Stabbing Victim Leaves Trail of Blood Into Eureka Fire Station This Morning

Assault FeatureAt approximately 8:05 a.m., a woman was stabbed in the Downtown Eureka area, according to Humboldt Bay Fire Battalion Chief Chris Emmons. She managed to walk to Humboldt Bay Fire Station 1 on the corner of 6th and C Streets, said.

“It occurred during our shift change,” he explained. “A firefighter was actually out front putting up the flags. He heard a lady screaming…She walked into the apparatus bay dripping blood.”

Emmons said that he didn’t know exactly where the incident occurred. He did say that she told the firefighters that “she and her man had been assaulted in downtown.” He explained that the woman was stabbed in the shoulder. “It was a pretty significant injury,” he said. “There was a trail of blood up our front ramp.”

According to Emmons, Eureka Police were searching for the male half of the incident and the assaulter. We’ll update when we know more.

UPDATE Monday: Woman and Partner Injured While Trying to Rob Man Sleeping on Sidewalk, Says EPD





  • Follow the blood trail backwards to where she was stabbed perhaps??? That seems simple enough even a Eureka public servant (cop/firefighter) should be able to do it!!! Just my $.02 worth YMMV!!!

    • I sincerely doubt the perpetrator stayed at the scene of the crime.

      • Agreed!!! I was just commenting on this part… Emmons said that he didn’t know exactly where the incident occurred. He did say that she told the firefighters that “she and her man had been assaulted in downtown.”

    • The misadventures of bunjee

      Whats with you people that think you’re so much better trained snd smarter than the ones doing the job we pay them to know? Did the ligic train skip your stop today?

    • Bring out the dogs. They’ll sniff their way to the scene of the crime. Wish they would bring back law enforcement on bikes and horses downtown

  • Cripes. This stuff is ever expanding away from the bay . Pretty soon most of the Eureka business district will a place to avoid, if it is not already.

    • Eureka has been listed as one of the top deadliest cities right behind Oakland for quite a few years. Pretty much a murder per week of n humbolt county, only to get worse with the legalization of weed. Now meth and heroin are the drugs of choice.

  • I don’t go to Eureka unless I absolutely have to

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      It’s closed anyway, so don’t bother trying.

      Candid Camera in the 1970’s caused a major traffic jam by putting up a sign saying New Jersey was closed.

      We could be on to something here by putting closed signs around Eureka, maybe get a grant to fence it off or something.

  • You can thank our present city council for the rise in crime since they are so soft on crime and criminal element of the homeless and their support for careless needle exchange program HACHR

    • Veteran's Friend

      If they just gave “those people” their heroin or meth those people would not have to rob you to support their habit. It is called harm reduction, and where it is tried IT WORKS

      • maybe we should provide cash to robbers, children to pedophiles and females to rapists?

        whatever happened to people willing to enforce harsh penalties on criminals?

        let’s not forget to throw a few Christians to the lions while we’re at it.

      • Of course you need to buy their food and clothing, transportation, provide housing, entertainment, etc and most frequently supply their bail bonds because of course drug addicts, other than their drugs, exercise good judgement in all aspects of their lives and would never, say set their houses on fire or get into traffic accidents or fights with knives or overdose. Nope. All upstanding citizens.

  • Case solved. Transient related all around. Further to follow tomorrow.

  • This crap has got to stop. I grew up here and if I leave it’ll be by choice. NO BUM FEST will chase me out. But the free ride bus needs to stop some where else. I love how people feel sorry for them. I have empathy because I have a heart. But most of them are body tabled and can work and live a normal life. THEY choose NOY to. It’s easier that way. No responsibility, period. I’m not bashing “THE HOMELESS” as a whole, so don’t get your panties in a knot. I’m saying most of them are just lazy freeloaders!!!

    • Yes I pretty much agree. I think people are being too nice to the bums… sometimes you have to be tough w people when they deserve it! I wonder if their parents were a little tougher if they’d be on the streets now? -not talking about folks w serious mental problems who should be housed somewhere, the other 80% who are just drug crazed outcasts-

  • Debra Bullwinkel

    Have you folks ever slept outside in the pouring rain?

    • What does sleeping in the rain have to do with anything? If youd slept in the rain youd flip a 360 on your feelings for bums? I was homeless as a kid thanks to drug addicted parents. Slept in the rain, shelters, bushes. Still agree 80% of bums anywhere are addicted to drugs and homeless because of it. No sympathy. We are kinder to these lowlife drug addicted, crime committing violent bums than we are to hard working immigrants. Ban mexicans! But coddle bums! They deserve free drugs and needles and phones and bus rides and dogfood and medicine and free housing and free rehab! I will never understand that logic….. at least immigrants contribute something other than dirty needles.

  • Hey KYM KEMP! Chris Emmons is a battalion Chief with Humboldt Bay Fire JPA not “Fire Chief” Bill Reyholds is the acting fire chief. Thanks for your great reporting!

  • Giving addicts the drug of their choice MIGHT reduce some crimes but have you ever thought about the things people do when they are high on meth and or heroin. A vast majority of crimes are the result of addicts being high not for their need to obtain drugs. Do some in depth reading.

  • Giving addicts drugs would reduce crimes that are commited for the sole purpose of getting drugs it will however NOT change the crimes are a result of doing so. Research what Meth does to a persons mind. It will turn a level headed “normal person” into a theif or maybe a child molester and the list goes on. Ive seen it take a good hearted person into an unrecognizable morally empty and for lack of a better word straight up weirdo. The effects of meth are often times irreversible. Theres no way to win this war sadly but how we choose to deal with it very well may make a difference.

  • I don’t thinking the weed smoking folks are doing the murdering. If you’ve ever smoked a bowl, you’d know thats waaayyyy to much effort, sheesh even just going to the fridge for a beverage is too much work sometimes. Lmao!

  • Have any of the people commenting on the drug addicts ever had any negative experiences with somebody who uses drugs ,out of curiosity? I think maybe part of the problem is the stereotyping that goes on and the pre-judgement that happens….there are people who function just like anyone else that are regular drug users…..and they blend in and nobody has a clue that they do….many of you probably know someone who does and dont realize it…maybe people shouldnt pre-judge people who self medicate , and lump them all into one stereotype….and to be honest, most crimes drug related are from them trying to obtain the drug in one way or another….you dont hear very often about drug induced crimes …and those people probably already have mental issues to begin with , the drugs just bring it out ….alcohol is the drug that makes people unable to control themself yet you dont get angry or threatening or hateful towards them but alcohol is waayyy worse than any illegal drug in existense , people kill when on alcohol no other drug makes you not remember what you did or who they hurt or even kill people abuse people but nobody complains about alcohol why is it even legal when its worse than any of them….
    I think alcoholics are lowest life form and good reason to believe …no basis on what everyone else here believes …people say things but dont know what they are talking about….just cuz people say it doesnt make true…sheep

    • Well everything that I wrote in this forum is from personal experience with addicts. Don’t mistake what Im saying. Alcohol is the same as any other drug. Idk why its legal and other drugs arent. And you might hear of other drug related crimes if you researched any furthur than your local news. Have you ever known anyone that has had a meth or heroin problem? I have. More than I care to honestly. My point was this alone….giving addicts their drug rather than making it legal wont change as much as people hope. That is with Meth I mean….its too unpredictible of a drug to be able to regulate it. The effects is has on a persons mind is very unpredictible. In my experience I have seen it turn decent people into the opposite. Even when they weren’t looking for drugs committing crimes because they were high. Do you know how many children are molested by meth addicted people that are high when they commit this crime. People that have no history or even been suspected of this type of crime…again research.

  • Some things are true whether you believe them or not.

  • Michelle Martens murder case in Albuquerque NM. Murdered and raped 10 yr old daughter with 2 of her friends. They werent looking for or trying to get meth but they were high on meth. Stephanie Lopez of Las Cruces NM and 2 of her family members sexually abused and murdered her 6 month old daughter Breanna. Again they already had meth so obviously it wasn’t a crime to obtain drugs. Daniel Martinez killed his girlfriends 1year old in Tucumcari NM. High on meth…not trying to get it. I can go on and on forever. I guess proof is my basis.

  • When I said “vast majority”in one of my first comments I overstated and should have been more clear. I should habe said that supplying meth addicts with meth as suggested above wont achieve anything other than add to the crimes comitted by people that commit horrific crimes while high on meth. Its not simply a problem with crimes committed to get meth. I single out meth solely because I know more about this drug and addiction than any other.

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