Deputies Capture Suspect After Vehicle and Foot Pursuit

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Kenneth Lane Sylvies-PullenA felony warrant subject is in custody after leading deputies on a pursuit in the Blue Lake area. on Hatchery Rd. in Blue Lake. The deputy attempted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver, identified as 33-year-old Kenneth Lane Sylvies-Pullen of Scotia, failed to yield, leading deputies on a pursuit through Blue Lake and onto Highway 299.

Pullen eventually stopped the vehicle on Maple Creek Rd. and fled into a nearby wooded area on foot. Deputies pursued and quickly apprehended Pullen.

Pullen was found to have two felony warrants and one misdemeanor warrant for possession of a firearm within 10 years of conviction, possession of a controlled substance while armed with a loaded firearm and released from custody on a felony (HS 11370.1(A), PC 12022.1(B)), and reckless driving.

Pullen was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on his three warrants and fresh charges of evading a peace officer and violation of probation.



  • We need laws that will keep these criminals locked-up where they belong. Thankfully, Jerry Brown is about to finally be termed-out; now we need a governor who will fight to strengthen our criminal laws. No, that would not be Newsom.

    • blaming liberals for problems created by the least educated is a conservative problem. please educate your kids. if not, plan to pay for the results of your science project.

  • If I’m correct, proposition 57 that was passed by California voters reduced jail time, in 2016, which was a mistake voters made. Now we are dealing with the revolving doors. Next time lets vote to keep repeated offenders in jail!

  • I think that it was 57 that pushed convicts of certain types of crimes from state prisons back to counties. This has reduced overcrowding in the state system, but resulted in county jails, which were built to house midemeanor convicts and those awaiting trial, now being used as penitentiaries rather than hokding for trial or for short sentences. So county facilities are full all over California. Doesn’t have a thing to do with liberals, conservatives, of who the DA is. The revolving door syndrome is the result of jail crowding. IMHO, the answer isn’t to build a bigger jail, it’s to examine the causes of crime. Somebody who is mentally ill or addicted isn’t going to suddenly become healthy because they were jailed. You can’t punish people into health. If there’s a new facility, it should be aimed at recovery, not punishment.

    • That’s a repeat of the same advocacy of non responsibility that created the entitled criminal in the first place. The liberal litany of everyone committing crimes and/or becoming a drug addict in the first place is never a personal choice. It’s always some amorphous entity like “society” or “right wing politicians” or “the economy” that made the criminal a criminal. This despite all those living within the law in exactly the same condition. People do what they get away with doing. Giving them Carte Blanche to be free of personal responsibility just leads to people to choose worse and worse behavior.

      Criminality is not equivalent to mental illness. Drug addiction is not equivalent to mental illness until it had done the mind significant harm due to addiction. Mental illness does not equate to criminality as a lifestyle,even among those so severely ill that they are not in control of themselves.

  • Years ago, in his teens, he was involved in many problems in Carlotta and Hydesville. Around that time, he and his friends terrorized Carlotta with vandalism and thefts for several years; even though he had everything money could buy, except discipline and consequences for the things he did wrong. He has never learned and never will. This is the definition of a career criminal who should be locked up for life.

    • Addiction is a disease. Great guy that was taken hostage by substance abuse. He isnt the problem the pharmacutical companies that got people hooked aree the real culprits.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    This asshole looks just like the asshole that got busted for attempting to rob the homeless guy, minus the face and neck tats.

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