Decrease the Speed Limit Into Richardson Grove? Board of Supervisors to Have Public Hearing

Richardson Grove

Richardson Grove [Photo from Caltrans]

Information from Caltrans Facebook page:

The Board of Supervisors has scheduled a public hearing on proposed changes to the speed limit near the south end of Richardson Grove State Park (post mile .4 to .56) on Highway 101. The public hearing will be held at 9:00 a.m., Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018, in the Board of Supervisors Chambers located at the Humboldt County Courthouse (825 5th Street, Eureka). Residents of Humboldt County are encouraged to attend the public hearing to learn more about Caltrans’ proposal to decrease the speed limit from 55 mph to 45 mph and to provide their input.

The recommendation to lower the speed at the southern end of the speed zone from 55 mph to 45 mph is based on the results of a speed zone survey conducted on Highway 101 and is supported by California Vehicle Code §21400(b).

California Vehicle Code §22354.5(b) provides for the Board of Supervisors to conduct a public hearing on proposed speed limit increases or decreases on state highways in its jurisdiction and Caltrans is required to take into consideration the results of the public hearing in determining whether to increase and/or decrease the speed limit.

NOTE: Post updated after Caltrans made some clarification changes to the original post.



  • The signs already say 40 mph, Are they going to raise the limit? What am I missing.

    • I am wondering the same thing. IIRC, when southbound the limit drops to 40 just before the Bigfoot place and to 35 shortly after until the speed zone ends just after the Renner, etc.

      I don’t get out that much though so I may be mistaken.

    • Is the sign yellow or white? A yellow speed limit sign is only a suggestion for a safe speed.

      • If you’ve ever driven a 80,000# truck you’d know the yellow signs are directed at Trucking and it ain’t a suggestion.

        • yellow signs are indeed advisory, unlike white which are actual speed limits… nothing to do with trucking, sorry

          • Yellow signs are mostly advisory, although there are yellow signs that are targeted specifically to big trucks like the %grade of a hill, the larger yellow speed limit signs before turns, tipping hazard signs, and Runaway Trucks Ramp signs. Just to name a few, good point on them being advisory to normal passenger vehicles but it’s incorrect that they have nothing to do with trucking. Truckers take them quite seriously, especially the ones targeted to big rigs.

    • Did you read the article? Or just the headline?

    • Veteran's Friend

      Actually, they say 35 through the grove

    • Hey Ernie, if I’m not mistaken, right before Renners they have one of those big ole’ yellow signs, posting 40 and a digital read out saying ‘your speed’. I suppose that’s just not apparent for some folks!

    • Veteran's Friend

      They are the SUPERVISORS. You expect accuracy and coherence?

  • The article says southern end of the Grove. I’m thinking this is from the Mendo County line driving north, where 101 goes from 65 to 55 mph. Then it notches down to 40 mph just before French’s Camp and the Patriot gas station. Lot of accidents in that short stretch, and drivers often go flying past French’s Camp and into the Grove at high speed. So reducing thay 1/2 mile of 55mph to 40mph? Works for me.

    • It IS hard to comment when we don’t know what we are commenting on! But IF it is that stretch you mention then I agree. It goes 2 lane northbound to 1 lane then there you are by the entrance to that great Willie Nelson show (okay Northern Nights DJ stuff) and there’s a big curve to the left and the slow down zone. People sweat your butt if you drive an old truck and are driving your safe speed. I hate more rules because city people are stupid but this stretch would make sense to slow it down!


    It drops to 30 for a few turns. I got a speeding ticket there for going 35. By the time we pulled over the cop was leaning on the 40 sign,writing me a 35 in a 30.

  • Speed is not the main problem. Width, if two opposing large RVs happen apond the narrow area, it becomes a real bottleneck. So straighten and widen that part of the road.

  • All that needs be said.

    As if we’ve lived our lives in mortal fear of that stretch. If you’re scared of driving through Richardson Grove as it is, please do everybody a favor and turn in your driver’s license, because 24 hours of 365 days of every year people drive through there no worries. Just leave the trees alone, is all I care about.

  • The problem is not the speed limit, it is getting assholes to actually obey it. Wannabe race drivers go 70 through that 55 so they can ride yer ass through the 35 zone and feel like real winners. All this with tourists, sightseers, and patrons from Singing Trees pulling in and out. It is not a freeway after the “end freeway” sign.

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Since almost nobody ever drives 35 in Richardson Grove. We should have a toll booth at either end, and metered traffic. Let’s see, the speed limit should be about 15mph, then the average driver would only be going 45 or so, and the tolls should be, hmmm,

    Cars: $5
    Pickups: $6, or $25 if the tires are sticking out of the wheel-wells
    Rigs: $157
    Harleys: with mufflers $100 No mufflers: turn around and go get your mufflers!
    Motor homes: Newer: $5000 Old motor homes: $10,000
    Hippie buses: 1 pound bud
    Pickups with decent travel trailers: $1000
    With crappy old trailers: turn around, don’t come back!

    All funds generated should be used to build an adequate modern bypass of Richardson Grove! And don’t talk about cutting down our trees!

    Crash your rig in RG, 1 year in the county lockup! Spill crushed cars in RG: 2 years!

  • Clearcut the whole thing and put a road in already.

  • Veteran's Friend

    When was the last serious accident in the grove. I cannot remember one more recent than when the big rig hit a tree & burned. And that was driver error.

  • SPEED BUMPS between the bridge and Frenches camp. Sets of three, tall enough to rattle your teeth.

    Stop lights, placed randomly for no real reason except to make people stop their cars.
    Put cameras on the lights and send tickets.
    And use the fees from those tickets to build a new road on the other side of the river.
    Don’t whine at me about Reggae needing that location. Where 101 and freight/tourists in the region are concerned it’s the trees or it’s the flat cross the river – bleed all you want about it but make a freaking choice or shut up.

  • Typical example of our tax dollars at work. Both north and south bound speed limits drop to 35 mph before entering State Park property.

  • Why are the Humboldt County Supervisors facilitating this? Its well known that a majority of the Sup’s, including Fennell (since before she was elected), support the STAA project thru Richardson Grove. It’s just another dog & pony show. Caltrans and CHP do not need the approval of Humboldt County to change the speed limit of a state maintained highway, freeway or interstate if public safety is the real reason!

  • The last time I had to drive it, and I do mean the LAST time, I had monster pickups tail-gating me with their Hi-Beams on…and I was booking right along. Never again.

  • “Signs, signs everywhere signs…….do this don’t do that”. Speed signs don’t do a da_ _ thing except make people go faster. At 35mph, they go 45mph………45mph they go 60mph. Sheriff and CHP could make a killing if they patrolled Hydesville and Carlotta a lot more.

  • Apologies for the lack of clarity on this. The post miles for the proposed speed limit change are .4 to .56, which is south and outside of Richardson Grove State Park and north of the county line. We amended the Facebook post to reflect this clarification.

    Shaina Niehans
    Public Information Officer
    Caltrans District 1

  • Here is something fun for all to do, count the amount of signs between the hy.36 overpass to Eureka city limit sign, do this as a passenger as you will get distracted. Post your findings!

  • Screw that. Quit lowering the damn speed limits. These people are the same type who tell you to get off and walk your bike across the street or stop at a yellow light. Next thing you know, it’ll be 25mph from French’s camp to the first turn after the Bigfoot clusterfck.

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