades Ive heard the lunatics scream ‘they are coming to take our guns!’.
      Just like Obama did, right? (Still waiting for those death camps arent you? He’s a little late on that one).
      I dont see anyone coming to take our guns. I’d say someone is strangely defensive, and drinking some Alex Jones kool-aid. Grow up and talk to your ‘leftist’ neighbors. You may be surprised.

  • if you remove sucides and police shootings, from the numbers you will find that medicial mistakes are about on pare for number of deaths each year. lets march to protest shoty medicial professionals .

  • Schools are safer than they were in the 90s, and school shootings are not more common than they used to be, researchers say


    The deadly school shooting this month in Parkland, Florida, has ignited national outrage and calls for action on gun reform. But while certain policies may help decrease gun violence in general, it’s unlikely that any of them will prevent mass school shootings, according to James Alan Fox, the Lipman Family Professor of Criminology, Law, and Public Policy at Northeastern.

  • Less gun violence = less people. Wake up world. You are the problem. Your kids are the problem. If you breathe air,consume food and water and take a crap in the morning…you are the problem. People=shit.

  • As a parent of an AHS student, I can tell you that they feel this issue very personally in a way the rest of just do not. Gun violence is something they feel can happen and they actually talk to eachother about what they will do to survive if it were to happen to them. For me this is incedibly sad. If this march makes them feel like they are doing something positive and proactive, what is the harm? Live and let live.

    • Bottom line, what kind of country do we want to live in? WTF, we’re not at war with some invading army. Why do we have to worry about our kid’s getting their heads blown off while trying to educate themselves? Guns don’t kill people it’s those little bullets that fly out the end that do all the damage! Chris Rock suggested charging $500. a bullet. I like that idea. Beings the AR15 is designed for maximum damage, you might want to take a look at that. Last time I checked, I couldn’t buy a bazooka. Maybe if you want to fire off weapons of war you should just join the service!

  • Ever compare the top headlines results between search engines?
    DuckDuckGo it!

  • If any of their teachers knew what the Constitution was about they would be reading that amazing document, not marching for socialism.

  • How about if you all go to your local USA (Socialist) Public Library (thank you, Mr. Carnegie) where you can check out a book for free, and read Amendment #1 of our Constitution.

    After that, check out a book of poems by Kenneth Patchen, and read THIS POEM:

    “I proclaim this International
    Shut your big fat flapping mouth


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